Five star cafe|Star Brunch| Five Star Chicken Review |19th FBAB Blogger’s Meet

My tastebuds had been craving a quick bite indulge from the past few days. I decided to be complaisant to the tastebuds after all. 

I was invited over by the FBAB team, for our 19th Blogger’s Meet. The main agenda of this meet was exploring the rebranding module of “Five Star Cafe” aka “Five Star Chicken”.


The mandatory groupie, with the blogging stars of FBAB!

Five Star Cafe had us over to savour their new and signature dishes. It’s located at the prime 100ft road in indiranagar, dead opposite to “Beer Cafe” & diagonal opposite to MTR. 


Before I get down to the food, let me introduce you to “Five Star Chicken”. I’ll be giving you a brief and also information from the interactive session with the team. 


The bloggers & five star team having a chat, before the food arrived.

Brief insights of Five star Chicken: 

  • It was launched in 1985 in Thailand. 
  • It’s one of the most popular brands in Asia, with global presence in 9 countries with 7000 outlets. 
  • Has its own state of art infrastructure for storage and distribution. Uses the Farm to Food concept.
  • As it operates its own farms, the chickens are 25% more bigger than its competitors. 
  • It adapts itself to the country’s taste. 

Indian Story, 

  • Launched its first store in Nov 2012, in Bangalore.
  • Has 340+ stores growing rapidly in south India. 
  • Offers Indian Tastes along with the Thai ones. 

Now, that’s a very formal insight to Five Star Chicken. Let’s get informal shall we? 

As a majority of the population in India are “Vegetarians”, well me included ( though, there are Achilles heel points in life, like mummy’s Shammi kabobs & Haleem, Get togethers or weddings, where its offensive to say no to chicken based dishes) five star chicken would have been facing a certain “prejudiced notion”. A psychological taboo, created by the pure vegetarian mind, when the name says, “Five Star Chicken”.


Let me tell you, that the vegetarians have nothing to worry, instead they oughta have news to be glad about. “Five Star Chicken” has come up with delicious quick bites to satiate your pangs on the go.  They have neutralised the name, logo, etc.. to give assurance to the vegetarian masses that, their patronage is as important as the non vegetarians. 


We discussed with the team about how much of a control do they maintain on vegetarian products & non vegetarian products. They assured us that, not only are the equipments different but even minute details like knives are separated from the non vegetarian kitchens. 


The team was headed by the beautifully talented “Shagufta”, she interacted and was prompt and confident about what she was offering us. I was ever so impressed with her panache. 


chef prabhmeet in black, blogger Hiral Amodia, Sushma in red & shagufta in blue

We had “Chef Prabhmeet” take over with his in depth knowledge about the flavours & the ingredients of each dish. He conducted the interactive session with a lightning smile. What a pleasure it was chatting up with him.

Now, it’s the virtual indulge time:

Non vegetarian Menu:

  • Thai Crispy Chicken : All the N.V Blogger’s loved this chicken. They said it was juicy, marinated well & crunchy. They were in love with the batter. The Thai flavours weren’t overpowering, they were subtle and the chicken had a distinct tang to it. They said it was better than the competitors “Fried Chicken”.


  • Crunchy Masala Chicken: This is what my friends called “Indian Chatpatta”, for a lack of better English counterpart, I’d say “Spicy”. This was much enjoyed by all. The chicken had a great crunchy batter, which Chef Prabhmeet told us was due to a blend of secret processing & flour. He quoted “It’s something that I can’t duplicate at home”


  • Chicken Popcorn: These are tiny bits of chicken, dunked generously in batter. For this, I’m gonna be quoting my son, “Immi, Arham wants poppon chicken more”. It’s something my nearly 3 year old loves. It’s one of the staples at home & something everyone enjoys!!


  • Hungry Bird Burger : Another favourite of the son! He loves it super yes!! The burger garnered a good response from all, said it was perfect for quick bite. The patty was crunchy & flavourful. 

  • Chicken Biryani : The Blogger’s found this to be quite palatable & didn’t have any qualms with it. 


Vegetarian Menu: 

  • Vegetarian Burger: The burger wasn’t something that you would classify as great, but it certainly was good. The patty was crunchy and flavourful, the bite had a crunch to it & it was fulfilling. 


  • Vegetarian Rolls: This was clearly my favourite one. The patty was the same one as in the vegetarian burger, but this one just took it up the notch. I would have loved the onions caramelised and some honey mustard with gherkins maybe. I mean, that would’ve made it a hot seller then & there. 



  • Peri Peri Fries : I, hate Peri Peri fries. I mean the overwhelming chilli & tang doesn’t help me like it. But, the ones at Five Star Cafe had me fall in love with it so much that I ordered a few portions today at the nearest kiosk. They were delectable. No overpowering, no weird after taste & certainly no rubbing your nose. 


  • Cheese Corn Nuggets : I loved these so much, I shamelessly ordered for a 2 nd helping. The generosity of the mozzarella blew me over. The sweetness of corn with the cheesiness of melt in your mouth mozzarella, made this a hit among all. 


  • Aloo Paratha: The good thing was, the paratha filling was amazing, authentic Punjabi masaledaar one. The bad thing was, it kinda felt soggy. That could have been due to the fact that I ate it late, but I wish it had more crunch to it. But, I’m not complaining because it did eat 3 pieces of it & loved it. It didn’t need any pickle to go with it btw. 👍🏻👍🏻



  • Vegetable Biryani: Now, this was an absolute surprise for me. I, was expecting a below average or mediocre kinda biryani. The first bite swayed me over with its subtle “Pulao” like taste. The biryani was an instant hit & everyone scored it more than its non vegetarian counterpart. The biryani was filled with veggies & the taste was just commendable. 


My Recommends : (Non vegetarian by the hubster, as we ordered everything home today) 

  1. Chicken Popcorn
  2. Masala Crunchy Chicken
  3. Thai Crispy Chicken
  4. Cheese Corn Nuggets
  5. Peri Peri Fries 
  6. Vegetarian Roll
  7. Vegetable Biryani

My suggestion: 

It’d be great if the rolls and burgers had more to them, like honey mustard, pickles, gherkins or so. I’d love it if the onions were caramelised & the paratha more crunchy. 

What to watch out for? 

In the course of couple of months,  ” Five Star Chicken” is going to come up with more vegetarian options & is consciously considering the huge vegetarian market that’s out there. They are consistently working forward to make themselves more appealing to the vegetarians. So, it’s a win – win situation for us!!

Verdict: Go for it!! The pricing is super competitive, I can vouch that it’s much lesser than the generic brands. 100% halal. No compromise on quality or taste for the dirt cheap pricing. Vegetarians have nothing to be skeptical about. 

Rating : 4/5 stars


The groupie with five star team & FBAB members

P.S: The logo images have been sourced from and are not mine to credit. The group photo is the property of FBAB and has been used for reference purposes only.

18 thoughts on “Five star cafe|Star Brunch| Five Star Chicken Review |19th FBAB Blogger’s Meet

  1. I needed to read something like this after the recent article which I just read! 😅
    Which one is you in the group pic here?
    Food look great except that I’m vegetarian and can’t eat those yummy looking chickens!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that story! You know I’ve been vegetarian for like 4 years and my family still asks me why I am! 😑 sometimes even insist that I should go for meat and that what I do isn’t religious! Excuse me! 😒


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