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“Hana yori Dango” (Dumplings over flowers) -Amanda Sun

While the real depth to the above statement means,  “needs over wants”, I’m taking it quite literally, when I step into this place. It’s the “momo heaven”, where only the good momo’s get to stay. 

Who needs a flower bouquet, when you can get infatuated with just the kinds of dumplings they are proffering. 😋

About Momo Jojo :

The name is inspired from “The Powerpuff Girls”, adorable villain “Mojo Jojo”, to impart a funky vibe to the place. Young Entrepreneurs “Mr.Ankit” and “Mr. Chetan”, started the establishment with an ambitious aim, of getting wide variety of dumplings under one roof. Their love, for the humble dumpling has surpassed all the borders of vacillation, because the concept of an exclusive dumpling restaurant is making sense. It’s a BOLD move, albeit a very smart one. 

They spoil you for choice, when they tell you that they have 64 kinds of momos. They have 3 branches throughout Bangalore, with this BTM branch being the latest one. The Koramangala branch, is in the hub of restaurants, opposite “Empire” and is another place to bet your money on.

Decor : It’s a small and cosy place with an almost industrial meets quaint kind of decor. The ambience is cheery and the pop of yellow and black, does wonders to complete outlook. 

Hospitality  : Fair enough, nothing to write home about. The staff were efficient and the food kept gracing the table at proper intervals of time

The Grub Story : I, was invited over for a “bloggers table” at the restaurant. My apprehension had got the better of me and I was actually thinking that, this would be a “so-so” experience. 

How many times do I need to say, “Noorain, stop tainting yourself with the colours of prejudice”

Here’s what we savoured : 

  • Iced Tea and Raw Mango Tango (Rs.45/-) : A summery afternoon and these drinks. You can rest assured that, you will relishing them. My choice would be the iced tea, any day. The depth of flavour and no watering down of that tea, solved my purpose. 

  • Filling Sampler (Rs.95/-) : A plate full of 8 different kinds of momos. Each Momo was beautifully delicate and filled with a tongue tickling filling. A trailer before you decide, which one you would wanna indulge in. 

  • Spinach cheese corn (Rs.95/-) : This was my favourite. The dumpling skin, was bite-in firm yet soft. The spinach cheese corn filling was amazingly yum. The spinach embedded in the salty cheese and sweetness of corn, had me wanting for more. 

  • Garlic Cheese (Rs.95/-) : Another, classic combination, which you can never go wrong with. Lightly flavoured with garlic and generously mouthful, with cheese. 

  • Seasoned Potato (Rs.75/-) : Yes, you read that right. I’m sure you’re thinking it won’t work, but take my word for it. It does. The masala seasoned mash potatoes in the dumpling skin, really made it a must have. Dip it in the in-house mustard relish and thank me later.
  • Paneer Salsa (Rs.95/-) : Not a fan, because I’m a “no to spicy hot” kinda person. But, my friends loved it, they loved the Paneer and the chilli combination. 

  • Tandoori Momos (Rs.30+ price of your choice of Momo) : The concept of Tandoori Momo, is taking your choice of Momo, like say “Garlic Cheese” and putting it into a secret batter and tandoor-ised. What ensues is a trip of “yumm” 😋 

  • Street Bhel (Rs.30+ price of your choice of momo) : The converting the humble momo into a street bhel, is something that is innovative and one of the firsts in the restaurant scene in Bangalore. Atleast, I haven’t had it anywhere else. I really need to applaud the thought. The first layer is, of the Momo of your choice and the next is of the roadside bhel, with tangy sourness of lemons and crunch of the coriander, with mashed potatoes to grace and peanuts to seal the deal. This is their USP, by default and something, you really must try, just to experience the concept. 

  • Pan Fried (Rs. 20 + price of your choice of Momo) : A delectable take on the usual steamed or fried momo. Pan fried, is flash frying of the Momo till there are those beautiful streaks of gold on them. I loved, the pan fried garlic cheese Momo. 

  • Momo Sizzlers(Rs.255/-)  : This humongous baby, will make you wail with happiness. The quantity, the quality and the presentation.. are bang on! The Momo sizzler is based on your choice of rice or noodle base, topped with your choice of Momo and spicy pepper sauce, also served with a generous helping of fries. We, opted for butter garlic noodle base and garlic and cheese momos. I’m just amazed at how stringy and thin almost vermicelli like the noodles were. The quality of the noodles in the sizzler, made me smile ear to ear. They were thin and almost stringy. Such a beauty to see and devour as well. A must must must have! 


  • Choco Bao (Rs. 45/-) : Omg! I’m in pure love with this little piece of innovation. I’ve had a lot of chocolate dumplings and this is something that’s elite. The spongy bao filled with the coconut based chocolate filling, will leave you satisfied with your meal. Just look at the price will you? Totes affordable. 

  • Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream (Rs.95/-) : The run of the mill, chocolate brownie sizzler. Nothing to talk about, except the awesome pricing. 👍🏻👍🏻

Verdict : Momos have become such an integral part of our life. It’s our version of a short eat. Slowly yet steadily they have become a part of our roadside eating culture. Experience the Momo, like never before and stuff yourself up. If, I was a kid.. I’d be breaking my piggy bank to pay a visit to Momo Jojo, it’s that good. The VFM is superb. 

Yes, go ahead, grab a bite at this place. 

Well deserved 4 star!! 


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