The Great Indian Thali- Koramangala. Restaurant Review. 

Blessed be my soul, for cancelling a spa appointment & thinking it’s necessary to attend the ” 10th FBAB Food Tasting Session” for the food bloggers last Sunday. Ummm… Honestly, spa appointments can always be planned at the drop of the hat, but these meets… Utter bliss.

“The Great Indian Thali, look.. There’s no parking 😶” I exclaim in exasperation. Just then I see, the valet staff coming towards our direction. Sometimes, I am a tad bit foolish & jump to conclusions. Well, that takes care of the parking issue. 

I take a look around & escort myself to the elevator. Within seconds, I’m at the threshold of a neon menu signboard. Ok! Now I know what’s for dinner. Even before I enter the restaurant, I’ve started to postulate, how exactly the dinner will be & I’m thrilled. It’s gonna be a thali dinner. A thali is a unique Indian way of serving food, for the sheer reason of diverse options of curries & accompaniments. Pheww.. That’s sorted. 

The restaurant is cosy yet not cramped, the light etching takes you back to the season of romantic love & you choose between couches & chairs for your seating arrangements. All in all fair decor & a nice laid back ambience to back it up. 

The staff were diligent in making sure your visit was well worth it. Mr. Ajay kept us well fed through the evening with his warm personality. He surely is one of the best hosts you will ever come across. Period.


The loquacious set of us bloggers, started having little chit chats with each other, while we waited on for the food to be served. Our badinage was the one that kept me alive & kicking.

Ahem…Ahem… Shall we do the honours? Yes, we ought to. 

The Dinner was a thali dinner, it’s a sit down buffet of sorts,where your plate aka thali gets filled as it empties. With a cornucopia of curries & accompaniments to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. 

It started with a watermelon juice, which was too sweet for my humble unsugary palate. Something as simple as a Lemonade with mint syrup would’ve been great though.

We had a few starters that made their rounds on our plates. The Paneer tikka (Cottage cheese), Aloo Kebab (potato) & Kachori, all of them were super delicious. My favourite being the hot Kachori & Aloo kebabs. 

We were served a luscious plate of Dahi Papdi Chaat & Pani Puri which was just so fresh and appetising. 

Time flew & then the real duel began. Come on over!! I’m ready.. Our wait staff started with the beautiful assortment of gravies, like  dal makhani, pindi chole, Karela khurchan, subzi meloni, dum aloo etc with hot naans & bhaturas (puffed flatbreads). 

All I could do was eat, I had to skip rice, I’m not too fond of it. I tasted a spoonful of the vegetarian biryani, which seemed good. But the breads & gravies… Pleasure to devour them. The best have to be subzi meloni, pindi chole & kadhai paneer.

Then came the desserts, which again I just took mere bites of & they were, in all senses, delish!!

I’m gonna be showing the complete thali plated & up for grabs. The thali plating & styling was done by Mr.Ashwin, who is a superb magician when it comes to plating & also by Mr.Ajay, who is always a pleasure to meet.

The meal ended & the food started giving everyone the smiles & grins. If, you’re on a lookout for a thali dinner then this is it. Everything just subtly transitioned from one course to another. If a large buffet is on your mind, you will be disappointed. 

The place is a must visit haven for vegetarians. 

Verdict: 3.5/5 

58 thoughts on “The Great Indian Thali- Koramangala. Restaurant Review. 

      1. Definitely! By the bye, I recommended one of the shahi restaurants you blogged about to one of my friends. She loved everything about it, all thanks to you❤😘👍

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  1. Oh my freaking delicious!!! A meal apt for a King! It’s time for breakfast but here I am drooling over all the photos! And I’m so jealous you got to go to the blogger meet event!! I would have loved to go too! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved how you expressed your thought process whilst entering the restaurant! Felt like I’m there! 😊😊 I loved that lamp! So antique, regal! Pani puri made me cry out of joy 😂 I love Pani puri 😘😘 And thali was humongous!!!

    Loved the whole review Noorain 😘😘

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    1. Hehehehe… I super love your comments darshith!! Yes, yes, yes..I’ve tried village… But was dressed wrong for the occasion!! Heels & a dress were such a flop that day, when ppl were dancing like crazy..
      The only thing I could do was… Oscillate my head, from left to right 😂😂😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! Last time I went there and it was fun. It’s set up was of a Gujurati village and I joined them in the dance of garba and dandia and all were looking thinking from where the hell this guy came and is dancing like a monkey 😛 But it was awesome 😀 Loved the buffet food also 😉 Next time don’t just oscillate your head but also your body 😀


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