Nasi and Mee-Asian Canteen |Koramangala| Restaurant Review

Would you care for some salty air, with a fusion of aromas wafting through the Mamak stalls of Malaysia? The endorphins racing during the attempt to find the perfect batik, while you savour a Roti Canai

If, I could relive the ambience of the hawker stalls & the rushed decibels, I would wanna run straight ahead to “Nasi & Mee-Asian Canteen” Somethings are just perfect. 


Nasi & Mee, promises to take you back to your memories of the Far East, proffering unto you, a menu that will awaken your rambunctious spirits & make you wanna gorge on, literally everything over here. The cuisine is, (no points for guessing) Asian. A concept of Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian & Singaporean street food. 


Decor: Well, it does say, it’s an Asian Canteen. The theme is contemporary grunge. The tables are very picnic bench kinds. The wood, does wonders to an otherwise, very plain & Spartan decor. The baubles are quite interesting,like the little crate boxes for lampshades & bring in a fun element too. The crockery is a black terracotta plate with a banana leaf. How cool is that?


 The ambience on the other hand is infectiously happy. You could go on talking forever here. Gets its job done.

3/5 for decor & ambience. 

Hospitality: As, it’s by the rule book, the hospitality was impeccable. No qualms about them at all. We were looked after very well, prompt service & eager to please wait staff. Though, the crowd was overpowering, our food didn’t take a lot of time to arrive. *surprising*


4/5 for Hospitality. 

Nom, nom, nom.. *Excuse my unbridled floozy craving* 

The Grub Story: With the atmosphere begging to gormandise, I had, no choice but to give into the voices inside my tummy. My status quo was that of a high expectation, tainted with some tepid thoughts of whether the grub would match the standards of what I had, during my travels. 


Let’s dig along & find out: 

1. Mushroom & Waterchestnut Dimsums/ Spinach & Corn Dimsums (Rs 159) :The happiness you procure, when you start that delectable meal with a dimsum is just irreplaceable. I, was ready to be sacrilegious about how, this wasn’t authentic. But then, after the first bite, when the flavour developed… Just pure heaven. The bits of mushrooms & water chestnut with the sticky dough & light seasoning prepared us for the next course. 


” Oh wait! Let’s try the Spinach & Corn “, I exclaimed. And we did. 

The spinach & corn dimsums, were just as delicious as the mushroom & chestnut dimsums. You can never go wrong with Spinach & corn.


2. Malak Mushroom(Rs.199): The Malak sauce was pretty close to a heavy, garlicky dose of a manchurian sauce. The mushrooms were nice and fresh, doused with the Malak sauce. A nice spicy tone to it. But, not my favourite.


 3. Tofu Satay(Rs.229): I’m no vegan, but man.. This tofu satay made me think, how pleased a vegan would  be here. Loved the silky texture of the tofu, the melt in the mouth feel. The marination on the tofu was just delicious & when you dipped it in the spicy peanut sauce & the vinegar, that came along with it. It was just the best thing ever. Must have!! 


4. Butter Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 179) : The Rice was such a pleasure to eat. The subtle flavour of garlic infused in the rice with the fresh veggies was par excellence. Though, it isn’t very different from the kinds you get at a typical Chinese restaurant, it’s a happy change. 


5. Mamak Mee Goreng(Rs. 229): This is a delicious Malaysian Indian Muslim, spicy noodles with a generous amount of bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes & tofu. To be brutally honest, I was expecting so much more in terms of flavour. I was expecting the chilli to be more intense & the noodles more flavourful. It reminded me of the instant noodle brand “Koka” on the first bite & there it went a little downhill. You wouldn’t expect an instant noodle to replicate a flavour you’re looking for. But, if I hadn’t tasted it, then it’s a big yes from me.   

6.Chendol (Rs 130) : Dubbed as Malaysia’s favourite dessert, i couldn’t help but remember our Indian “Falooda” when I gulped this dessert down. It’s a beautifully delicious drink made outta coconut milk, palm sugar & vermicelli twirled around. A refreshing one & the best way to end your meal. 

The only disappointment is with the portion sizes. Boy!! They are tiny. It’s just enough to get you enjoying your dish & then, rudely left wanting for more. 

They really need to be more generous with their portions. I’m a light to fair eater & I was hungry 2 hours post my meal 😱 (I get filled with the paneer wrap meal & a dessert at McD ) 

Food scores a generous 3.5/5 

My Recommends: The mushroom dimsums, Tofu satay, Butter Garlic Fried Rice & Chendol. 

Verdict: You really must know your oriental flavours to enjoy the place. The place is amazingly great, if you know what can please your palate. So, yes… It’s a must visit! 

Go ahead, go crazy & relive the South East Asian Dream!

9 thoughts on “Nasi and Mee-Asian Canteen |Koramangala| Restaurant Review

  1. Sobiya u are wanting me to go back to Malaysia to eat all of this. The pictures where over tempting. As of me staying and relishing the Malaysian cuisine foe almost eight years I can relate all the dishes. Nasi means rice and mee means noodles. Was there any dish called nasi lemak, that’s my favorite. I want the mee and cendol. Cendol is good. Good to know that Bangalore has a outlet like this. Good review dear.

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