Kerrygold Cheese- A review

Boy!! I love Irish cheese. Well, technically, any cheese for that matter. But.. The Old Country, Irish cheese, it’s something else. It isn’t a surprise that Irish Cheeses claim to be one of the best in the world. For example, the “Killeen Goat Cheeses or BlueBell Falls Goat Cheeses” These are just my top loves, from Ireland. 

Keeping that love pulsating through my veins, I found “Kerry Gold”, at a farmers market. What attracted me was this little figurine.   

Hahahahaa… Isn’t it Amazeballs cute?? Then, it just happened. I was naive & birdbrained. Obnoxiously yes!! All, this while, I had whisked away the thought of Irish Cheese being available in Bangalore. 

I mean, “Pffff.. No way. I’m super informed & conceited” Look at my pretty “Know it all” eyebrow dance.  

Irish Cheese has been retailing in Bangalore for the past year or so, under KerryGold. The thing I love about this brand, is the fact, that the cheese is just so creamy, rich & so milky. I mean, you eat these cheeses and you know, you have a full bodied product and not just some lean & emancipated thing called cheese.   

The cows are grass fed & there is a high level of stringency by the book. They have an awesome advertising campaign called “Grass to Gold”. How true does that ring?? 

Check out the divine Dubliner & Cheddar Fondue below:   

My favourite cheeses & recent hauls from the brand are :   

  • The renowned “Dubliner”.
  • The Mature Cheddar. 

Dubliner : Aaah!! There’s nothing, I can say, that will do justice to the feeling I get, when I have this melted between Rye bread & an excellent Alfredo for pasta & corn bakes. 


The Dubliner from KerryGold is undoubtedly, the best product in the brand, according to my palate. It’s made outta cows milk & uses a vegetarian rennet. It’s aged for a good year to develop the taste. What puts this above levels is the dual character of this cheese. It’s a hybrid. Believe me on that! Where it behaves like a sharp aged Cheddar, it also behaves like a Swiss & Parmesan hybrid with the nutty & sweet lingering of the taste. The Cheese is crumbly and I, honestly love the pasty texture. There is a distinct calcium crystal crunch in the cheese, which is really mild & is another character of this cheese. 

The secret remains, about how the Dubliner is made & who cares, as long as we feast on this baby? 

Price: Rs.565/- for 200gms


2) The Mature Cheddar: We all love some full bodied cheddar. It’s everywhere, every second cheese is a cheddar in the market. The reason you need this “Mature Cheddar”, is for the sole reason of that creamy sharpness, which comes with being aged for a year. It was the perfect thing for Mac & Cheese!! 

Gee…it was a pleasure. I have a thing for older & matured Cheeses (Though, that necessarily doesn’t apply to my personal life😁) I see an aged cheese & I have to get my hands on it. The whole bodied sharpness, which is never satiated in normal cheeses gets sorted. 👍🏻

Price: Rs.495/- for 200 gms

Each of these cheese blocks came with recipe cards, which I have to say were MINDBLOWING yum. 


Verdict: You really must indulge, if you love cheese ❤️❤️

I must, include my beautiful hostess over here, who I found promoting the brand. She’s such a wonderful person. Radha!! You go girl 😁😘


26 thoughts on “Kerrygold Cheese- A review

  1. I agree with, “I love Irish cheese. Well, technically, any cheese for that matter.” I could have written that line myself. I am glad we have that in common. Thank you for sharing the power of cheese, Noorain. xo

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  2. Well I love Cheese, any cheese, that’s the reason for my weight gain in Belgium. It is hard not to cook anything without cheese.. alil bit of cheese everywhere.. spreads or dips or sandwiches, not to mention pizza 😉 you know my husband has improvised stuffed paranthas with mashed potatoes n cheese ..yummy it is 🙂

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      1. hahaha 🙂 it is indeed great! He is always secretly adding butter or cream in the food 😛 which is always good to eat but then the scale on weighing machine hits on further right and then the problem starts 😀 😀


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