Paris In Red

While the Eiffel Tower stands strong, 

People around it, shiver, shout & frown.

Nothing disturbs me more than the blood of an innocent soul,

Yet, those victims who cried their last, have gone to a beautiful utopia to behold. 

Paris, you beautiful one, just smile,

Come out stronger from this attack, which was senile. 

Those sidewalks, those cafes, those cobblestone streets, 

Will revive again & bloom much more on our next meet. 

Goodnight to those people who slept silent, 

Remember that we shall never forgive those tyrants.

Paris, today you’re painted red, 

And yet, it was our hearts that bled. 


Courtesy: Google images


33 thoughts on “Paris In Red

  1. Beautiful words, Noorain. The utter barbarism is shocking but I believe, as you do, that their souls are in a better place. It is the shocking, sudden and senseless act that fills us with so much pain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Absolutely yes!! It’s heartbreaking that, those ppl lost their lives.. It’s even more heartbreaking that, the world is dividing itself again over that..

        Let just love & care prevail!! Ameen!! ❤️❤️❤️.

        Thank you for stopping by dearest!!

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