Ruchi Santhe 2016| Food Fest| Review

The last weekend had me, going gaga over the adverts all over facebook about this one of a kind food festival that was gonna be held over the due course of 3 days. I, was all ready and pumped up for action. 

It was on the last day of the fest that I did find some time, to drag myself here. The reason why I was so excited to try this out was because, this was a venture done by the team “Unik 360”. Unik 360 was a collective effort of people who got in touch over Facebook to organise a non-profit program, the proceeds of which would go to charity.


The event took place at “Bull Temple Road”, Maratha Hostel Grounds. The crowd was maddening & clearly we couldn’t get any parking. After a good 30 minute search, we found a spot. This should’ve been an omen for what was gonna come. 

The entry queue, seemed to go on forever & then this happened. Right at that moment, I needed a detour. This wasn’t what I had imagined. Blistering Barnacles No!! Not this kinda human explosion.  

There was no getting out now. Phewww!! I was literally, getting squished & I couldn’t help but give the people behind me, a dirty frown for pushing me around. I, was a soccer ball after all 😢

The stalls, like advertised were all vegetarian. My first stop was the “Masala Papad”, which was just delectable. Masala Papad is a lentil crispy with Indian toppings & masala over it. 


The next was this stall called “Ravi Products”, which had a variety of spices. I bought the “Puliogare Masala” for mum. She loves it!! Puliogare is a tamarind infused rice.  All you gotta do is cook some rice & mix it with the masala that’s  prepped according to instructions.


Sadly, I don’t have a lot of pics of the event. The crowd didn’t let me do that. But, the variety of foods displayed was amazing. 

They had every kinda Indian vegetarian dish you wanted. From the bhels to sandwiches, from sweets to savouries. 

We tried the Chinese Bhel & Ragada Patties from 4SL. The Kachoris & samosas from another stall. 


 Mysore pak from Agarwal Bhavan, Potato twisters from Twisters & Corn Sandwiches with bread pakoras. 

The event was a total hit, with celebrity guest visits and a little award show at the end. The reason, I went ahead was to support for the charity cause. 

Would I go there again, if there was another day? Umm..No!!

The crowd was phenomenal & im not a fan of “Push me Baby one more time”. I, loved the food. But, No, thank you! I’d need my safety gear to survive there. But, like I say, “That’s just me”.

A huge round of thundering applause to all the organizers of this great event. Not only was the food & crowd great, even the hygiene levels were maintained. Every 20 minutes saw a group of maintenance staff, get down with their wares and make sure the place was clean. There were dustbins placed at every few metres. There were apt seating arrangements for the people attending, incase, they wanted to relax for a few. 

So, really all the details were looked into & were taken care of. Hats off team Unik 360!

And then, I needed to bid adieu. Well, it took me 15 minutes to just get out of the venue, feeling all roly poly. That first step out of the place felt like heaven. I, calmly then realised how we take the breeze so much for granted. 

Well, Thank you Dear Creator, for just about everything.

P.S: The logo of Ruchi Santhe 2016 has been sourced from . All credit goes to the owner. The image has been used for reference purpose only.

21 thoughts on “Ruchi Santhe 2016| Food Fest| Review

  1. first off all congratulation for the effort to catch the glimpses of food fest that literally didnt lost in vein.:) looking forward for your more post.

    I wonder how the sweeping staff handled such an owercrouded situation which is pretty clear in the Photographs!!…

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