BigBasket| Online Shopping Review| Grocery

Muttering to myself, I open the door. Who comes barging along at the strike of the first morning hours? It’s a gorgeous day & I see a smiling gentleman, tell me, he has the groceries, I ordered yesterday night at 2 am. Talk about fast delivery. 

I, wasn’t a fan of online grocery shopping. I, mean it’s fine shopping everything else, but groceries?? Not ok! I love the fact about going to the hypermarkets & checking out good deals & offers & then making up my mind about it. Basically, the freedom to choose. 

 Just outta the whim, I downloaded the app called “BigBasket”, for no logical reason whatsoever. I, let it rot for almost a week or so, until my phone started having MB problems. It was then, that i snuck in, to see what the app was all about & was pleasantly surprised to see, a lot of stuffs. 

This transported me back to the hustle bustle of a mall, the eyeing of deals & the abundance in choice. I, made the first order, then the second, then the third & thereon. There really wasn’t any stopping me. 

I’m addicted. Can you floozy freaking believe that stuff? I’m addicted to online grocery shopping.. Outta all the things on this earth.  The main focus that team “BigBasket” has on is: 

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Abundance in choice & offers.
  •  Continuous innovation.


check out the cute bags that come with every order!

BigBasket has around 1000 brands to choose from. It’s the biggest online supermarket that there is. It’s active in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

The app offers, every household item that you would need. It’s a supermarket in your palm. Undoubtedly, due to its exceptional service, BigBasket is the leading app in its genre. 


Every imaginable household need, has been categorically placed for easy access. They have weekly deals & BOGO offers all around the site. 

Speciality brands like “Koka”, are easily available here. Along with that, BigBasket has an in house brand called “Fresho”. Fresho has veggies & bread products available. The “Fresho Signature” range, has delectable muffins, cakes, artisan breads, etc..for you. I, super love their “Assorted Muffins” & “Chocolate Croissants”. Yumm overload! 




What’s more great, is the delivery. They give you a time slot & will make sure that, they deliver it, within that schedule. No unpredictability at all. 

All in all, BigBasket wins hands down, in every aspect & saves you the grocery shopping episode, in case you hate it! 

Am i gonna be ordering more? Yes, yes, yes! I already have one in the checkout. 

P.S: This is not a sponsored post. The views are completely mine. The logo BigBasket has been taken from & has been used for reference only. 

11 thoughts on “BigBasket| Online Shopping Review| Grocery

  1. Good to know. Actually you start to buy online it is more addictive. It’s easy and in a click you are done. Hehe. Enjoy. Are the groceries good – esp. vegetables are they of good quality. I can buy anything else online other than fresh stuff.


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