Happy You, Happy Me,Koramangla-A cafe review.

When was the last time that you found yourself at a noshery aka bistro aka cafe & actually pondered, whether you were out of the dark ages of inflation? The ages of inflation, where even a small cup of coffee in a cafe will try to behave like that  ” Annoying Cousin” of yours… Someone, who puts up his/her price much more than what they are worth. 😒😒 During these dark ages, comes a knight in shining armour of unfazing glory, with quite an apt name I must say. ” Happy You, Happy Me”. Read on to know what I mean: 


I was invited over, by my extremely warm & beautiful hostess  “Neha”, who went along with her dream to get into the “Food Industry” & found herself setting up a quaint little nook in one of the busy streets of ” Koramangala”. A marketing professional & mum to a beautiful daughter, who found solace in being an entrepreneur. When you talk to Neha, you can’t help but notice the love she has for her establishment, it’s like the twinkle of her eye… Much like her little one,  Nandini. 


The place isn’t a sprawling 20 table one, rather it’s humble 4-5 table big. But.. That being said.. Happy you happy me, literally reminded me of my storybooks & childhood fantasies. I’ve always wanted to have a little space for myself in the house (apart from my playroom), where I could escape to, which had sentiments of “Alice in Wonderland”. A place that wouldn’t be too big but would be bright at any point of the day.


Well, though “Happy You,Happy Me”, isn’t a page from “Alice in Wonderland”, it surely did satiate my fancy.  The place is filled with splotches of colour & fun. Quirky yet comfortable & relaxing yet peppy, is how I would describe the decor & ambience of this place. 


They have curated a menu which has major emphasis on ” Short eats & quick bites”. You have burgers, pastas, muffins, cutlets, beverages etc. The pricing is just unbelievable, I mean, I’m like sitting there and thinking ” How on earth, can anyone be so honest with pricing?”


 They don’t charge a buck more than what they think is fair, ergo the introductory reference.


The staff are so lovely to chat up with, very prompt & on call. Another thing I noticed is the hygiene at this place. I,really appreciate the high hygiene standards, everything is just so spic & span over here. They serve your food in Eco-Friendly plates, so rest assured about the hygiene aspect. 

Anyhow, Let me take you through the meal sampling;

1. Pasta Alfredo (Rs.60/-) : The Pasta served to me was fresh, light, filled with veggies I love & fair enough. The penne was al dente & the sauce was just the lightest one I’ve had in a long time. The flavours of the veggies, just came through. I was surprised to find broccoli & baby corn! For Rs.60?? Wow!!! And it wasn’t just some measly serving, it was very filling too. 


 2. Barbeque Chicken Burger  : It’s much better called as a mini burger. A lightly barbecued chicken, which looks peppery and juicy, with lettuce & mayo enclosed within a small bun. The hubby says it tasted quite homey & was nice.


3. Chicken croquette (Rs.15/-) : The chicken croquettes are the in house speciality. They weren’t dry or mushy. These petite cylinders where filled with flavour as according to hubby. 


4. Pesto Grilled Sandwich(Rs.45/-)  : The grilled sandwich on its own was such a pleasing sight. Grilled nice & golden, with that crunch that you expect from such sandwiches. The pesto was such a treat to eat & it came under Rs.50/- The pesto sandwich had this beautiful herby & fresh feel, which when complimented with the sauces provided on your plate just made it complete. A must have!!


 5. Orange Chocolate Cake: Another, from one home to another eat. A decent enough quick bite. 


6. Lemongrass Lemonade (Rs.20/-) :Oh!! The name.. 😍😍 The most fun part was just looking at those glass jars filled with that gorgeous lemonade. When it came to the table, yes.. It tasted really refreshing. 


7. Oreo milkshake (Rs.40/-): A little too sweet for my liking, but it’s my folly.. I should’ve told them that I like things a little toned down. My little one gulped it happily though ❤️❤️


8. Mutton Potato Chop: Hubby said, it completely reminded him of Ramadaan shorteats at home. A potato cutlet filled with mutton mince. 👍🏻


9.Cheesy Corn Bites: I was surprised to find a nice spicy green chilli mix in the midst of the Corn. This would work pretty great, if they try fusing this with a chaat. Yumm!!


A note that I would like to make is that, almost everything on the menu is very homey. It’s a cafe, where you can actually feel, that this isn’t something from warehouse to store kind, rather it’s a home cook’s humble venture. Neha makes the beverages, bakes the muffins & cakes & makes the little fried goodies.

They’re just a few weeks old & they are doing quite a commendable job at running the place. 

The VFM as stated before is crazy good. A meal for 2 should put you back by Rs.250/-

Verdict: If you’re in the area and wanna grab a quick bite, or its lunch hour & you’ve had enough of juice junction or you just forgot your assignment at home & have to bunk  class… Drop in here & refresh your mind, after all, food solves almost everything 😁😁 Take this from your Ex-JNC’ite aka Senior 😂😂

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      1. Hi Noorain! Sorry, I wasn’t able anymore to go through the complete reader. I might have missed a lot of posts. I am so sorry. Then I was on vacation and all was so busy (still is) Happy I found your post, dear. I love your profile pic… cute!!!


      2. Awwwh.. Erika, you’re always such a pleasure to converse with. My WP has been acting weird, I don’t see all of the posts that I’m supposed to see and I end up missing a lot of posts too..

        Huggles & kisses!!❤️❤️

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      3. I know, WP has some issues again and again. It is frustrating. Once day things don’t work which have always worke, comments disappear… but we will always find together again…haha!!! Big hugs dear 😘


  1. Are you kidding me 😛 Alfredo Pasta @60 rs ..Its so cheap 😛 I pray they prosper and open up a branch in my city too 😛 Beautiful review 🙂 ..seeing all those yummy pictures made me hungry 😛

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