Jalsa Gold | Restaurant Review | Kadubessanahalli| Bangalore

“Kehtein hai, Mastani Deewani ho gayi, Deewani haan deewani, deewani hogayi”- courtesy the movie “Bajirao Mastani”

I’m almost expecting the courtesans to come out with their tanpuras, clinking their anklets and swirling their lavish skirts in perfect circles. 

And then, I realise… I’m at Jalsa Gold. Just about everything about this place at the first sight is ” Gold & exuberant”. *out of the reverie Noorain, out* 

I, was invited over for the bloggers table, to taste test their menu. The place has an all day buffet at Rs. 479/- Veg and Rs. 579/- Non Veg. They currently are running a 15% discount on the menu. 

Decor : The place is doused in a healthy vibe of Gold. A few pieces of art adorn the place, making the experience more believable. The decor is elegant, with chairs, cutlery and lighting all playing a harmonious part to unwind you completely. 

Chef Ahmed Shariff in conversation with the bloggers

Hospitality: No jokes, but this was, in my opinion one of the places, i’ve experienced a class apart hospitality in. You just can’t go wrong, the genuine smiles, the want to understand what you need and prompt service, just make it something unforgettable. In fact, they even sweetly chime in and say “Madam, thoda aur” (Madam, another helping for you) when you go to their buffets. This I’ve seen during the time I went incognito to the restaurant, some nights before the review. 
The Grub Story : Allow me, to walk you through the delectable dishes, we relished on that day. 

Drinks 🍹 

  • Orange Mint Mojito & Kiwi Flyer : I, truly need to talk about how beautiful these drinks looked, with equal emphasis on the taste. My Orange Mint Mojito, was refreshing with a minty flavour prevalent all across. Erstwhile, the Kiwi Flyer was a mellowed out drink with just the most gorgeous flavours & colours of grenadine. 

Starters 🥗

  • Lal Mirch Paneer Tikka : A subtle take on the Lal Mirch Tikka, wasn’t spicy at all, though I was expecting a punch of Red Chilli. The Paneer squares could do with more intensity, but other than that, it was a fair enough starter. 

  • Veg Tart: Apart from being presented neatly, the tarts were a party in your mouth kinds. With sweet and salty flavours on the go. A modern take on the chaat! 

  • Papaya and Spinach Tikki : By far, the most delicious thing for my palate. There was a distinct cheesy character to the tikki. Melt in the mouth and can’t stop at one kinds. Must have! 

  • Bhindi Kurkure: Yet another feather in the chef’s toque blanche!  The beauty of this dish was the extremely crispy okra fried with earthy flavours. When you bit into one, the crunch burst out with flavour.

  • Karela Salad : Usually bitttergourd is infamous for being one the most disliked vegetable, due to the presence of momordicines. But, this dish had masked the bitterness so conveniently that, it became a favourite among the blogger group. With a subtle sweet and bitter taste, this salad had me converted. 

  • Paneer Vol-au-vents : These were gorgeous to look at, but had a firm bite. Usually, the vol-au-vents are meant to be flaky, crispy and almost delicate, but these were on the hard side. The filling on the other hand was delicious. 

Main Course 🍱🍚

  • Dal Makhani & Paneer Methi : Both these dishes were something, that I would reach for a second helping for. Both of them relied heavily on being creamy. While, Paneer Methi lacked in the base flavour of Methi aka Fenugreek, Dal Makhani made up for the loss by being packed with fiery flavours.

Dal Makhani

Methi Paneer

  • Vegetable Biryani: Vegetable Biryani is an oxymoron, isn’t it? I mean, the whole reasoning of a biryani, is that it’s a one pot hearty dish, which has meat, veggies and rice. Biryani without meat is just pilaf 😁 So, though this is a vegetable biryani, I would prefer calling it a pilaf. 😁 Light, nicely spiced Basmati rice with veggies. 

  • Pizza Margherita : The pizza here actually gave exclusive pizza joints and cafes a run for their money. In love with the thin crust pizzas. 

Desserts 🍨 : The desserts were a tricky bunch, I mean, we were spoilt rotten with choice. They had a “Paan Panacotta with Gulkand Cream” , “Pineapple Tidbit”, “Chocolate Swan”, “Caramel Custard”, “Blueberry Cake”, “Cheesecake”, etc. The desserts were plated in a very “JOAN MIRO” style. 

I’ve always been a fan of ” Joan Miro” and to find that in an albeit amateur form, gets a thumbs up from me. My favourite has to be the “Chocolate Swan” & “Pineapple Tidbit”. 

Here’s a glimpse of what the non vegetarian palate had. 

  • Mutton Sheek Kabebs

  • Chicken Swan

  • Chicken Nizami

  • Mutton Nihari

Verdict : I, was here 3 times prior to the tasting session and I’ve had a wonderful experience. The service or the hospitality wasn’t any different. They value their customers and that I can assure. 
I rate it a total 5/5 for VFM, as their buffets are a steal. Ergo, this restaurant gets a well deserved 4 star for being awesome yum! Go douse yourself in royalty & treat your tastebuds to some finery. 


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