Majlis,Kammanhalli-A restaurant review

I’ve always been obsessed with Mediterranean fare. Lebanese, being my go to cuisine. In Bangalore, finding some heart warming Mediterranean cuisine isn’t hard at all. What’s hard is it being free from Indian or local invasions.

While, signboard exploring around Kalyan Nagar, I found this gem. The name just clicked & I had to give it a try. ” Majlis”, in colloquial Arabic terms, it means a place where you meet up. More like a place for social gathering. 

My heart paced & I got myself pushing the buttons of the elevator. It’s a rooftop restaurant, the thought of which made me super happy. I mean, who doesn’t dig some romantic rooftop dining? 


I wasn’t disappointed, when I found myself stepping in. The whole place felt like an airy castle, with sheer brown curtains blowing with the breeze & a sense of minimalism with decor. 



My first impression was, ” Oh Yeah!! Good move girl.” The cuisine ranges from Lebanese to a mix of indo-Persian.


Decor: The decor like I said earlier, is minimalistic and very influenced by ottoman sense of styling. From the curtains to the flooring, from the artefacts to the signature colorful tiles, these fill you up with the feeling of being transported to one of the restaurants in the Mediterranean. 5/5 for the decor.


Hospitality & service: The staff, they were well, amazing! You can spruce up your expectations when it comes to service. It really was a total pleasure dining here, with prompt service & the love they shower you with. 5/5 for the team.

Food: Taking a casual pause, I need to tell you, the fare is just “MINDBLOWING DELISH”. How, just how could I not, state that so blatantly to you? 

Here are my favourites: 

1) Mezzeh Platter(Rs.185/-): This is a beautiful assortment of mutabbal, fattoush, baba ghanoush, hummus & tabbouleh, which are served with complimentary pitas. They taste just amazing & are pretty filling for 2 people. 



2) Khumb Kurkure (Rs.175/-): These are mushroom fritters stuffed with cheese & herbs. This is an Indian dish, but my oh my.. It was a treat for my soul.   


3) Badami Murgh Shorba(Rs.120/-) : A creamy, almond & chicken soup, which truly warms the cockles of your foodie heart. The serving was highly generous & the almond slices were put in to spoil us big time. 

4) Dajaj Saaj( Rs.165/-): The most delish of all things on the table. It’s a chicken & cheese calzone with the most minimal flavours & an outburst of love. The stringy cheese & chicken really made us melt, melt & melt.   

5) Dahi Kebab (Rs.185/-): Melt in the mouth, yogurt stuffing enclosed in bread. The taste was just out of the world, the smooth creaminess & the tanginess of that yogurt really made this a must have. It’s best if you eat it hot, once it cools, it gets a little unpleasant. 



6) Dal Qureshi(Rs.195/- ): A spicy version of the Dal Makhani, loved every little nuance about it. The spice balance, the creamy texture & the amount of lentils in it. Another must try.   

7) Chicken Naanza(Rs.185/-): This is the Levantine version of a pizza, filled with exotic goodness. The toppings are just heavenly great. It’s had beetroot, bell peppers, olives, etc. I super loved the pickled tang. You’d be crazy to miss this❤️❤️


8) Cheese sambousek (Rs.80/-) : Life is just complete with a samosa. Samosa is a universal thing. Almost every culture has a version. The Sambousek here was outta the world, the cheesy drip with spinach was why we ordered it 3 times in a row. It came with some creamy toum.   

9) Zar-E-Bariyan Biryani (Rs.215/-) : This biryani was loved by one and all, though I haven’t had a bite, I could clearly see that they were enjoying it. It’s a biryani with the Persian influence to it. The meat was mutton & they do have a vegetarian version of it.   


10)Malai Phirnee (Rs.150/- ) : A delicious, not too sweet, just the right kinda smoothness. It’s the perfect way to end your meal.   

11)Umm Ali (Rs.150/- ): An Arabic dessert, made outta rice meal & loaded with nuts. Man!! This was yum❤️❤️  

Disappointments : There were a few disappointments during the span of 3 visits. 

1)Murgh Kali Mirchi ka Tikka(Rs.195/-) : This isn’t on my favourite list, I did try one piece. The taste was quite mediocre, I just wish it would’ve had more of a charcoaled feel to it. 

2) Burrah Kebab ( Rs.215/-) : This was a borrowed opinion, it’s mutton ribs with a certain flavourful marinade. I believe, it was kind of a let down as the people who ate it, weren’t too pleased. 


On the whole, I loved the experience. The VFM range is amazing, almost dirt cheap affordable. 

This is a place you really shouldn’t miss, if you like Mediterranean cuisine.

Rating: 5/5 ❤️❤️❤️

25 thoughts on “Majlis,Kammanhalli-A restaurant review

  1. wow Sobiya, this place looks super cool and food is yum!! I also discovered a nice healthy mediterranean eat out here in brussels 🙂 it was moroccan salad bar but I just loved everything there 🙂


  2. Sobiya me too a great fan of Mediterranean cuisine too…… love the hummus. ITs my all time favourite. I had stayed in cairo, Egypt and used to like the Lebanese flavours. Lot of sishes you had mentioned wanted me to go eat there. Fattoush, baba Ganush, Um Ali, ……… I love the cold appetizers where they give a lot of pita bread accompanied with lot of accompaniments, that is just enough for me ……. Forgot to mention in the about page …… Haleem I have tasted it at my Pakistani friend’s place. Its yumm. Need to find recipes and try them at my place….. Soon planning to make falafel and hummus. Love you dear.
    Keep Posting…….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try my mums Haleem.. It’s outta the world dear 😋😋 Thank you for stopping by my love. I’m such a huge Mediterranean fan too, when I was a little girl, we had a vacay in Cairo and all I remember is the beautiful colorful market with a lot of people.

      You just reminded me of those great memories now..

      Liked by 1 person

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