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Imagine, the smell of wet earth, coupled with a whiff of fresh flowers. Imagine, the clink of metal churns on a bicycle. Imagine, the feel of wet earth under your shoes, the imprints that your shoes leave behind. Imagine walking upto a “Dhaba” and smelling the warm aromas of masalas and rotis. A beautiful medley of aromas take over your olfactory senses, before you even decide what you wanna eat, you already are devouring.

Nothing and just about nothing compares to the authenticity of “Pind” food.  “Pind” in colloquial terms is, a village and by that term, we mean the heartiness of “Punjabi Food”

I, went about with my day and an impromptu plan to meet over dinner occurs. We decided to check out “Pindi”, as we’ve heard rave reviews of it. 

Decor : The decor is fine and the ambience too just manages to be relaxing. I, would have loved for the decor to have more character to it, but, nevertheless, it’s a relatively neat place with comfortable seating arrangements and low light lighting. 

Hospitality : It’s really become quite hard to find any restaurant, which has a bad remark with its hospitality. The service was top notch & the wait staff were genuinely interested in serving us. Special mention to the Manager, for his suggestions, in regards to the vegetarian fare. Whatever he suggested, turned out to be delish. 

The Grub Story : We were here for dinner & the relaxed ambience got us talking and we spoke about the conceptualisation of the restaurant. Turns out, that “Pindi” is the branch of a full fledged and successful chain of restaurants running in Delhi. In fact, the history of Pindi goes back to the days of “Partition”. Apparently, the first owner of this place was the pioneer in creating our well loved “Butter Chicken”. What started off as a little push cart is a famous chain of restaurants. 

Drinks 🍹

All of us ordered quite a few drinks and my favourite was the “Ginger Lemonade”, which was extremely refreshing and went well with my fare. I, even ordered a “Sunrise Fizz”, which was a tad bit too sweet for my liking. 

Ginger Lemonade

Assorted mocktails

Starters 🥗

  • Paneer Kurkure (Rs. 250/-) : What a delectable starter this was. The fresh & soft Paneer generously marinated with a secret green masala & anardana, would have been great on its own, but this was Kurkure.. the crunch factor came in to play from the Delhi Papad that was coated. While people are using cornflakes, Paneer Kurkure over here were with Papad. A big must have. 

  • Hariyali Sheek Kabab (Rs.225/-) : Another one of my favourites, deep flavours of  green chillis and just a delicious bunch for the veggie soul. 

  • Bharwan Chutney wale Alu (Rs. 225/-) : Oh! My Goodness!! I just super loved the ingenuity of the chef here, I’ve had bharwan alu, but this one takes it all. The filling was amazing because it was made out of potato peels 😋 They were coated generously with white sesame seeds aka til and boy! These made my day. Must must have. 

Main Course 🍚🍱

  • Pindi Channa (Rs. 225/-) : This is their specialty and it was actually good. The heartiness of the channa tossed in desi flavours. 

  • Kadai Paneer (Rs.265/-) : The portion was huge. The Paneer weren’t the miserly cubed ones, but actual rectangles. Very impressive and the spice level was spot on for us. 

  • Dal Makhani with desi ghee (Rs. 220/-) : Yeh nahi khaya toh kya khaya? (If, you haven’t eaten this here, then what have you eaten) Let’s be honest, this is the authentic Makhani that we all must be on the lookout for. Just about everything is perfect. The spice level, creaminess, the dose of ghee, the taste.. I’m gonna be coming here again, just for that Dal Makhani!! Highly Recommended. 

Desserts 🍨🍩

  • Gulab Jamoon (Rs. 95/-): Loved the dessert, the jamoon was just so soft, melt in the mouth and lightly flavoured with cardamom. Indulge! 
  • Fruit and Cream (Rs.125/-): I’m not a fan of this one, I really didn’t understand what was it. It tried to be Cream, but was too runny for it and it tried to be milk, but was too thick for it. Nope! 

Here’s what my Non vegetarian Peeps ate: 

  • Kashmiri kabab : They loved this Kabab, but it had a distinct sweetness is what they said. 

  • Mutton Galawati Kabab: Called it the Must have, because of the delicately spiced meat.

  • Bhatti ka Murgh : Another must have from them. They loved this the best. 

  • Lal Maas Murgh 

  • Butter Chicken : “The butter chicken was the USP “, they said. This butter chicken has a long story, which the staff proudly tell, when serving. Do ask for it, it’s an interesting story. The man who invented the butter chicken was the grandfather of the present proprietor. 

Verdict : I’d definitely recommend this place, if not for anything then for it’s comfort food. The food made up for everything. They are a little on the expensive side, because of the extra care they put into sourcing of their ingredients from Delhi, like the Paneer or certain Masalas. But trust me, it would be a worth it experience. Do try the rooftop for a nicer ambiance. 

This restaurant deserves a generous 4.5 star. 



10 thoughts on “Pindi | Restaurant Review| HSR| Bangalore|

  1. Now I must visit this place to taste the Butter chicken (never had a decent – let alone a good one – in Bangalore! Thanks for the lovely review and cool clicks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Siraj.. I’m going by, what my foodie buddies said and they loved the butter chicken! I’m a vegetarian, so.. 😁😁

      Great to know that you’re in blore.. And thank you so much for taking out the time to read it! Much appreciated!!


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