Curtain Raiser to Young Chef Olympiad 2016.

And you pondered deeply, with creased foreheads & frown lines, that you’ve seen it all. Let’s ease those creases & frowns & let me give you a yogic breathing session. 

After the deep breaths, things are gonna be pumping up. Ooh!! I’ve just received a weather forecast. 


Foodies, Bloggers & Media influencers, spot a pots & pans rattling hurricane, heading towards India with spices & produce. Expected to arrive by 26 th January 2016. Please prepare yourself with aprons & mise en place. 

Whoa!! What was that about?? Noorain, better spill those beans & make some baked bean salad 😋😋

You know, that i love food. You know, that I love socialising. You know, that I love trying out new stuffs (probably you didn’t, but imma telling you anyway). Now, let’s imagine all those 3 things on 1 ginormous platform. 1 platform that’s the everything of the Culinary World. 1 platform that’s a dream for doe eyed chefs. 1 platform that’s gonna stand testimony, to the culinary hurricane that’s gonna be engulfing India, in a few days. 
Let’s welcome the YOUNG CHEF OLYMPIAD on the 26th of January 2016, conducted by IIHM. The event is backed by Ministry of Tourism, India. 😍😍

I, was invited over by team FBAB, Chef Bibhuti is always a charm, by giving his association members the best events to witness. 

The event was conducted at I.I.H.M- Bangalore. It was hosted by our beautiful hostess Miss Shalini Charles, who gave us an insight of what was going to take place, in the course of the following days. 

The YCO is a very ambitious project, which promises to tap in raw talent present in every culinary student. It’s an interactive event, where 67 countries will be participating to unveil their talented Young Chefs. All of them will be ferociously competing for the title & a grand sum of USD 10,000/- 

The prelims will be held in 3 cities & on 29th in Bangalore. Kolkata will witness the finale.



The evening, then progressed to Chef Shaun Kenworthy, magically concocting up a beautiful fusion dessert called “A trifle Indian”. It was a merging of East & West. Ginger snaps in orange zest with Mishti doi & Spun sugar.  

What mesmerised me was the way, he spun sugar outta the caramel on a whisk in just minutes. That scene, in a very uncanny way, reminded me of that childhood fairytale called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Remember, the Emperor wants the most luxurious set of clothes for the parade & he summons spindle weavers, who spin invisible threads of Gold? 😂😂 The story altered here..


 Well, here Chef Shaun was the one with the INVISIBLE spindle & spun VISIBLE threads of Gold outta thin air. He certainly, didn’t need it to strike midnight nor did he need the privacy. Off he went, spinning magic. 


We, then had the immense pleasure of having a tête a tête-à-tête with the Infallible Chef Abhijit Saha. *water please* 

It’s always so overwhelming to meet, someone who has made India & more specifically Bangalore proud. My nerves had me cracking up, all I could so was smile like a buffoon looking at him . Yes, I’m fangirling here. He’s the mastermind behind “Caperberry & Fava”, need I say more??



Fondly called as “Bangalore’s Masterchef”, Chef Abhijit Saha was filled with humility, wisdom & eloquence. His warm personality, swayed us all. If, Chef Abhijit Saha was a dish, he’d be a nice Moroccan Mushroom Tagine that warms you up & makes you feel good.    

 The event ended with the talented students of IIHM, tickling our tummies with delicious finger foods & short eats. What a well manicured & primed lot they were. Here’s a little sneak peek of the tickle session.   


Quick bites in deepa’s plate!!
Deep blue.. a mix of pineapple juice & mango juice.. yumm!

Also, a great effort by team Nucleus for organising the event so effortlessly. Special mention to Taranjeet & Vinay for chatting up with us bloggers. 

Selfie with the beautiful student Bhuvi & my dear friend Deepa!

Another special mention to 3 IIHM students, who I could remember. Bhuvi, Manoj & Satya for making us feel so good. They even gave us cupcake goodie bags. Man!! They were delicious 😋😋

Here’s a pic of the students, Miss Shalini, Chef Abhijit Saha & Chef Shaun Kenworthy.  

For all the students, who will be participating in the YCO, here’s a big hug & best wishes from me. May the best one win!!  

Our Chef BB is always a poser, its a joy to see, what pose he strikes in each groupie!! 👍🏻

I’ll be there, inshallah to witness the prelims live in Bangalore, will you??

P.S: The group photo belongs to Chef BB & has been used only for reference purpose. 

12 thoughts on “Curtain Raiser to Young Chef Olympiad 2016.

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow.. is all I can say right now! You are so lucky Noorain.. what a wonderful event it must have been! The Chef looks so talented… if only I could have seen him in person doing his magic 🙂 Loved this post.. and all the food… girl, it looks awesomely delicious!


  2. Wow!!looks amazing!!You looked like you had fun, and I am sooo happy for you!!Sorry about not speaking in a long time, I keep having more and more exams from school!!:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. thanks, and your blog is so worth reading, and you are such an amaing person, thats why i read it:)so thank you for introducing me to your amazing blog:DXxx

        Liked by 1 person

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