Smoor Chocolates |Restaurant Review| Indiranagar| Bangalore| 

So, things have been alarmingly quiet these days around my food blogging. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating around the town. 

Holy Smokes.. I’ve been gorging for starters. These past few months have been so hectic & during those hectic times, I found a total gem 💎 in Indiranagar. 

Bliss brings to you their newest venture ” Smoor Chocolates”. With your inner child jumping up and down and tugging those heartstrings, you really can’t miss this place for anything. Not only are they a par excellence chocolaterie, but are also a par excellence cafe with a wide range of comfort foods for your soul. Just how stupendously impressive the team is, is an understatement. So, without anything to carp on, let’s get right into the topic. 

Decor: The place is done in the most elegant yet simple terms of decor. The colour theme absolutely looks nothing less than gorgeous. I loved the perfectly muted tones of colour. The splash of spark white on the wall, the deep yet mute blue & the gold calligraphy were just right. 

Hospitality:  As the food sings its way right into your mouth, so does the hospitality. They just make you smile with joy.

The Grub Story:  The fare isn’t just limited to pleasing your sweet tooth therefore don’t be fooled into thinking that this place can have awesome desserts and mediocre starters and mains. The menu resonates of some Italian, a little pinch of French and Asian cuisine.

My favourite picks that get to be featured over here are as follows: 

  • Ravioli with pumpkin in almond butter sauce (Rs.275/-): Love happens and it happened at the first sight with me. Yup, I’m talking about these little works of art laced with a beautiful warm scent of almond and butter on plate. The Ravioli’s had just the most softest texture ever. They melted in my mouth like a dream. The pumpkin filling when doused with the butter sauce was an explosion of sweet and salty flavour. The pumpkin gave you the sweetness and the golden yellow butter sauce balanced it with the salt. The right pinch of salt, if you may! Garnished with a heavy hand of almonds, this one here is a must must must have!!

  • Chicken Lasagne / Veg Lasagne (Rs.295 & Rs.275 respectively) :The Lasagne here is just the most dangerously delicious one. As I’m a vegetarian, my vegetarian Lasagne was a beautiful amalgamation of tangy flavours and veggies. The pasta sheets just blended into each other and gave me the right amount of delicious. The hubby on the other hand, said his chicken Lasagne was good too, but a little on the dry side. 

  • The special holiday menu (Rs.750/-all inclusive ) : The last time that I went, they had a special menu for the holiday season. Here’s what the menu looked like 

  • Amberine: As stated this mocktail was a beautiful mix of grenadine syrup, litchi syrup, tonic water & lime juice. The result was a mildly sweet drink, which fizzed around and actually did a great job complementing the mains.

  • Veg dumpling soup: I really need to take a moment here.. the soup was pure bliss. The dumplings? Soft and melt in the mouth kinds. The soup had a delicious umami taste, garnished with finely sliced carrots and greens and though, I’m not a fan of clear soups; I loved this bowl of goodness.

  • Veg Dumplings: If there is a favourite that I have, while visiting an orient restaurant.. it’s the gawwjus dimsums, dumplings, momos.. call them what you may. 9/10 times, if the restaurant serves a great dumpling, rest assured that the fare following it will be good. I wasn’t really expecting anything from the dimsums actually, after all smoor is a multicusine cafe. But when I actually sunk my teeth into these soft, outta world dimsums.. I was a believer! The dip that they served with these dimsums takes all the credit. I mean… how does a dip taste so good? I shamelessly have to admit that, I wiped the ceramic dip bowl clean with my fingers. It’s doused in butter, the perfect amount of salt.. I just can’t!! You need to get a taste of this 🤤

  • Stir Fried Cottage Cheese in Chilli Basil Sauce: The cottage cheese gravy was served with a generous helping of wok tossed noodles, served with some well marinated kimchi. As with every other thing on the menu, even this tasted good but nothing outta the ordinary to be honest.

  • Chocolate Almond Cake for dessert: Super duper loved the pastry, the course couldn’t have ended any better. The cake was a pretty sight and an even prettier taste in the mouth. Served with some chocolate soil, the cake was intense with the chocolate. 

Smoor is a true chocolate enthusiast’s dream. The true love of someone who doesn’t have just a sweet tooth, but a whole set of sweet teeth. The milkshakes and sundaes are again outta the world and the pastries match up to 5 star chocolateries/patisseries. I, super love it so much, that any celebration is incomplete without it! Check this one out, that I had for our 5 year wedding anniversary. It’s a Belgian chocolate truffle, which doesn’t just taste decadent, but is also mesmerising!

Verdict: I, can pretty much pretend play to be an augur and tell you that this place is going to nestle itself right into your hearts and round tummies. It’s gonna be a favourite among our favourites. 

A well deserved 4.5/5 stars


    * all prices are exclusive of taxes.

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