And now it’s Carrie Fisher?

If the heartbreak of George Michael’s death wasn’t enough, we now have to battle the demons of nostalgia, while mourning for Carrie’s death. 😭

If Michael was your Prince Charming, then Carrie was your Princess Leia. These were the icons that redefined romanticism and brave thinking, who loved the life they lived, who were figures that gave others inspiration. 

George Michael made all of us sync with pure romance & Carrie Fisher made all of us think we were inevitable. You just had adrenaline pumping through when you saw “Princess Leia”. A good 2 days after the movie and you’d still wanna shout “scruffy nerf-header” at someone who irritated the beeping ” F” outta you 😔 

Princess Leia was one of the prominent catalyst for the birth of today’s adventure heroine. 

Though Princess Leia remains, there will be no one to do her justice. Carrie Fisher was synonymous with Leia and today, we’ve lost her! 😭 

Let’s bid adieu to Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia as well. Star War fans.. I can only fathom how bad you feel! 😢

Goodbye to 2 icons, who never lived to see the sunrise of 2017. 

George Michael and Carrie Fisher, we will miss you!! This truly was your “Last Christmas” 🎄 

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