Hello Curry,an interactive meet-Review

It was that time of the week, when hearts start pumping & stomachs start growling. Umm.. No, I’m not talking about an oncoming infection or high blood pressure, coupled with anxiety attack. The symptoms may look like it, but all I’m talking about is the ” 12 th FBAB MEET”. Me, excited!!

The agenda of this meet, was all about fast food delivery modules. Who better to conduct that, than team “Hello Curry”. Hello Curry, has been around for quite sometime now & have been quite successful in standing true to what their USP is, which is “delivering Indian fast food”. 

We were invited over to the “Cartier Hotel” for an in depth discussion about “Hello Curry’s” working module. The room was filled with anticipation, about what was going to unfold. 

The team started with their presentation & we were given our courses. Though, it wasn’t the exact chronology of the course, we enjoyed whatever was coming our way. 

We were first given the light, fluffy & distinctive Biryani to start our meal. Yes, you heard me right, we started with a main course 😁 I love surprises & this was one of them. The biryani was really light & had a no fuss approach. The flavours of the rice as well as the spices came through, but ever so lightly. It’s the kinda biryani you would eat, if you don’t wanna stuff yourself up like a little gummy bear. Mostly, great for luncheons.   

Next came the Parathas. Oh my loony balloony me!! They were so darn delicious. Like I could eat 10 of them. We were served the “Paneer Paratha” with accompaniments. The Paneer aka Cottage cheese was such a welcome after the biryani. It had the right kinda spice, flavourful & hearty.   

At the end, we were served Steamed Rice with Dilliwali Dal Makhani, Panchmeal ki Subzi & Mystic Kadhai Paneer. All the curries, come in the cuteness overloaded curry pots. But, I’ll come to packaging in a few.   

The curries were I have to say, light, filled with flavour & smooth. I had my heart on the delish “Dilliwali Dal Makhani”. Usually, the dal makhanis that we eat are rich & buttery & I, staunchly support that, that’s how it oughta be. But.. I was in for a surprise when, this light dal was deliciously different. It’s the kinda dal, that satiates your craving & keeps you on your toes.     

The Panchmeal ki subzi & The Mystic Kadhai Paneer were fair enough, a certain level of mediocrity was present in them. They were light & good too, but they weren’t extraordinary. The curries are served either on 350gms of rice or 2 Parathas of your choice.   

Our last course was the dessert. We had, Double ka Meetha & Chocolate Shots for the sweet toothy. Dear Lord!! Sweet Toothy was happy. The Double Ka Meetha was quite runny, not the way it’s supposed to be, but it was fair enough. 

What impressed me immensely was the “Chocolate Shot”. Aahh!! The smooth whipped cream with sugar shards & chocolate chips was such a “love-me”thing. I saw, all of the bloggers help themselves to a second helping. They still haven’t, introduced it on the menu, but if they do.. It’s gonna be a yum addition.   

Let’s get to the super amazing packaging. The packaging is super convenient, you could just start digging right in & be not worried about cutlery. The packs are recyclable, quirky & easy to carry. You could be at the office & eating or walking with the Bluetooth in your ear & eating or you could be just plain lazy, watching your soap opera at home & stuffing your face. The packaging is spot on. 

The curries come in curry pots, the rice in takeaway paper boxes & the Parathas in amazing “inflight” kinda tray boxes. 

At the moment they deliver to ” Electronic City, Marathahalli, Madivala & Ulsoor. 

Brief insights on Hello Curry: 

  • The only brand for the most reliable ” Indian Fast Food Delivery “, in Bangalore.
  • They have 32 stores spread across in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Pune. 
  • Awarded Best Packaging for ” Ready to eat rests food” category-2014.
  • Awarded Best “Regional QSR-South” by All India Restaurant Conference-2015.


  • Dilliwali Dal Makhani
  • Panchmeal ki subzi
  • Paneer Parathas
  • Chocolate shots

Do buzz me up, if you’ve ever tried “Hello Curry” & what you think about it.

28 thoughts on “Hello Curry,an interactive meet-Review

    1. Hehehehehe… That was so cute sweetie!! 😂😂😂😂

      Well, firstly you oughta be a food blogger. Secondly, write good and unbiased reviews for restaurants. Thirdly, socialise with other bloggers in your city. Lastly, get enrolled in a food association or any such club.

      Before you know it, ppl will be calling you for evaluations 😋😋😋

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      1. Before you get called by restaurants Hun, you need to have been giving unbiased reviews, on your own account. You need to have explored a lot of restaurants & have made it up from the scratch.

        So basically, you start documenting reviews about restaurants you visit & etc. Up & until, you’ve been recognised by the foodie community. And the only way to be recognised is by giving unbiased reviews.

        Like for example me.. I’ve been reviewing from the past 2years & it’s only from the past 6 months I’ve gotten into the circle 😁😁

        So, it’s a lot of hard work & good marketing actually👍🏻

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  1. I don’t even know what Panchmeal ki subzy tastes like! And there was ‘some mediocrity’ present in them, so there 😀 Mystic Kadhai Paneer? What would be mystical about it? I like the cartoons on package and it is a nice review 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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