48 East |Gourmet Home Delivery |Indiranagar|Bangalore

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 

I’m a vegetarian by choice and I don’t really know, how much Jean would have been able to tell about me, but I do know that ; People who gather around a table, share food, laughs and conversations are thus the ” joie de vivre” of any gathering. 

Glad, was I, to be invited over for a taste testing session at the kitchen of “48East” Indiranagar, to really understand and relish their offerings. Having heard, a lot about them, from every person, I possibly know ; I just couldn’t miss the opportunity. 

About 48East : 

It’s an ambitious venture and one of a kind food startup, which brings forth  different cultures from the 48 countries of the Asian Continent, tweaks them up and engenders the feeling of a gourmet food trip at the comfort of your home. 

With, the main goal of creating awareness about the heterogeneity of Asian Cuisine, 48East successfully proffers a variety of dishes at dime store prices. 

Founded in August 2016, by Joseph Cherian and Nabhojit Ghosh with 50 years of collective experience in the food industry. These gentlemen are out there, to change the exclusive “Home delivery” panorama. 

Experience at the 48East kitchen :

A sunny afternoon and I, hear ladles and pans clinking and clonking to the harmony of the sounds of a busy kitchen. We, were welcomed with smiles and we set ourselves up, for an exhilarating ride. 


  • Pan-seared Veg Baozi : How beautifully fluffy and aerated the baozi were, words fail to describe the soft melt in the mouth feel. The baozi was light, well leavened, faint hint of sweetness with the flavours from the filling of mixed veggies. The pan searing, gave the bao more texture. Served with mustard sauce, schezwan sauce and a chilli sauce. Take your dip! 

  • Spinach, Cheese & Golden Garlic Dumpling: What a visual treat, these dumplings are. Made most probably out of potato starch, for that exclusive glass wrapper look, these dumplings are an earthy profile of Spinach and fried Garlic with that unforgivable cheesiness from the cheddar. The wrapper has a tad chewy bite to it, which works brilliantly with the fillings. A classic and an elite dish, for sure. 

Sides :

  • Malaysian Corn & Bean Salad : Salads are always the prime stars for my meal. I love them heavy, light or peppy. Give me any kind and I will drool. Pompous as it may sound, this one, finds its way into the “One of the Best Salads in the City” list. I, kid you not. With a peppery freshness from the “kaffir lime – chilli vinaigrette”, the assortment of veggies in the bowl just bloomed in flavour. Sweet corn, baked beans, peppers, cilantro and cherry tomatoes.. the freshness quotient zoomed up. Very reminiscent of the “Mexican Corn & Bean Salad”. I’m presuming the Malaysian twist, must have been due to the dressing. Must have! 

  • Tai Chin Water Chestnut : Hailing from the Tai Chin region of China, the Tai Chin Sauce is a medley of sauces like the soya sauce, hoisin sauce and hot chilli sauce. The result is a deep red or a dark brown sauce with a spicy profile. Crunchy water chestnuts were dunked along with coloured peppers in the sauce. A nice, spicy and warm toned dish. 

Main Course :

  • Bok Choy Mushrooms with Mun Fan : Oh! So fancy 😋 Gimme Bok Choy any day and I will devour it with the same voracity, with which non vegetarians devour meat. This dish had us all “ooh and aah-ing”, it came wrapped in a lotus leaf, which revealed delectable button and shiitake mushrooms in a tangy Soya-Ginger sauce, along with pan fried Bok Choy in Mun Fan. Mun Fan is rice, braised well and served with a savoury gravy. There are quite a few ways, of making Mun Fan and this seemed delicious as well. 

  • Burmese Vegetable Khowsuey : I, love one dish wonders. This is a total meal in its own right. The Khowsuey has layers of flavours, like the noodles, the fresh veggies and the aromatic coconut curry made with coconut milk and spices. The exuberance of this dish translates, when you take the first slurp. The mouth gets enveloped in a depth of coconut-y and a sweet chilli tone. My favourite, I daresay. 

  • Green pea falafel sandy : I wish, I had an extra space in my tummy, just to eat this. The falafels were exquisite and what was more noteworthy were the bao’s in which they came snuggled. Light and airy, the bao’s stole the show. A bite of this beauty had the lightness of the bao, creaminess of the herbed mayo , freshness from the tomatoes and the crispness of the green pea falafel 🥙 Don’t miss it! 

Desserts :

  • Thap Tim Krob : Aah! The red rubies. This famous Thai dessert, is made out of cold coconut milk and coloured water chestnuts with syrup. It’s a simple, no frills dessert, which will leave you wanting for more. It isn’t overtly sweet and it certainly isn’t something you find everywhere. 

  • Nest of Dragon : Just reliving the memory, makes me dance with joy. The crystal clear dumplings kept a gem hidden in them. When you took a bite, first the chewy texture came and then after a second or two the explosion of the chocolate ganache. The ganache was the bittersweet one, which made it all the more better. All that I cared for, was this, the Honey noodles which came with it, sadly went unnoticed and were just a prop in the presentation. MUST HAVE! 

  • Banana Rolls : Deceptively looked like Baklava at the first and then on further inspection, they were dainty rolls of phyllo pastry ensconcing a firm slice of fried banana. As simple as it sounds, this was another dessert that had me swooning. The generous sprinkling of nuts, the caramelised banana and that phyllo.. I’m ready to fatten up, alright 🤤

Verdict : I’m a believer now, in doorstep gourmet food. Somehow, for me, gourmet food and doorstep aka home delivery was always an oxymoron. To experience gourmet, you had to check-in to a fine dine restaurant right? Maybe shell out a few thousands and get back home with a hole in your pocket? 

Well, oxymoron or not, I’m a moron to have tainted my thinking with preconceived notions. 48East, proves me wrong and I’m the happiest to surrender. It’s the era of doorstep gourmet and 48East has proved to be a pioneer in the genre. 

All the residents, in and around Indiranagar and Marathahalli, do yourself a favour, go online or download the app and enjoy! 

As for me, I’m just gonna wait in anticipation for 48East to start delivering in Benson Town And Frasertown 🤤🤤😢

4.5 star for this one! 


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