Bigg Boss Burger| Burger King| Bangalore

How many of us, were hooked to the reality show “BIGG BOSS”? Now, that it’s over, it’s quite a bother to do nothing at 10:30 p.m but, you could always relive the masala packed show at “Burger King”. 

Their new introduction, well, not that new, but let’s overlook that fact, has been aptly named after the reality show. For the fact, that there’s a lot going on in between the bun. The more you bite in, the more surprising it gets. This limited edition burger is bound to get you hungry.


Going to Buger King, ignoring the chicken whoopers & eating a vegetarian burger is such a Sisyphean task. I fight every urge to not indulge, but a vegetarian’s got to do, what a vegetarian’s gotta do.. Stare at the non vegetarian’s enjoying their luscious big burgers, while I look with distaste at my puny one . * non vegetarian to vegetarian dilemmas* 


So, Burger King has their new “BIGG BOSS” burgers as the hottest newthang. For starters, it looks as sinister as their other variants. T’was a big sesame bun, with the clandestine contents peeking out, staring at you. 


The burger had a grilled Chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, crunchy ribbed Lays Maxx chip, jalapeños, cheese slice, Secret sauce & crumbled cheese. Now, that’s called, a super whammy special!


The hubster couldn’t get his craving to sit still, if at all a craving does behave. He said, it was just fantastic, a love story of grand portions & a must have. The flavour was just mind boggling with a surge of sweet sour & tangy. The patty was light flame grilled, therefore the juiciness retained & the BBQ sauce with all those condiments just made it more fulfilling. Coupled it with some fries & Coke to make the experience more enjoyable. The way, he enjoyed his fill, made it clear that, maybe one of these days, I’m gonna topple down from vegetarianism 😢😋

Though they had the vegetarian version, I really haven’t tried it yet. But anyhow, yes to the Burger from me! Go ahead & bite the Boss. 

Available in Chicken, Mutton & Vegetarian Versions. 


37 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Burger| Burger King| Bangalore

      1. Hi, yes in these era we – also here in the middle of Europe at the fromer “Iron Curtain”. 🙂 – we name it (see the images of our village ;-)) the “end of the world” . should know what happens worldwide. mwz


  1. I have a brand spanking new one that came out recently and they make a huge double quarter pounder with A1 sauce. It is really good and it is considerably than the same burger at McDs


  2. Hi!!!
    Congratulations, and you have been nominated for the black cat blue sea award, well done, and i hope you have fun doing it!!
    for more info:
    hmm, yum yum,
    specially, i have to eat halal, so like, yeah, its bormally vegetarian if i am going to a normal shop, or go to an asian restaurant, which isn’t very often, becuase its what i have to eat mostly at home, and i dont take spice!!!
    byexxxhope u had fun!1

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  3. Hahahah tell me about that battle between vegetarian and non vegetarian ppl when going out. Every single time. Like every single time!
    I love vegetarian burgers though!
    P.S: I have a confession. I have always thought that your yellow scarf in ur profile pic is actually a blond hair! 🙈Hhhhh you’ll make a beautiful blond though believe me!💙


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