Barbeque Factory, Indiranagar- Restaurant Review.

Just when you doll & spruce yourself up for the 7th FBAB Meet at “Barbeque Factory”, the darkish grey clouds burst open to bring forth a maddening shower. I, can go on lambasting the rain spell which caused choked & congested roads, but how can i forget the beautiful evening which unfolded itself, upon arrival at the venue. 

It took us about an hour and a half to cover a span of 5 kms. The moment I reached, I had well forgotten the traffic rant I had gone on & on & on about.

These FBAB Meets are always so good with Chef Bibhuti Bhushan organising them. Though this was my first one, i could gauge that the hype wasn’t undeserved.


The decor is an industrial chic with exposed brick walls, metal pipes & kinda grunge theme in one.



 We were given a beautiful table which overlooked the road. The soft pitter patter of rain and an occasional breeze that bought in a few stray raindrops just uplifted the “relax-my-stressed-nerves” ambience. The place is just perfect for a nice evening with the girlfriends, date or just some mindless conversations with family. The light etching plays its role in unwinding you. 


The Decor and the Ambience score a generous & well deserved 4/5 stars from me.


The staff is just how I like them to be.. Groomed with pleasing smiles & on their toes. Not only were they ready to serve you, but they also were well trained to explain what you were being given. 

 Our host & maitrê d’,  “Mr. Ajay Alexander” was such a charm, he made sure that everyone of us were being attended to. He gave us the briefing about the new menu which will be included henceforth. Asking you, for your honest opinions. I, personally.. Loved the hospitality. 

Dear team Barbeque Factory, you guys deserve nothing less than a 5/5 star rating for your service. 

Food… 😁😁😁 3 toothy smiley’s. Need I say more? Why, yes of course. 


I, opted for the vegetarian fare. Well, nothing could stop my indulgence. As opposed to people believing that, non vegetarian fares are always better, I found my humble vegetarian fare just explosive. Let’s relive it shall we? 



  • Honey Paratha with Shikampuri Kabab ( Signature Dish) :  The Paratha looked, well just like any other paratha. The Shikampuri looked well, just like any other Shikampuri. The combination tasted, well like no other thing I’ve had in a long time. 👍🏻 Now that was something. The sweet and savoury medley coupled by the 4 different sauces just made this amazing. Mr. Ajay gave us “how to eat” directions. We were supposed to squish the Kabab with the back of our spoons & spread it on the paratha, adding the sauces as per taste. It was called a Signature Dish & darn rightly behaved like one. I should’ve eaten 10 more, but I refrained. 



  • Palak Papdi: I went crazy over this, well my fellow carnivores also loved it. The taste was just so unique. It was crunchy yet soft in the middle with an aftertaste of popcorn or like how my dear friend Sayoni pointed out, ” it must be a cornflake crumble in the coating”. What a healthy, spinachy treat.



  • Dahi Kebab: I’m a Dahi Kebab fan, but B. F. surpassed a lot of restaurants when it came to the taste. I must have eaten 10.. * smug me* the sour hung curd with the beautiful sweetness was just amazing. They were melt in the mouth. 😍😍


  • Achari Paneer Tikka & Hariyali Mushroom Tikka: Aah!! The magnificence that these both held for me was just delectable. Loved loved loved it. 



  • Cajun Potatoes: Usually, I love my Cajun potatoes as whole. The Cajun Potatoes have been made into medium chips and spiced with sweet sour sauce. 


Main Course: 

  • Dal Fry: A fine & a decent version.
  • Paneer Masala: A total delicious treat for the palate. The soft cubes were such a pleasure with rotis.
  • Tawa Baingan : I love eggplant! Yes I do.. And I loved this. The smokiness of the eggplant & the dry curry that bound it was just superb. 
  • Vegetarian Biryani : I’m usually not a rice fan, gimme my rotis & im the happiest. This biryani was flavourful with those veggies & cottage cheese cubes. 



  • Apple Pie: The small miniatures, were amazingly delicious. The pastry could have been more buttery, but hey.. I’m not complaining. 
  • Brownie: The brownie was a fine one, not too sweet & hit your palate well. 
  • Chocolate pudding crumble & coffee ice cream: All of us has to agree that this was the most delicious one. 
  • Cotton Candy: which I didn’t eat, but saw the others indulge in. Had I had any space, I would’ve tucked in. 
  • Rosogulla & Chocolate mousse 



This was the vegetarian fare. But I have to admit, I snuck in a small piece of grilled chicken & boy!! Was that delicious!! 

Highlights of the Non Vegetarian fare: ( courtesy hubster )

  • Nalli Nihari: A beautiful, falling of the bone, mutton stew preparation. Everyone unanimously voted this to be the best. 


  • Golden fried Prawns: Fresh, delectable and crunchy with a batter that was seasoned well. 
  • Grilled Basa : The Basa was just a delight to it. The fresh & juicy morsels just made it better.
  • Chicken Biryani: Made ever so flavourful & again an in house speciality by Mr. Ajay. A must try for people who love experimenting with different kinds of biryanis.


Comparatively, the carnivores enjoyed their meal with a lot more starters and much heavier main courses. They had oysters too, which my hubster gladly ate for the first time with lime & Tabasco, courtesy Sayoni.. He apparently, loved it!! 😁👍🏻

I had a super great time with the the girlfriends, Rumana & Sayoni.. We were the last ones to leave after toasting to food with Virgin Mojitos.


Overall, the food gets a 4/5 star rating for the vegetarian fare & the hubster gives a 5/5 star rating for the non vegetarian fare.

The reasons are also based on pricing, for Rs.729/- both the vegetarian & non vegetarian fare. The non vegetarian fare is worth totally it, but the vegetarian fare could use some revising to a lower fare.

Verdict: 4/5 stars 


26 thoughts on “Barbeque Factory, Indiranagar- Restaurant Review.

  1. Omg Omg trust you me, I’m hell hungry Now & all credit goes to this awesomeness on your blog! Love the tempting pics… I have never visited this branch of my most favourite restaurant BBQ nation, but after reading this I am really planning to make a visit. Fab blog noorain …keep it up gal 👍


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