The Bungalow,Whitefield- Restaurant Review

While I’m clinking & clonking the cutlery & plates, I scrape the fork on my plate in a disastrous effort to try & pick that little Parmesan shaving lying there in distress. 

“I’m sorry I ignored you Parmesan, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have ever neglected you.” 

Then I notice that the shrill scrape certainly has activated the amygdalia of my table buddies. I, look away in an attempt to save myself from an embarrassing situation. 

That’s a snippet for you, from my last “Bloggers Meet”. This time we found ourselves at this beautiful Restaurant, called “The Bungalow”. It was the “9th FBAB FOOD TASTING SESSION”. If there are things that make me super happy, then these meets are one of them. 

The Bungalow is a beautiful place with just the right kinda ambitious decor to its credit. The whole place has an old world charm, with quirky memorabilia to blackboards and old world tanned leather couches. The ceiling is high, like super high & I wanna just sleep in here, staring at the ceiling while counting sheep.    


The presence of those colonial architectural thingamajigs with beautiful mosaic of black & white flooring is just perfect. The only thing that is modern is that projector 😁😁 That’s only to keep you in here for longer. 


I can almost imagine, this to be a leisure club for elites. Put in a few dapper men with tuxedos & Cuban cigars, maybe a few ladies with the beehives & flapper dresses & I’m ready to transcend into the early 1920’s. 

Ambience & Decor: 5/5  

The wait staff are just a dream. I mean every word of that. Our maître d’ Mr. Kamal, was by far the most friendliest one I’ve come across. Not only did he have one of the most refined serving etiquettes, he was also a really warm personality. The service was 5/5, not a thing to point my finger at. 


The pleasures of food are but many. What I honestly anticipated was a fair to middling buffet, with forgettable dishes. And, that thought prepared me for the most delightful spread. I, seek for forgiveness with that farouche attitude, but I’m just scared of having my heart & appetite broken, so i think all negative 🤓🤓 The philosophy makes sense I suppose? 🙄🙄

Here’s a delicious episode which will have you breaking your will power, a few heroes of the multicuisine dinner in each course are highlighted: 


1) Thai Drink : Mammma Mia, this was such a refresher. As soon as I took a sip of this muddy brown drink, I was sold. A beautiful Tamarind infused drink with little balls of tamarind on a toothpick. A drink that wasn’t gonna make you pucker your lips, but surely gave a nice punch.


2) Basil Pesto Cottage Cheese: Had there been a contest, to see who eats these the most, I certainly would’ve made my mark. Alas! There wasn’t and I had to do good with 2 helpings 😢😢 The firm paneer was basking in the glory of that pesto. The basil came through & that Parmesan shaving gave a savoury touch to it. Loved it!!


3)Puff Pastry with a creamy filling: Ok!! It wasn’t called that, but I was so engrossed in eating it that I forgot to ask what was it? The crispy puff layers with delectable dollop of mayo, cream with veggies kinda creme just made it the perfect short eat. 


4) The Gorgeous Salads: I looked into those greens & i could only see them, ever so provocatively lure me to devour them. The Caesars, Veggies in Blueberry Dressing & Coleslaw were just so good. The blueberry dressed salad was the hero here!! 


5) Broccoli & Almond Soup: How does one make a soup, a starter? Well, reserve those brain cells.. I dipped my bread & slurped the soup. Yes! That’s how I make a soup equal to a starter. Marvellous & nutty, this one warmed me up.


6) Veggie Pizza: Life is going good when you bite into a pizza & are kissed passionately by its simple flavour. What a pizza, marvellously delish. Joints which specialise in ” so called Pizzas”, must take a lesson or two from “The Bungalow”. The pizzas were gorgeous, every veggie got to sing, not dry yet wasn’t greasy. What fun just thinking about it 😍😍



Well after being stuffed with the starters, I really had no place for the main course. Just got a spoonful of helpings of a few things to give it a taste. 


A few delicious mentions would be the Paneer Pasanda, Palak Saag, vegetable crepes. I just adored these in the mains. Btw, that’s how my plate looked 👆🏻👆🏻 & this is how it was plated 👇🏻👇🏻 First up is the vegetable crepe.


That’s Paneer Pasanda & mint rice.


Dal Makhani with kulcha.


Choice of pasta at the live pasta counter.


I’m not too much of a dessert person, I ate the blueberry mascarpone & it was delicious. But that’s all I could eat. Oh oh oh!! & Pancakes.. 😍😍 Here’s a look. 






They even had Baskin Robbins Icecream for all.


A refreshing virgin mojito


A sweet, but colourful  Litchi Mocktail.


Some Good ole Green tea. 


The Food scores a 5/5. 


Yes, The Bungalow is just your perfect Restaurant, with everything romantic in place. The VFM value is super great as Rs.555+taxes for this buffet was worth it. 

P.s: I opted for the vegetarian course, there were a lot of stars on the non veg course.

26 thoughts on “The Bungalow,Whitefield- Restaurant Review

    1. Ohh.. You’re in Bangalore?? That’s amazing, I’m sure you will love it. Do lemme know what you think of it 👍🏻

      As for the bold font, hehehe.. That’s just me. I’m a total bold font lover, the normal ones bore me to infinity 😂😂😂


  1. awesome writing dear.. ur standards of writing is just mind-blowing and brilliant way of presentation.. picture perfect clicks with great writings inspires everyone and u r of course an in inspiration.. keep rocking dear.. 🙂

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