Where Have I Been? 

I, honestly need some of my good ole advisory panel aka blogger buddies to rattle my rusted brains into turning the cogs right back on. 

Where have I been? If anyone really ever noticed me missing off the blogging world from the past 10 whooping months, then I’d like to say I really wasn’t doing anything significant. 

Well, nothing significantly great except baking another baby in the oven. Yup!! There i said it. 

“Surprise everybody” shouts me. 

Yes.. You read that right.. I just popped another life outta me. It was quite a surprise for us too. And boy… Do I love surprises 😏

Oh reminds me.. it’s a boy, btw!! 

 I was hoping it would be a girl, so that i could indulge in some sparkly Elsa-esque headbands & sequinned frocks.. Maybe some Ariel-esque green mermaid fins ( don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna metamorph my human child to the mermaid kind, but who wouldn’t wanna be Ariel for a day? )

And here, i am still stuck with batman logo tees & hideous Spider-Man watches. 😂

Ergo, If you find any of your blogger buddies outta sight for a few months, rest assured that they aren’t dead, but just pregnant 🤰 And technically, the aftermath of being pregnant does actually equal to being dead. Much more zombie-ish, if you may?? So.. yeah.. you can think they are dead actually 😐

Now haven’t i been discreet 😎. *slaps my runny mascara face with a pancake* 

I had to stay off the blog for more reasons than just this one. After a lot of self vituperation, I’ve gotten back on track. Vowing to never,ever and ever do the incognito move again. 

But, these 10 months have been quite a rollercoaster ride. From finding out that I was expecting to travelling around and from working on a book to learning a few life skills like baking & relaxation techniques ( did you see how those two were just said in the same breath? )

Ok! Listen to this… I went offline from all forms of social media. No Facebook, no WhatsApp, no Twitter and no Instagram. Trust me, it was hard.. like hell yeah! But it’s been the most wisest decision I’ve taken. It just makes you realise, just how much you’ve stopped giving time to understanding your true self. 

It was in these 10 months, that I realised what I really wanted and what I didn’t. Social media is great, don’t get me wrong.. I’m not in the Social media nazi league, but I do have to confess that by not being constantly on the social media, gave me a fairly good marker of my priorities. I mean, media puts you into a vicious cycle of “Wanting”. 

I just had an epiphany of sorts and realised what I really wanted. 🤓🤓  *philosophical much?? I need to shut up*

So, here I am back on the “media”, back from the sabbatical, much calmer and discerning towards my laws of happiness.. and those are.. 

“Looney Ballooney.. I need the fishing 🎣 social media…I need to stop the b***sh***ing philosophy.. I ain’t no philanthropist, I love the vicious cycle.. Keeps you fuelling for more.. Nothing better than this for sure” 😆🤡

I’m just the same old noorain save for 10 months older, a little more ridiculous than before, more in love with my wanting to be in touch with y’all, much more in throes of literary passion (nothing like a satisfying post that you finish publishing) & with 2 kids.. 

Gosh!! That sounds quite snazzy eh? 

My posts will rather lean more towards a delusional side, as I’ve got a newborn, who refuses to sleep when I want to..  Like right about now.. it’s 4 A.M and he has had 2 post midnight snacks till now. 

Dude!! I don’t snack in my sleep.. who does that??🤤 And that leaves me with 2 hours to sleep before he wakes up again at 6:30 😥 

So off I go.. Giving a big virtual hug to y’all.. 🤗

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!! 

40 thoughts on “Where Have I Been? 

  1. Congrats on your surprise baby! 🙂 It’s a great “excuse” for being away from 10 months! 😛 I agree, a lot of social media is a vicious cycle. I hope you find the balance that you want / need! 🙂

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    1. Hey love!! What a great news.. CONGRATULATIONS on being a mommy!! My love to the lil man..

      What’s his name?? Being a mommy really does make you a different and a much refined person!!

      Huggles to you and the lil man!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, congratulations!!!! Such awesome news! Wow! I am so happy for you. I agree, social media can keep you from real life but then again I think that through social media we can spread more of real life too. It is just the way we start. First finding yourself and then over interacting and sharing you might get even deeper! Once again congratulations with the new cutie pie! Merry Christmas, Noorain!

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      1. Oh my, Noorain! You touched me deeply with you lovely words. You are a wonderful soul and I am happy to see you again. But I am also happy for the reason I did not for the past months! Feel strongly hugged, my dearest friend 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Noorain, you are spreading the Christmas Spirit more than you can imagine. I am profoundly moved by your lovely being. All the best of luck to you and your family. Thank you for being here with us to add your beautiful light 💖💫


    1. Asak my dearie!!! Thank you for the warm welcome.. I was supposed to shift, but with the baby on the way, I had to overlook the option.. surprises do surprise us 😂😂😂

      Hope you are doing great… lots of love sis!!

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  3. Assalamu aleikum sis! Walaye you crossed my mind yesterday. Good to know you are fine and had a little addition. Masha’Allah. May He preserve you all, ameen. Tlc and wasalam! xx 🙂


  4. Noooooorieeeee!!! Congrats!!! I’ve missed you so much! I had sent you a couple of messages on insta as well as had commented on your older blog posts since I was wondering where you disappeared. Honestly, I was a bit worried but then thought you might be busy in your work. So happy to see you back and that too with another baby!!!! Woohoo!!
    PS: don’t you ever disappear like this again 😋

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  5. Happy to see you Noorain. Was wondering where have you disappeared. Checked in between if am missing any of your posts. Happy for you darling, can understand your state of mind. Enjoy motherhood and a group of footballers at home,I know how it feels. I also have two boys and I wanted a girl. 🙃take care.

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