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“Food possesses the potency to cure a broken heart, settle a wandering soul and fill a hungry stomach”-Noorain

As, the rays of dawn, cracked through the window and nudged at my eyes, I awoke to the scenario of “stringy cheese, rigatoni, gemelli & castellane” Was it just a hypnotic state? Maybe a reverie? But, it all felt so real.. 

I, tap at the IPhone nestled under the pillow, open the to-do list and it all makes sense. 

Today, I have a bloggers meet at “Mishmash”, organised by “TheBlueBeans”. And, all that my heart and head can sing for my tummy is, 

“For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow.

For she’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us!”

“Mishmash”, is your ultimate guide to all things, that spell comfort food. They have an astoundingly large menu… You name it, they got it.. Mexican, Italian, Indian & Levantine. Because, Mishmash has “A bit of everything”

Decor  : The restaurant spoils you for choice because they have a lounge area, al fresco dining and a family dining area as well. The ambience is that of a muted romantic song. The whole ambience plays up to, set your mood for a great time. The decor is contemporary modern, with neutral tones prevalent across both the floors. It’s a no fuss- no frills kinda decor with emphasis on minimalism. 

Hospitality : Let’s just say, that these people are the apogees of hospitality. Love the way, the service kept on transitioning from one course to another without any hiccups. Perfect timing and perfect cordiality spells success! 

The Grub Story : We were so glad to have, the soaring temperatures to our advantage. How? We were greeted by elegant looking mocktails and cocktails, which vanquished the heat waves instantly. 

Mocktails :

  1. Thirsty treat(Rs.175/-) : A lemon based mocktail, with the mentholated flavour of mint. 
  2. Virgin Melon(Rs.175/-) : A very interesting combination of watermelon with basil and lime. Refreshingly yes! 
  3. Double Bliss (Rs.175/-) : Guava juice, fresh banana and ice cream. Just the perfect amount of sweetness to add in your meal. 
  4. Dreamy Litchi (Rs.175/-) : Litchi juice, peach and Cream. An extremely rich and full bodied shake. 


  • Death by Chocolate (Rs.380/-) : Chocolate shavings, Baileys and Whiskey. 

  • Poinsettia (Rs.350/-): Cointreau, Cranberry juice and Sparkling wine. 

  • Spinach Soup : The delectable puréed spinach, with the sweetness from the corn kernels topped with lemon juice, had me wanting for more. The taste developed as you sipped one spoon at a time. 

  • Thai Salad : Raw papaya juliennes, dunked with crunchy peanuts in a chilli dressing. The sweet-sour medley of flavours and the punch from the chilli dressing, made this a hit with even the non vegetarians. 

  • Paneer Bhutte ke Sheekh : The crushed Paneer aka cottage cheese amalgamated with corn and that bright yellow colour on my plate, had me going on and on. The subtle smoky chargrilled depth took this up by a notch. 

  • Wild Mushroom Arancini : I’m an Arancini patron, this one swept me off my feet. The crusty balls of heaven, when bitten into, exploded with mozzarella and mushroom bits, bound by plump rice grains. Result? Love at first bite.. Highly Recommended! 

  • Tandoori Bharwan Aloo : Little hollows of potato, filled with a mushy mix of boiled potatoes seasoned with spices. Served with a mint dip. 

  • Potato galouti with Baby Sheermal : This had to be my favourite, the mashed potato fritter, served on a crunchy biscuit base, was just amorous for me. The Galouti was spiced with authentic Awadhi Spices. 

  • Broccoli and Cheese Pizza : Enough said? The grilled broccoli and sundried tomatoes on a pesto base, made all of us go gaga. Non Vegetarians are you listening?? 

  • Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni (Rs.350/-) : Al dente tubes of cannelloni were stuffed with Spinach and cheese and served on a bed of pomodoro sauce. The thick tang was balanced with the creamy cheesiness. Recommended!

  • Raw Mango Curry (Rs.265/-) : The perfect tool for a duck face selfie. Let those lips pucker and tongue tickle, when it tastes the textured Raw mango curry. Amazing is an understatement. Sweetness from the sugar or jaggery and the tang from the mango in combination to the coconut base, made this the must have with a neer dosa. 

  • Chenna dumplings in Makhani Sauce (Rs. 275/-) : Delicious curries like this, make molecular gastronomy wail like a baby. There was nothing that I didn’t like about this curry. The smoothness of the Makhani, the visual treat of seeing Ghee floating and the gulp of those flavours. Not to be missed!

  • Blueberry Cheesecake : Welcome the mommy of all desserts and all things beautiful. The mellow flavoured blueberry sauce and the full bodied cheesecake.. No wonder, opposites do attract. 

  • Onion Kheer : Another beauty, usually I haven’t seen this anywhere at a restaurant till date. That scores brownie points and there’s nothing in the world that can make you guess onion! Try it to believe it. 

Here’s what the non vegetarians adorned their plates with. 

  • Prawn Salad & Dreamy Litchi on the side

  • Shepherd’s Pie 

Verdict : I’m hopelessly in love, Mishmash had me at the Wild Mushroom Arancini and the journey to my destination ended on a blueberry cheesecake note. Happy? Who the In the Ruddy Duff Cobbler world wouldn’t be?

Well deserved 5 Star rating for this one. 



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