How the hubster surprised me on New Year’s Eve.

So, it was a pretty bland day. I just went on with life with the most pessimistic view ever.

“It’s the last day of the year. Good. It’s one year down of my life. I’ve been a major dolt with falling ill, screwing my Koh Samui plans, looking like an idiot on my anniversary..blah, blah, blah”

 I was happy, I was alive & there wasn’t anything wrong with me. Yet, I was upset at the way things had turned out. I, personally don’t celebrate the New Year Day 😒😒 Honestly, I find it lame. I’m not gonna go all happy, over losing a year of my life, even at the cost of welcoming a new one. Yet, I love wishing everyone with the New Years greeting. It’s just a weird thing, I love the whole sharing love & happiness thingamaflip, but I won’t celebrate it. But.. Hey! That’s just me!!

I’m reading this book & The hubster barges in and says, ” Hey, why don’t you get dressed to the nines & we’ll go for dinner? No questions asked please.” 

“Well, OK.” Says,I. 

Then, we head towards “Le Méridien” & I see, like loads of people in lines & I’m thinking.. “Oops a daisy!! That’s a lot of people. They all are here for the New Year’s Eve.This guy has gotta be cray. This is for the party going crowd, what am I gonna do here?”

Just then, he says “Ooh! Baby.. They got a New Year Eve thing going on, let’s just go, shall we? It’s near the poolside. Listen to some music, have some dinner & get back home?”

” I’ve got no problem honey, but it makes no sense, when I’m clearly not gonna party. And, I’ll be the only one overdressed. Girls looking gorgeous in funky minis, micro minis, cage tops, tube tops etc & I’m gonna look like a sore symptom of SIDS, with hijab, jacket & a maxi dress. I’m dressed for a dinner love, not a party cum dinner. So, let’s just go somewhere for dinner shall we??” Blurts, i. 

After some convincing on how “Supermodel-ish Bombshell” I looked & how I could give the girls a run for their lives, even with being overdressed made me take the plunge. 

The evening went on pleasant, with almost everyone giving me the looks like,” Yo!! You lost your way?? Why you here?” But, then.. It’s just understandable!! Like, Holy Moly, I would’ve done the same. 

The clock struck one & we all had to leave. The hubster says “I need to use the washroom”. While he’s gone, I’m in the lobby, reading a magazine & 15 minutes pass by. Hubster doesn’t turn up. 

He then arrives & says “Hey babe..There’s a special waltz for couples, on the second floor”

“So?? I’m tired.. I’m not gonna salsa or waltz. Let’s go home!”

Another convincing session & I go, quite irritated. 

” Where is it? These are rooms. Are you sure it’s here? I can’t even hear the music”

He opens a room door. It takes me a moment to register what’s happening. But before I can pass a comment, I see a chocolate gateaux, candles strewn across, a dress & a card that says,”Happy Anniversary My Love”.

My eyes swell with tears & I, can only manage a feeble, “I love you”. I’m totally gobsmacked. Then the voice within my head says, ” So, now can you stop the crib fest please?”

“I can, I surely can” 😌😌😁

Moral of the story: Sometimes, falling ill on your anniversary can really, be a blessing in disguise.   

p.s: Look at what we got after breakfast from the kitchen. That was the most cutest cupcake & the most sweetest gesture by the staff at Le Mèridien. 

42 thoughts on “How the hubster surprised me on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Awwww sooooo very lovely and cute…wishing you both load of love and happiness always..Happy belated anniversary again and a very happy and joyful year..😊💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖

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  2. hahaha, that was so funny your description how we can be a misfit in a Hijab n overly dressed at some places . I too have those moments sometimes .. and btw it was so sweet of your husband to give you cute surprise 🙂 lots of love to you! Take care !!

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  3. Happy Anniversary, what a sweet gesture! Was it on NYE? I too was ill on my anniversary (which also happened to be NYE), but no such romantic gestures after 35 years, just peace and contentment and a very sore throat! 🙂

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    1. Thank you my dear Loretta!! My anniversary was on Christmas & I fell horribly ill, so ill that I was put on liquids..

      So, it was nice to celebrate it on New Year’s Eve!!

      Belated Anniversary & New Year wishes lovely!! Much love & hugs!!


  4. So happy for you that things ended so beautifully! You need to relax and stop being so hard on yourself. You are beautiful; you are intelligent; you evidently have a husband who loves you dearly and you have a good life! You are one lucky lady!! Enjoy your life, you deserve it!

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