Forklore Bistro |Restaurant Review|Koramangala|Bangalore| 

I’m one of those people, who absolutely love their Sunday’s. Sunday’s are meant to be relished & revered. On one of those Sunday’s we had a bloggers meet at “Forklore Bistro”. Contemplating the odds, I decided to go ahead and just experience the whole hype.

Yes, Forklore Bistro has been in the good books, for being a place, where food is their USP. When that happens, really their isn’t anything stopping you from visiting that place. 

Run by a handsome looking couple, clearly in love, the atmosphere is filled with promising dreams. Chef Tripthi is the recipe curator of the restaurant, supported by her musician husband Mr.Sanjay, the co-owner, they decided to embark on a journey to fulfill their dream of having a restaurant. 

Do I hear an “Awwww”, in the background? 😁

Chef Tripthi also has been extremely passionate about her “herb garden”. Yes, that’s right. They have a little cute spot, where they have herbs growing. So, a big yes to concept.

Decor: The place is a 1975 house converted into a Bistro. There is an effortless rugged feel to the place, with bare brick wall & fairy lights. The ambiance is inevitably cheerful. The little knick knacks strewn across the place, impart a personal touch to the decor. 

Hospitality: The wait staff are fairly knowledgeable, but i would appreciate it more, if they could recall the menu with much more ease. They do lack a sense of confidence, which translates as being laid back. But, they also did notify us, that on the day we went, they were understaffed. 

The Grub Story: Hop along to see, what I ate. Off we go, to see what my carte du jour was :

  • Orange, Lemon & Rosemary Cooler (Rs. 125/-) : My drink of the day, was a beautiful orange & rosemary lemonade, which complimented my food well. It was refreshing, flavourful with peppery yet minty profile. Drink-yes! 

  • Mushroom Pie (Rs. 165/-): Oh heavens! This was just a fantastic piece of perfection on my plate. The puff pastry of the pie was buttery, flaky and melt in the mouth kinds. Your bite would result in a smacking harmony of the mellowing mushroom combined with a subtle chive/leek flavour. 

  • Watermelon and Feta Salad (Rs. 245/-) : Salads have a special place in my heart, I love them and I’m picky about them. The watermelon and the feta salad was just the right amount of everything. The creamy sourness from the feta, the freshness from the watermelon, peppery arugula, the subtle sweet sour of the honey vinaigrette & the tang from balsamic vinegar to bind it all, made this my favourite thing to eat. Each flavour comes into play one after the other. 

  • Carrot and Spring Onion Pancake (Rs.225/-) : This as the name suggests, is a savoury pancake. I’m always inclined more towards a sweet pancake,crepe,flapjack, call it what you may. Savoury pancakes also go down well with me, but, this one, just didn’t do it. The flavours were mixed and somehow didn’t work with my palate. The pancake was kinda dense and floury. Served with a dollop of sour cream & drizzled with Balsamic vinegar. I would actually give it a pass. It all felt too dry, with nothing to bind it all together. Disappointed much 😔

  • Hawaiian Pizza with In House BBQ sauce (Rs. 355/-):  The pizza is a thin crust one, with a generous helping of cheese & toppings like babycorn, bell peppers, olives on a delicious tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was just so thick and flavoured well with garlic. Took the humble pizza up by leaps and bounds. Great job on this one! But, having said that, I would also like to say, that, maybe the pricing is on a tad heavier side for a thin crust, vegetarian pizza. 

  • Strawberry Fields Forever(Rs.145/-): A delicious, lip smacking vanilla yogurt, which could have been a fair enough dessert on its own, but they took it notches higher by adding crunchy walnuts and strawberry sauce. The sour-sweet combination was an instant hit with everyone. A total steal for this price and worth every penny. 

Let me also tell you, that the presentation was just spot on! Eye candy 😋

This was what I ate, but here is a sneak peek of what the non vegetarians & non teetotallers had :

  • Fruity Booty Sangria: Chef Tripthi uses only and only fresh pulp, thereby, giving her Sangria’s a personal touch, which make them the most sought after item on the menu. 

  • Egg Pie 

  • Chicken Salad 

  • Chicken and Lamb Steak 

  • Monk in the middle (contains alcohol): Something my friends went gaga over! The dessert has a little spot filled with Rum in the middle. 

Verdict : Here’s the hardest part and something that has stumped me.

Being a vegetarian & a teetotaller & being given limited options to choose from, might be the reason why my judgement is clouded. They still need to master a few areas of interest, but they have a passion for what they do and I do know, that gradually that passion will translate in every other thing. 

 On, a general note, seeing everybody else enjoying their meal immensely and loving the Sangria as well as the Lamb pizza, I’m gonna be generous and give a 4 star rating. 


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