Hello Panda.. Product Review. 

” I just want a Hello Panda!”, i shriek. 

I had been giving mum a hard time, whenever i would’ve had the “Hello Panda” craving. Oh!! Just incase, you’re wondering.. This was when i was 5 years old or so. I don’t do that to my mum anymore.. I do it to the hubbykins. 😁


Hello Panda has been one of my delectable & be-a-good girl treat. I would barge into “Safeway” & “Farm 9” and load them up in the cart, along with pink boxes of “Almond Roca” & white boxes of “Rafaello”. 

Fast forward that to 2015 and my son does the same thing. It’s something that I smile like a buffoon about. Hello Panda has very successfully managed to connect one generation to another. Though it’s come quite late to India, it’s a fresh start for sure. This comes with a “Kid Magnet” I presume, I mean which kid doesn’t love this stuff ?


Hello Panda is a Japanese brand, manufactured by “Meiji”. They basically are your shortbread cookies, filled with Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry cream. The cookies are shaped into blunt puffy panda heads, with pictorial depictions of the main character “Panda” on them. On some he’s fencing, on some he’s playing soccer, on some he’s swimming & henceforth. Whatever he’s doing, he’s one helluva sporty Panda for real. 

I, personally love the chocolate filling ones. Yumm.. & it’s been my favourite ever since I was a kid.


They are a very subtle combination of shortbread cookies & chocolate ganache. They are crunchy, buttery & light on the outside & give forth a flowy, silky chocolate cream filling when you bite into it. Not only do they melt in the mouth, they will very certainly melt your heart too. The taste, is nice, but is a little less richer & chocolaty than what I used to eat as a kid. Either the recipe has been re-formulated or the one that retails in India is just that way.

Brief insight on Hello Panda: 

  • Coin sized shortbread cookies, filled with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cream.
  • Packaged in super cute hexagonal boxes, which are super attractive specially for the kids. 
  • They taste just delicious. 
  • They cost you 80 calories for 4 cookies, which is amazeballs unbelievable because, “OMG! You be so tiny cookie”. Either I embrace you or I say a good-yet-sad bye. 😢😢 
  • They are priced at Rs.70/- per box & I guess each box would have about 10- 15 cookies or so. When I was a kid, these retailed for SR.2/- & I’m pretty sure it’s still that much back in the Middleeast.
  • 3 flavours to choose from. 
  • Perfect for a kiddy treat every once in a while. 

Verdict: As long as you don’t get yourself or your kid addicted to it, go ahead & bulk buy it 😁😁 Enjoy!! 

15 thoughts on “Hello Panda.. Product Review. 

    1. That’s really nice to hear sweetie!! It is a treat for those kiddos isn’t it?? After all these years, it’s getting out & popping in almost every supermarket here in India now.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  1. Great Content Noorainsobiya 🙂 Loving the detailed analysis of this rarely heard product…and I bet I’m looking for it. Must be a great taste 😉

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