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Apparently, the decision to trot along to “Pastaroma” on one sunny afternoon, proved to be a win-win situation after all. 

I, was a part of the blogger’s table, for the fare sampling at pastaroma. Let’s agree to one thing, we all are prejudiced. Yup, prejudiced with the colour red. I mean, when you walk into a “kiosk” serving “Italian fare”, you’re already contemplating how much you are gonna like the food, or for that matter, how much you would dislike it. 

I’m gonna be brutally honest, I conjured up images of delightful pastas and deeply tangy Feta Salads, but the moment, I stepped into the food court, I’m thinking…” Oh Well! Here goes nothing” 

Brief Insights about Pastaroma and Chef Amiel Guerin :

Being there a little ahead of time, I had “Chef Amiel”, demonstrate the little nuances of “pasta making from scratch”. Yes, you heard me right, they make their pastas from scratch and fresh everyday. 

Chef Amiel, is no novice, he was the chef at “Cafe Noir” and has decided to take it a notch higher on the ladder in the process to proffer “Delectable, Fresh and Affordable” Italian cuisine, that would be your go to. “Pastaroma”, is the dream initiative that Chef Amiel and his 2 partners, concocted up. Being part French- part Italian and an explorer foodie, Chef Amiel, beautifully understands what an authentic dish is and tweaks that dish up, if you were to give him specifics on it.

Decor, Ambiance & Service: 

Being a kiosk in a food court, there isn’t much to say. So let’s get the food talking. 

The Grub Story : 

We started our meal with a glass of fresh lime juice, to beat the afternoon heat and here’s what appeared on our tables : 

  • Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs.49/-) : One of the best garlic breads, I’ve savoured. This one, I’ll always relish. Perfect flavour and perfect softness of the bread. 
  • Tagliatelle and spaghetti aglio olio (Rs.159/-) : Delectable and light tossing up of veggies in Garlic infused olive oil. Loved the balance of all flavours. Recommended! 

  • Spinach Ravioli in White Sauce (Rs179/-) : The Ravioli’s too are made from the scratch in the central kitchen. This one was filled with spinach, with generous amounts of white sauce for the ravioli to bask in. Loved the creaminess of it. 

  • Penne Alfredo (Rs.159/-) : A light white sauce, tossed up with al dente penne and topped generously with Mushrooms.

  • Fusilli in Pesto Sauce(Rs.159/-) : I, personally loved this one, for the sheer fact that, I have a soft corner for pesto’s. Loved the deep aromatics in this one. You oughta give this one a fair chance. 

  • Veg Lasagna (Rs.199/-) : Everyone, loves a good lasagna. Sometimes, the results are astonishingly good and sometimes not. Fortunately, this one, made happy. The next best thing!! Taking it a notch higher with 2 times the fillings and 2 times the taste. This lasagna stole my heart. One layer of delectable spinach and another layer of aubergine, with deep flavours of the tomato sauce. And, when those flavours came together, with soft yet al dente lasagna sheets, you just knew that you made the right choice. 

  • Caesar and Greek Salad (Rs.109/-): Both of these tasted heavenly. I mean, there’s nothing that can tell me, that I’m eating this salad at a kiosk, class apart and sophisticated flavours came across. My favourites!! Highly Recommended 👍🏻


The desserts were the show stoppers and by that, I mean, show stoppers of high stature. These would have their counterparts grace the tables of 5 stars. The mango cheesecake, Chocolate Tart, blueberry cheesecake and Tiramisu were just amazing. 

Verdict: The people at Pastaroma, believe in freshness and affordability. There isn’t one dish on the menu, that I didn’t like and which didn’t ring it for me. The wow factor had to be the pricing. It’s super VFM oriented. 

Loved dining here and I’m sure so would you. Keeping the pricing and other kiosk’s offerings in mind, I’m gonna give a 4.5 star for this place. 👏🏻👏🏻  



18 thoughts on “Pastaroma| Kiosk Review| RMZ Infinity | Bangalore| 

  1. Ah! the people at Pastaroma or the food or the pricing? well, each one exceeds the other.
    I love their food and its wonderful that you share it with lovely pics for people to experience.

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