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“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart“- A.A. Milne

How true do the words of A.A.Milne ring, in your heart, when you think about gifting a loved one or for that matter anyone a moment of appreciation from your life. 

The whole idea of gifting, is to make the loved one feel, loved. You, certainly don’t need an occasion or a reason to gift. In today’s world, where everything has become electronic, where wishes are conveniently conveyed by emoticons and by the tippity-tap of the keyboard- the need to retain that personal touch, is even more than before. 

But, the problem persists in the fact that, we all are chained to work schedules or other commitments. Even, if you decide to go and buy a gift, you are short of time or are made to accept whatever you get. Ergo, that thrill of selecting the best gift fades?

IGP- Indian Gift Portal, strives to revive those heartfelt moments, but at the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere. IGP is such a saviour at these moments of time crunch. They have beautifully curated sections of gifting. For example, ”  Gifts for elderly women 50+  ” and many more apt categories. There’s something for everyone👍🏻

Another little note that I want to make is of the fact that, the UI of IGP, is just the most smooth and pleasing one. The minimalistic red and white theme is so typical to gifting. Had no goof ups during browsing, so that’s a yes. 

From the past 15 years, IGP has been delivering happiness to their customers worldwide. Yes, when you use IGP, you can send gifts all the way, across the seas. That’s one of their main USP’s, apart from having a wide range of over 80,000 gift products. Literally, you’re just spoilt for choice.

 Like a gift and want to send it abroad? Don’t worry about calculating the shipping costs, there is a little tab, which tells you how much the gift would cost, inclusive of all taxes for that specific country. 

IGP delivers to 90 countries and that in itself, is an achievement. With Holi, round the corner, this portal will be your go to, for Holi online shopping

My Experience with IGP: 

I, wanted to surprise mum with just the right gift for her. She’s a hardcore “Bone China” collector, she loves a good tea set, though she doesn’t drink tea. I’ve been on a lookout for the perfect one and found mine on the IGP. It’s a beautiful- wheat coloured, Rose printed Chinese tea set. I’m so in love with it. Quality wise, the set was superb. The tea set was exactly, like how it was depicted on the website. 

Quality – ✅ 

Aesthetic appeal- ✅ 


I, ordered these gifts and they were home in 2 days flat, even though it was the normal delivery option. The packaging as well as the little personalised note, which comes with each package is another feature, that will please the customer. 

Allow me, to tell you how I found the perfect gift for her in about 10 minutes max. IGP, makes your life easier by this  innovative feature on the website called “Gift Discovery” or the “Gift Suggester”. 

Here’s how it worked for me. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose one of the tabs that says “Gift Someone”
  2. Select “Recipient“, like man or woman
  3. Select “Relationship”, like mother, father, husband, etc
  4. Select “Occasion”, like birthday, anniversary, etc.
  5. Select your gift from the wide range of choices given.
  6. Opt for your kind of delivery, that is, “Standard, One Day or Midnight”
  7. Pay accordingly.
  8. Relax 😁 IGP has you sorted. 

The look on her face, when I surprised her out of nowhere was fabulous. 😍

Here’s how I had set it up:

I, also ordered Glass tea votives for her, which again are gorgeous. They were super affordable too, priced at Rs.160/- only and were a steal. Saving them for another day!

Though, she doesn’t drink tea, me and her sat down in the porch, with our cups of “Kahwa” and enjoyed the moment. Now, that moment- priceless. ❤️

My Verdict : I’d totally look into this site, for all my gifting needs, for the sheer fact that they have a huge selection of gifts and they are specially curated, on the basis of relationship, occasion, recipient and city. You can save yourself the pain of ordering something that looks super great and when it comes home, it ends up looking like a cheap imitation of what you saw. 

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ /5 

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