Noodleheads, Kalyan Nagar- Restaurant Review.

This is such an overdue post, literally it’s been ages. Better late than never, here it goes. 

The other day, I was just street hopping & I decided to stop at this super cute restaurant called, “Noodleheads “. They had these metal doodles as their signboard. The resemblance of the cartoons to a bobble head just can’t be ignored. You’d be heartless to not stop at something so kawaii 😍😍


I hope you get the drift, I’m sold at the word “Noodles”. Who on earth, hates noodles?? They are just so perfect for life!! 


 A big bowl of them is what you need for your cravings, headaches, paranoia, insomnia, etc. There’s something about oriental cuisine, that instantly warms you up. 

While, I’m clearly on a chirp mode, I also realise im not that hungry. But who really cares, isn’t it? 

The interiors are fine, with a few smart hat recycled products, mimicking to be decorative baubles. The colour scheme, is vibrant, fun & rather lively. They have an alfresco dining too.


  The open kitchen is quite a treat, with “Tak-tak-tuks” going on, while you glorify the chef’s skillset. I, saw a lot of fresh produce around the kitchen. One look & you could gauge how fresh & crispy the produce was.   

One of my biggest pet peeves is being served wilted produce. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen much, but it does. 


I, personally expected the place to be overdosed in quirk factor, but I found it quite sober with an attempt at making it quirky. Those cartoon doodles had me thinking too much. I wasn’t disappointed, but you know.. I was expecting much more. The seating is comfortable, I liked the crockery  too. So, yes.. The decor & the ambience score a generous 3/5.

The staff were cordial, helpful & happy to serve you. They did give us suggestions & tried to keep the little one entertained. The staff & service gets a 4/5

The food.. Well, to be honest. I’m really biased towards oriental/ Pan Asian cuisine. I love my Nasi gorengs, Tom yums, Pad Thai, Bao’s, etc. I already had a great impression, when my nose was introduced to the familiar, saucy aromas drifting around. 

Though, I wasn’t hungry, the aromas tricked me into believing that I was. The first thing I wanted was some good, hearty, spinach dimsums. Yaayy?? Guess what?? They weren’t available. 

I’m pretty vulnerable to anything negative. Oops a daisy!! I just blurted my secret out.. And, when they said, it wasn’t available.. My thought processing ran wild. I thought, I shouldn’t have come here, it’s gonna be disastrous, looks can deceive, blah, blah, blah jazz. 

With a heavy heart, we ordered our main course. “Malaysian Flat Noodles” & ” Noodleheads Special Noodles”. We waited for quite sometime.

When the food did come, oh yum!! It looked stupendously sinful. All, I could think about was the way, it was gonna melt in my mouth. 

The Malaysian Flat Noodles : This was a big, steamy & aromatic bowl of ambrosia. The deep caramel colour of the noodles, had me reaching out for more. The noodles had a smoky soya sauce flavour, laced with zucchini & broccoli. It wasn’t just filling, but was also so indulgent. My must have & a go to.   

Noodlehead’s Special Noodles: This was a delicious, tangy, sweet-sour kinda sauce with a delicious serving of crisp asparagus, water chestnuts & cherry tomatoes. This dish has a very uncanny resemblance to the indo Chinese ” Chinese Bhel” 😋😋 So, if you love Chinese Bhel, you will love this. Albeit, its a super refined version of it & 10 times more delicious.  

Sadly, that day, that was all that I could eat. This is the place, that serves you maybe the yummiest Asian cuisine, around Kammanahalli. 

The VFM is moderate. The dishes are moderately priced, but it’s worth every penny as the quality is commendable. Thumbs up for it. 

Ratings : 3.5/5

20 thoughts on “Noodleheads, Kalyan Nagar- Restaurant Review.

      1. Waalaikum assalam dearie!! I’ve been so held up with so many things.. 2 weddings in the family & you know how time consuming that is.. 😁😁

        I’ve been putting off blogging these days, due to the sheer pressure of lack of time.

        Much love to you my dear sis!! Has the landlord replied back?? Things sorted??

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      2. Weddings, wow! must be exhausted completely. you need to do the review for food in wedding 😀 My landlord has been hiding since then ,need to find him to fix a some water leaking in my kitchen .. Thanks for reminding me about him 😀

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