Bistro Claytopia| Koramangala |Review

We all have bistro days, don’t we? Days, where you just wanna incarnate yourself as an experimental glutton. Bistros are the hotbeds of hungry office millennials & students on a budget. While, bistros promise to be easy on your pockets, a few of them promise to be big on flavour & taste too.   

“Bistro Claytopia” stands strong in its offering. While, the other bistros are like mercenaries at war with each other; Bistro Claytopia, doesn’t do much, except, well proffer unto you “Decent Fulfilling Food”.   

Decor: The decor is fine. There isn’t anything outstanding or anything disappointing. What I felt was, it lacked a theme. The outdoor & the indoor section are fine & both of them have terracotta memorabilia as the only harmonious factor. There are these memorabilia, strung everywhere & the kitschy feel is commendable; but having said that, it’s no doubt that the decor gets customers like me to frequent any place more. The ambience is great for idle babble & friendly chitchat but isn’t the one for a relaxed eat.  

3/5 stars for the Decor. 


Hospitality: The staff are cordial & uninterfering. They give you, your privacy & appear only when necessary. I, would say, that they were efficient in what they did. 

3.5/5 for hospitality. 

The Grub Story : Here, comes the part I love talking about. Allow me, to take you to the centre of the hearth!!

  • Spinach Pasta (Rs. 245/-) :The penne were al dente as expected, the sauce a green, spinachy & cheesy.They went well together, in fact it was a delectable treat. The sauce was thick & nutty with the flavours completely favouring your palate. It felt fair enough, something that you will order again. It was served with delicious garlic bread. *salivating*


  • Classic Chicken Burger (Rs.145/-) : The classic chicken burger, is a crispy chicken patty with generous amounts of mayo & lettuce. Served with a portion of potato crisps. The hubster says that, it’s a good & light one. Great for quick bites. 



  • Chilly Chicken Burger (Rs140/-): This burger was the one that made the hubster go “Mmmm”. He said, it was spiced well & the chicken was soft & juicy. The burger was a must have!! 


    3.5/5 stars for the food.

     Now, here’s the fun part. Apart from the food, this place is just the most kid friendly place. Well, art friendly to be exact. You can choose your clay figurines & paint away to glory. How cute is that? The figurines are Rs.500/- if I’m not mistaken. Ergo, the name “Claytopia”. 

    So, that’s the fun factor, for you at this place!


    The painted masterpieces, kept for air drying.
     Am I likely to go again? Only, because the hubster loved his burgers & maybe I can sneak in some aglio olio next time.
    3.5/5 stars rating


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