Bengaluru’s Farmer Market Show- A review.

Last Sunday, we decided to pay a visit to the VR Mall, Whitefield, on the last day of the 2 Day “Bengaluru Farmer’s Market Show”, organised by Karen Anand. I mean, i heard the name and I had to go.   

Karen Anand is such an amazing food writer & a gourmet guru. Her repertoire isn’t something that hasn’t been heard of. I’ve seen her face on a lot of Food magazines gracing the tea-poy of my childhood home in Saudi Arabia. Her beautiful, million dollar smile & those pictures used to always strike a chord with me.

Mum would so ferociously guard her magazines, always telling me i was too young to understand or any such excuse. I, can’t seem to remember the name of the magazine, I’m betting it’s “Good Food”. Well, I just had to go. Karen’s Farmers market, is a Brilliantly great concept of the organic brands coming into one place. 

This time was no different & it just made me run wild!! The array.. Aahh!! Cheese, oils, saffron, honey, teas, chocolates, juices, coffees, jams, preserves, marmalades, etc.. I, had to surrender to the magnetism of the compact event.   

Off, I went hopping from one stall to another. Trying, tasting & making notes of the event. The harsh resonance of the sun, tried to strike me or rather tire me down, but a foodie never goes down that easy. 😁😁

I’m gonna just brief you up with my favourites: 

  • Bonhomia: This is an innovative brand, which has been in the news for sometime now. They are the coffee/ tea machines, which give you delish results at the comfort of your own home. You really don’t need to go far for that espresso now!


  • Earth Loaf: They had, the most exotic & organic chocolates & teas on display. I had to resist the desperate plea of my bingeing heart to gobble up everything there. If you’re into exquisite chocolates, then halt yourself.. Here is where you can go effusive with childlike mirth.. 😂😂😂😍😍 The happiness was contagious at that stall.  


  • Kerry gold cheese: I, have a separate post coming up for this. But all I can say is, I was a happy soul. These are cheeses imported from Ireland. Need I say more?


  • Curemonte Cheese: Yet another brand & yes, I have another upcoming post on this as well. This is an Indian brand & my oh my.. They are excelling themselves. 


  • Honey Twigs: This was a stall, where they are talking about taking honey to the next level of convenience. These are small sip along sticks, easy on the go honey for a sugar fix. 


  • Raw pressery, pressed juice: This is an initiative conducted by a fitness guru. They have these one day “Deep cleanse, Light cleanse” packs, which cost about Rs.1500/- I guess. The hubster had personally tried this previously & he did say, that his body felt lighter. He went on a 2 day detox, with the light cleanse pack. Whether it’s my wishful thinking or not, but I could feel the hubster ‘s skin glow!! 😁😁

These stalls totally stole my heart! ❤️❤️ The event seemed to be such a success, their products were just great to start with. 

I hauled a few goodies & ate a few. 😋😋 So, did any of you visit this fair? 

Do leave your comments on whether you like such food fairs, festivals, etc.. 

Hugs to all of you!!

31 thoughts on “Bengaluru’s Farmer Market Show- A review.

  1. Food fairs are lovely, as I have lots of friends who are chefs and I get free tickets. However, I have to be very picky about what I eat there. Food festivals are even better, as quite a lot of the food is barbecued so almost no additives that would ruin my day. Oh, and, I love cheese.

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