Yauatcha| Restaurant Review| Bangalore|FBAB 21st Meetup

Nin Hao 🙏🏼 , Ni Hao Ma? 

“Gongxi Fa Cai”🎉🎉🎎

Well, before you exit this page with a frustrated frown at the unintelligible course of words, hold on,please? 

I, just said “Hello, how are you?” & a “Happy New Year” in simplified Chinese. I really wasn’t goobledegooking with you. 😁


“The Chinese New Year” has arrived & with it come a beautiful plethora of traditions, each brighter than the other. This year is the year of the monkey 🐒

At “Yauatcha”, they have a spread worth gormandising for. Yauatcha has the new year celebrations going on, which are in sync with the traditions. As, the traditions call for consumption of fish, dumplings, spring rolls, etc for good luck. The restaurant has a well thought & a delicious curated menu for the season. 

I, was invited by team FBAB to join them for the “Chinese New Year” menu tasting session at the restaurant. This was the 21st FBAB meet up.


Brief insights about Yauatcha: 

Yauatcha London is a One Michelin star restaurant. The branch here in Bangalore, is an exemplary example of their dedication for ambrosial food & utmost customer satisfaction.

Decor: The restaurant has simple & minimalist decor, which is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. They even have a private dining room for a large group of people, which is just perfect. 



Bloggers in discussion before the meal

Hospitality: Should I even try to dissect this aspect? Yes, well understood that it was class apart.  

The Grub Story: Tasting my way through the myriad of flavours, I found myself wanting for more.   

1. Kiwi & Olive Dimsums: The Dimsums were by far the most pleasurable part of the evening. These were to die for, with the dough being made outta starch & kiwi paste. They had the briny taste of olives & the sweetness of kiwis. What a bomb!!


2. English Carrot & Truffle Dumpling: The first bite & the undeniable carrot flavour flowed in, with the nuttiness of truffle. It was a pleasure to start our meal with these babies! 


3.Corn, Carrot & Curry Dumplings: This undoubtedly won my heart, in a jiffy. The translucent dough with those contents shyly staring at you, through the dough veil was a delight. I devoured them within seconds, the soft sticky dough & melt in the mouth happiness sealed the deal. A must have. 


4. Mock Chicken In Hunan Style Sauce: If, ever you could give a vegetarian a taste of chicken, then this is it. Yep! We’re good. We’re done. For a split second, I had thoughts if I’ve broken my sober vow of vegetarianism. This was as close as it could get to chicken. The soya chunks & the wheat gluten had me thrilled. This was the best of both worlds. The subtle texture of soya & the spicy gooey taste of the sauce, had fireworks going on. By far, the best thing! 


5. Toban Fried Rice: The special thing about this rice, is the fact that it is made out of a sauce of fermented beans. Irrespective of how unappetising it sounds to you, it was one of the most lipsmacking vegetarian fried rice, I’ve had in a long while. The flavour was just so unique & imparted that umami taste to it. 


6. Malak Udon Noodles: Which Asian food lover, doesn’t love Udon? None. Period. My tastebuds did a shooting somersault & they never got back on the ground. The exquisiteness of those chewy Udon noodles with the peppery sauce base, made this an intense hit with everyone. 


7. Crunchy Caramel with HoneyComb Icecream: Inspired by modern European cooking. The dessert was just beyond compare. The hazelnut caramel mousse, housed within it a beautiful praline which slowly bursts into a blend of flavours & finally gave you the real feel. The honeycomb Icecream on the chocolate soil was just the most fulfilling combination to go with the Caramel mousse. A must have! 


 8. Passion fruit Mocktail: Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the refreshing & a sunny feel of the Mocktail. My favourite, I had 2 glasses btw! 


Here’s the certificate of appreciation from FBAB! 


The non vegetarian’s enjoyed a delectable array of foods too, here are little tidbits from their plates. 

Seafood shuimai! loved by all.
Lobster ho fun roll in black pepper sauce
The purple ones are chicken & coriander dumplings

VFM: Priced pretty fair enough, for the amazing array. But yes, a tad bit heavy on pockets, if you’re on a budget. 

Special mention to Chef Pradeep & Chef Sharieff for the beautiful course.  

Chef Pradeep

Chef Sharieff
 Verdict: The place is just a shade shy of perfection, the pricing is good. Worth every penny if taste & gratification is on your mind. 

Would I visit again? What should stop me from doing so? Yes, yes, yes. 

Location: 1 MG Mall, 5th Floor. 

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