Cafesta | Cafe Review| Whitefield | Bangalore

“Good Food is the foundation of genuine happiness”- Auguste Escoffier 

I, fondly remember walking through the aisles of a supermarket as a child and wanting to grab the boxes of ready to make pancakes. 

They always failed miserably, but mum had her own recipe to make my world a better place. While, I watched the world fade into a delirium, from the tinted window, with my nose stubbed onto the glass, my olfactory senses would tingle up to the aroma of hot, homemade pancakes. 

When I was invited over by the cafe to experience their famous “Eggless Pancakes & Desserts”, my eyes lit up. I, was ready to travel the torturous 17 km, in Bangalore traffic to get a taste. 

About Cafesta :

This is a cafe, where they have short eats, quick bites, mocktails and desserts. Their main USP, is their dessert counter. Trying to be a hybrid between a cafe and a bakery, they try to bring the best of both worlds. 

Decor : Being, a quaint little nook in the “Park Ascendas Mall”, which has an outdoor seating area and an indoor seating, there really isn’t much to write home about. Having said that, the proprietor plans to have a pull down screen for meetings, thereby, converting it into an exclusive space, if needed. 

The Grub Story : My favourite part, let’s dig in. 

  • Nachos Bellgrande (Rs.149/-): A beautiful medley of crunchy nachos with generous dollops of mayo, jalapeños, olives and tomato salsa. The balance between the spicy elements and tomato salsa faired well. Crunchy, flavourful and a must have. They have a chicken version as well. (featured here are chicken nachos bellgrande)

  • Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs.99/-): The garlic bread, in itself was delicious, but had there been more cheese, it would’ve been even more enjoyable. The softness of the bread and the soft pungency of garlic, had me in love. 

  • Cheese Sauce Pasta (Rs.159/-): What this needs is some deserving credit. It isn’t something extraordinary, but it certainly is worth mentioning. The base had the sweetness of onions, the fair enough heartiness of a roux , al dente penne and garnishing of  black olives. Full points for presentation as well. 

  • Double patty Jumbo Veg Burger (Rs. 119/-) : What I liked about this burger was the way, it was paired with the salsa on the side. The burger was good, with good amounts of mayo slathered on. A very fulfilling bite, indeed. 

  • Chicken Sanburg (Rs. 129/-): A sanburg according to the owner, is a mishmash between a “Sandwich and a burger”. Instead of mince or shredded chicken, there was a chicken burger patty inside. Grilled to perfection from out. 

  • Chocolate Molten Pudding Sundae (Rs.149/-) : The congregation of Chocolate mousse with brownie and vanilla ice cream, was a delectable tale of sweetness, with 2 levels of sweetness going. One was the chocolate-y sweet, while the other was subtle sweet. The vanilla cut through the sweetness and provided a relief. 

  • Eggless Waffle with Nutella & Icecream (Rs. 190/-): A tad bit, on the expensive side for my understanding. The waffle was pretty delicious, but they do need to decode the perfect waffle recipe. The waffle was a tad bit crunchy, as opposed to it being soft. 

  • Eggless Pancake with Maple Syrup (Rs.110/-) / Eggless Pancake with Maple Syrup and blueberry compote & dollop of butter (Rs. 150/-) :  I, truly loved it. I do miss the egg though, because we all are so used to having that fluff, while biting into a pancake. But, apart from that, the pancakes were delectable. My favourite had to be the simple Maple Syrup with Blueberry Compote..Must have!! 

  • Mojito (Rs. 99/-): Refreshingly great! Loved the mason jar as well. The trend has caught on so well! The mojito was a perfect blend of soda and lemon, with the freshness of mint.

  • Green apple (Rs. 89/-): The green apple with Soda, was fair enough. Not a fan, found it way too sweet. 

  • Ferrerro Rocher Shake (Rs. 229/-): I’m a Ferrerro Rocher fan, but this shake, had the signature Ferrerro taste subdued. I couldn’t get, the hazelnut taste, but it was really a great drink. Wish it had more body as well. 

Verdict : I, loved the approach of the proprietor “Mr. Sandeep”, with us bloggers. He was open to suggestions and happily accepted whatever we said. So, just for his astounding love of food, I will be giving it a .5 more that what I intended to rate.

So, if you’re in the mall or nearby in the area, do drop down and grab a quick bite. 


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