Made In Punjab |Restaurant Review| UB City~Lavelle Road | 

  ” I, just hate health foods”- Julia child 

 Well, Julia.. You’re not the only one. My feelings, chime with yours as well. 

When you say “Punjab”, a phantasmagoria of images loaded with desi ghee (clarified butter), Chargrilled drumsticks, Dal Makhani, Lassi and Paranthas start fading into one another.  A backdrop of turban clad gentlemen and patiala shalwar clad ladies, slide in and out. The warm flavours and warmer aromas, play up with your senses. Before you know it, you’re diving into a territory of heartiness of the “North West Frontier” cooking. 

About Made In Punjab: 

I, was invited over for a menu tasting session, at “Made in Punjab”, along with my like-tummied (patented term 😋) foodie friends. MIP, is the newest offering from the house of “Farzi Cafe”. The buzz word here is “innovation”, as their dishes are a melange of tradition meets innovation. 

Decor : The decor is a beautiful blend of contemporary style. With, neat and crisp furnishings sublimely merging with the background of beige tone, the ambience sets the mood for a trip to unwind your frazzled nerves and to indulge in long conversations. 

Hospitality : Courteous and well informed staff. I’ve been to quite a few places in Bangalore and by few places, I mean the star properties and MIP staff has impressed me profoundly with their in- depth knowledge of dishes. Full marks for hospitality. 

The Grub Story : Allow me the privilege to take you, on a moreish ride with me. By, the end of this review, you will want to thank me. 

Beverages / Mocktails 

  • Minty Apple : This one, had me a little perplexed as the sweet quotient overpowered every other note. Had the sweetness been subdued, it would’ve been palatable. 

  • Kesar Pistay wali Lassi : Waah! Paaji.. kya ghaint lassi pila di mainu! (Great lassi) I, fell in love with the beautiful buttermilk here, the sweet tone, just right, the taste spot on and what a visual treat as well 😋😋 While, the floral saffron and the earthy pistachio urged me for another sip, sweet- sour smoothness of buttermilk coated my mouth with happiness. It’s a taste that has to be relished. Must have! 


  • Jau Mushroom Chakli : I, hereby declare that whatever I say, will only be the absolute truth in all senses. “EXTRAORDINARILY DELIGHTFUL”. Yup, intentional use of caps, because I loved it so much. Never, have I eaten something so smooth, yet textured heavily. The texture of the plump grains of barley and the intense earthy flavour of mushrooms, was immaculate. The flavour profile was non spicy, bland yet flavourful, with an almost umami like feeling. 

  • Popeye Paaji ki Chaat : Instead, of your normal refined flour papadi, they had spinach based papadi. The base remained the same as with all chaats, like the thick yogurt, date-tamarind Chutney and some gram flour sev. It was a deconstructed Chaat of sorts. Well enjoyed and less messier to eat 😋

  • Broccoli Badam : *Deep breath in and out * Who, would ever think that something as simple as broccoli could be turned into something so gourmet? The recipe doesn’t call for much technique or ingredients, a little blanching and flash frying of broccoli and adding slivers of almond to it. But the taste? Aahh.. mesmerisingly upscale! The crunch of firm yet soft broccoli with the earthiness of almonds and the cheese, made me nostalgic. 

  • Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka : When, I’m talking tikkas, I’m talking flavour, spice, chargrilling, smokiness, grab for more and hearty. This Tikka, could’ve done more with everything that I said. Extremely light, nothing karara (crispy) about it, this “Tikka” bordered on the line of being average. 

Main Course  

  • Maa ki Dal : Punjabi cuisine is incomplete without  “Maa ki Dal”, in their list. Better known as “Dal Makhani”. Maa ki Dal is the lentil that goes into the making of the legendary Dal Makhani. The black lentil is imperative in imparting that texture as well as the taste. Loaded with copious amounts of Ghee and cream. This is comfort food for the soul. 

  • Lehsun Palak Chenna : A toothsome gravy, made out of spinach. A saag, if you may. The saag had an overwhelming tone of garlic, which surprisingly complemented well with the bland chenna dumplings and the mineral-y flavour of spinach. Pair it up with butter or garlic naan, and you’re set. 

  • Gucchi Pulao : A beautiful hodgepodge of fragrant Basmati rice, with equally delicious briny textured Morel Mushrooms. The pulao was kept on the lower end of  spice, to hero the morel. I, could configure some Garam masala, Ghee and the visible fried mint. I, must say, it was every bit of ambrosia. 

Desserts :

  • Nukkad Jalebi : OMG!! A piece of Indian dessert heaven. The crunchy jalebi was dunked in Rabdi. The Result? Love in every bite. The crunchy and sweet jalebi when scooped with the low on sugar Rabdi, met your tongue, it just sent shivers down your spine and shuts your brain synapses which tell you to stop eating when you’re full. Enjoy the comatose state 😋😋

Here’s a sneak peek at what my non vegetarian and non teetotaller buddies had : 

  • Nasili Chai 

  • Kalmi Kabab 

  • Tandoori Legacy Champ

  • Nalli Hardkaur 

  • Legacy Butter Chicken 

Verdict : An absolute yes, so that you can experience the love that chef “Gaurav”, has for his food. There were a few hiccups here and there for the non vegetarians, but for my vegetarian fare, everything was spot on yum. 
A well deserved 4.5 star rating for the place! 


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