Samaikya| Restaurant Review| HSR| Bangalore

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard

Azure skies and some bright sunshine, just the perfect day for a picnic. Throw in some like minded brains and their undulating passion for food & the day just couldn’t get any better.

Oh! We did have a fête champêtre of sorts that day, anyhow. No follies or streamers, Sir! 

Just a bunch of us with hungry stomachs. 

I, was invited over to be a part of the bloggers table at “Samaikya”, hosted by “The BlueBeans”.  My recent found love for “South Indian” food has been going strong and Samaikya seemed profoundly promising. Samaikya, is the synonym of unity and it is the unification of “Andhra Cuisine”. The logo represents, the Telangana, Rayalaseema & Andhra on the whole. 

Decor : The place is, in itself a medium-sized restaurant, but what caught my fancy were the beautiful works of traditional arts that had adorned the shelves of the restaurant. Beautiful and almost lifelike figurines, out and out, in their own realms of work. It was a snapshot from the rural life and i was engaged. Every section of the restaurant has the upholstery that is typical to a certain region. For example, where we were seated, it was the Ikkat handicraft, from Pochampally of the Telangana region

Hospitality : One of the finest staff, i daresay. They were just so quick and cordial. One gentleman named ” Santosh”, really made our day, with his service. Kudos to you Santosh!! 

The Grub Story : And, here i start with my ode. Read on- 

  • Buttermilk : We were greeted with a glass of cold and instantly refreshing Buttermilk. Light on the palate. 

  • Karavepaku Charu (Rs.55/-) : This light and spicy 🌶 soup made out of lentils and curry leaves was something, I enjoyed. It was extremely reminiscent of a homemade rasam. 

  • Chamadumpa Jeedipappu Vepudu (Rs.115/-): Well, as tongue twisting as that sounds, the moment it hit my tongue, the simple yet powerful flavours had my tongue frolicking and twisting for more. The crunchy colocassia chips were doused in gunpowder masalas and garnished with equally spicy fried cashews. 

  • Thotakoda Pakodi Fry (Rs.120/-) : Pakodi or fritters, you can never get these wrong, but Samaikya just excelled in making these. The crunch and those crumbs falling, yes.. your fritter is just how it’s supposed to be. Made out of leafy greens and fried to crunch level Bazooka- A must have! 

  • Paneer Vepudu (Rs.150/-): The depth of flavours in this cottage cheese fry, was outta the world. The sweetness from the onions and the spicy profile from the chillies, worked so well. The little cubes, were just lip smacking, making this a must have. 

  • Alasanda Wada (Rs.115/-): Nice and firm, yet soft roundels of flour, spiced delicately and fried. 

  • Egg Pakoda : Liked by almost everybody, I did want to try it, but didn’t. 

  • Bendakaya Pulusu (Rs.145/-) : Gimme Okra, and i will gladly gulp it down. My joy, knew no bounds, when the Okra just dilly dallied up to the table. The crispy puris and this.. was kinda like “match made in the kitchen” Sinfully tangy, with a distinct balance. The sweet-sour play on your palate makes you crave for more. 
  • Gutti Venkaya (Rs.145/-) : This had to be the subtle version of my mum’s “Bagare Baingan”. Man! I love Aubergines! The Gutti Venkaya, had an unapologetic base of ground peanuts and tangy flavour profile from the tamarind. The result? I’m stuffing my face with puris and this.. Pssst.. I ate 3 🤤🤤 

  • Uluvacharu with Meegada (Rs.105/-): Made by slow boiling of horsegram with secret spices and simmering for long hours, this beautiful dish is a stunner. The tang factor is “Pucker level” and the taste factor is “Mouthwatering level”. The curry came with rich cream to savour. It is usually enjoyed with steamed rice or Ragi Sangiti. 

Desserts : 

  • Khubani ka Meetha (Rs. 125/-) : Yes! Bring it on. Outstandingly delicious, with whole apricots in a sugary syrup, nuts and cream. 

  • Double Ka Mitha (Rs.125/-): Bread soaked in milky syrup and garnished with nuts. Another Must have. 
  • Badam Kheer (Rs.150/-): This came in a glass and had me wailing for more. This is a recipe that is a family secret. One sip and you’re sold at the hint of camphor, coarseness of almonds and the floral note of saffron. 

They also have a delicious thali priced at Rs.99/- for vegetarian. 

Here’s what my non vegetarian amigos munched on: 

Verdict : I’m so sold on this place, that I really can’t seem to think much. The experience was one of the most cherished ones. The flavour profiles were just so unique and yet they were something we all loved. 

The hosts ” Mr. Chetan & Mrs. Rohini”, are just the most vibrant and down to earth couple. One of the best ones, I dare say! I’m grateful to have experienced and seen Andhra cuisine through their eyes. 

Samaikya, deserves a brilliant 4.5 for being ultimate.



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