Cafe Mezzuna| Bangalore| Review

Fancy some Italian, Mediterranean , Spanish or French cuisine today? Maybe, you fancy something sophisticated to go with your palate? How about giving your tastebuds an assurance in the midst of chaos?

What if I told you that, you could find all of this under one roof? One roof to satiate your want of basking in the European sun, under the budding magnolias & chrysanthemums, with a table full of ambrosial delights? 


Coming from the house of “Speciality Restaurants Ltd” which gave Bangalore, Mainland China, Sigree Global Grill & Oh! Calcutta. Cafe Mezzuna comes across as no surprise, when your tastebuds burst into a billion sensory exciting tingles on the first bite. Really, that isn’t an act of over exaggeration. 


After the endorphin stimulating recommends, I decided to give this place a shot. 


 Decor: The decor is pretty interesting, with a grunge meets rustic meets industrial meets outdoorsy kinda thing going on. There is a certain symmetry, though the decor is clearly a mishmash of a few ideas. Love it!! 4.5/5 for decor. 


 Hospitality: We were greeted very warmly & were quickly ushered to our tables. Our maitrê d, was just the most primed yet happy person around. As the course progressed, the wait staff were on their feet to clear plates or tidy the mess created by the little one. That brings us to a full score of 5/5 for hospitality. 

The Fare, how our lunch progressed: 

  • Oven Roasted Mushroom Tarts: Little bite sized, tarts of joy. These had a generous filling of the soft scarmoza & that tang of the balsamic. The tart pastry leaned much on the crispy side, rather than the crumbly one. A deviation from all the “Tart” stereotypes. 



  • Pan Grilled Mushrooms: Oh! Bother. Now, I oughta fight that vision of scrumptious bulbous mushrooms. These were alluring me to just take the plunge. I, took it, without the thought of clicking a picture. The mushrooms were dressed in the most minimal & Spartan of a dressing. Just some chilli, lemon & garlic, maybe I felt a resonance of dried oregano too. These were served with croutes. 
  • Wild Mushroom Pizza: Notice a trend? Yes, I’m in love with Mushroom. The Pizza was a thin crust one, with generous amounts of cheese, wilted spinach, sundried tomato & goat Cheese. The crust, gave way to the much needed crunch, which then enveloped your sensory with the flood of flavour from the cheese & those toppings. Would’ve loved it warm & toasty when it reached me, but all I could feel was lukewarm. Nevertheless, I guess that just made the pizza more crunchier. Something i fancy.



  • Farfelle in Creamy Mushroom Sauce: Gracious!! Now, that I see it.. That’s quite an hefty amount of mushroomy love in my meal. So, I ordered the beautiful bow ties, in a creamy mushroom sauce. The sauce, I must say, was abso-blooming-lutely delicious. I, longed for some privacy, so that, I could shamelessly lick my plate clean. The earthiness of the sauce, amalgamated with the nutty pungency of warm garlic chives instantly warmed the cockles of your beating heart. What generosity..Aah!! A must for every pasta loving soul. 



  • Belgian Chocolate Crepes: Don’t be fooled. These crepes weren’t just crepes, they were a portal to sunny orange orchards. The crepe was filled with Belgian Chocolate & topped with Orange rinds & Marmalade. If, I could only describe, the true nature of that crepe. It encompassed a warm sweetness which was married to the sharp acidity of the rinds. Opposites attract, nothing could be a better example than this dessert.



  • Vanilla Bean Panacotta: Panacotta’s are just what the world needs when it’s in a dire need of pampering. This was just that & much more with the Raspberry compote to bring in the acidity to an otherwise sweet note. What a marvellous masterpiece. One of the best in town! 


 With that our course ended & we had conflicts raging within us, if we really oughta leave. The place was that amazing. Atlast, we said our farewells & promised to return again.


 Overall score: 5/5 (because my math is pretty horrid & because that’s what they deserve)

VFM: The VFM is moderate. It’s worth every penny, so, really it is a gratifying experience!

Location: St. Marks Road.

Another mention, if i, may. You really need to sample the Fig & Honey Grain Mustard. Outta the world 😋😋


Bon appetite mes amis!! 

18 thoughts on “Cafe Mezzuna| Bangalore| Review

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  2. Noorain, thank you for introducing another lovely restaurant. I love “international” cuisine, which means, I love everything. Having everything in one place is fantastic. Incidentally, I have tried wild mushroom pizza (on rice flour crust). Just divine. The colour doesn’t pop, since it’s all monochrome. That is why I haven’t shared those as yet. If I can think of a way to make that happen, I’ll show what a chef friend of mine makes.


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