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“My heart skips a beat, takes a leap- every time, you tell me there’s good food around” – Noorain

Being a hardcore foodie, I’m always ready to try new foods- as long as they are vegetarian 😁 Exploring foods, investigating about them and relishing them, has always been a part of my life. 

I, was pleasantly looking forward to the taste testing session at “Currylicious”, hosted by “BlueBeans”. Though, I’m a bangalorean- I really haven’t immersed myself in South Indian Food. It always has been an unexplored territory. 

Currylicious, is an initiative taken up by the owner, who is a Himachali gentleman to bring forth a restaurant that has the confluence of the 4 regions of South India- Kerala, Mangalore, Chettinad and Goa. The result? You’re in love with the voice in your head, which wants you, to try one thing from each state. 

Decor : The place is fair enough and quite minimalistic, in terms of decor. The rustic pottery and the lamp shades made out of sarees, just make you feel like you’ve walked into an art exhibition. 

Hospitality : Cordial and ready to listen staff. Happy with the way they handled the meet, even though they were almost filled to capacity. 

The Grub Story : I, was here as a part of the bloggers table, with my foodie buddies and here’s what we relished. Let’s virtual dig in. 

  • Buttermilk and Lime juice : I’m a huge fan of Buttermilk. The way, that smoothness envelopes your palate is really commendable. I, personally preferred the buttermilk to the lime juice. Must have over here.

  • Kappa Cutlet : We are all familiar with potato cutlets, but “Tapioca”? I, couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in. The cutlet was delicately spiced and you could almost say that it was like a potato patty sans the sweetness and the Cutlet had a distinct gritty yet soft texture. Delicious 😋

  • Vazaiphoo Cutlet (Rs.140/-) : Another delicacy, vazaiphoo is the banana flower and all I could say was, “wow”. The taste was so good, almost spring oniony with a certain firm texture. The flavours of onion & garam masala went well and the addition of potatoes to it just made this the MUST HAVE! 
  • Mushroom & BabyCorn Pepper Fry (Rs.160/-) : Another favourite and a typical Chettinad dish. The heaviness of the pepper in combination to the light aroma of fried curry leaves 🍃 developed the flavour and gave a certain earthiness to it. The fried veggies were coated generously in the sauce. 

  • Egg Ghee Roast (Rs.180/-) : I don’t mind eggs, but I don’t like them personally. Though, I didn’t eat the eggs, the curry.. I’m just speechless. The curry my dear friend, was just so fiery, thick and delicious when it was paired with appams and parathas. The curry had a warm tang to it. I could have gone on and on and on. Another, must have from the eggetarian side. 

  • Malabar Mixed Veg Curry (Rs.95/- for one portion) : I, personally found it to be rather mediocre. Nothing to write home about. Just a simple dish with minimal spices. 

  • Appams, Sannas and Parathas : All of them, were exactly what all my foodie friends needed to pair with their foods. 

Here’s a demo of the chef making us some appams. 

  • Pal Payasam (Rs. 80/-): A very light Payasam, which had an overwhelming note of Cardamom in it. Had, the cardamom been a little more muted, this would’ve been a good dessert.

  • Gulab Jamoon (Rs.100/-) : Fair enough, they were soft and spongy.  The sugary quotient was well balanced well. Nothing to catch my fancy though. 

Here’s a look of what the Non Vegetarians had: 

  • Fish Cutlet

  • Assorted Curries, i.e, Mangalorean Ghassi Curry, Malabar Curry, Egg Ghee Roast & Alleppey Mango Fish Curry

  • Chettinad Chicken 

  • Prawn Ghee Roast 

  • Nethili Fry (Anchovies)

Verdict : I, absolutely loved the few dishes that were there, they were something I hadn’t ever eaten. The place has that rustic honesty and that authentic taste prevails. The idea of bringing cultures together under one roof & taking this bold step, deserves an applause. 

Currylicious gets a well deserved 3.5 star from me. 


11 thoughts on “Currylicious | Restaurant Review | Kalyan Nagar | 

  1. This place looks delicious – I like the decor, its very inviting. Gulab Jamoon! My favourite dessert… it is a bit far for me to travel though. I still enjoy reading and the pics are great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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