For those of us living in India, you all are positively aware of the “Maggi” calamity that rocked the nation. People went beserk, stared at those empty pans & saucepans which had housed 2 minute (but always took 5 minutes) wonders, made homage videos & posts, vowed to never see cooking in the same light & lost a very dear confidante. 

Yes! Maggi was oh so terribly thrown off shelves, called a traitor, accused of a lead poisoning & Banned. Can you believe it? Banned for good. It was like your imaginary friend, who was such an important presence in your life… Was.. DEAD!! Only, she wasn’t imaginary. She was Maggi! The one you ran to after school, college, office, heartache, stomachache, headache, on camping trips, etc.. 

During that time, a sizeable lot turned to other sources to help nurse the open wound of longing. While, I personally never had a soft corner for Maggi.. Infact, I detested it 😳😳. I was never the one who liked these noodles, I had fond memories of ” Indomie”, ” Mama Sita” etc.. Maggi was never my bowla noodle.  

But I missed it.. Because, my sister missed it… She would have these big question marks in her black eyes, as to what could she make under 5 minutes which she would savour. And I was knackered due to the lack of options. 

Ergo, she turned back to her occasional fling ” KOKA NOODLES”. What can i say, I’ve always found this brand much better than the nation’s favourite. There is just something about these oriental noodles, that certain flavour which is ” darn good” that makes the experience better. The brand has an adventurous lot, with quite an exciting range of flavours.

My new found interest was this flavour called,” Singapore Fried Noodles, Mi Goreng”.


Koka the brand: 

Alot of health freaks and junk food detourers (if such a word exists), have quite blatantly proclaimed that “Instant Noodles” are nothing but a bunch of unhealthy calories, loaded with sodium, MSG, and basically crap. So, while they kerfuffle with the ” Instant Noodle” mob, allow me to tell you something interesting.

Koka breaks the shackles of those claims and quite deliciously presents itself as a healthy indulgence.

 Koka is a Singaporean brand, which is quite focussed on making the noodles not just a delight to eat but also a guilt free treat. 

Koka is : 

  • MSG, Preservatives & Additives free. 
  • High fibre content. 
  • Steam cooked & air dried as opposed to deep fried. 
  • Also the pioneers of purple wheat noodles. 

Today, I’m gonna be talking about “Mi Goreng” flavour.


What is Mi Goreng?

From the display pictures & Imaginations of an oriental food connoisseur, we are given a picture of hot, steamy, sweet&spicy, fried, caramel coloured plate of noodles as Mi Goreng. Mi Goreng are such a staple in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, that it’s hard to visit these places & not taste it from the numerous street side hawkers offering it. 

Koka tries to capture the essence of Mi Goreng in it’s instant version, which does do a fine job, but if you’ve had the real thing.. It’s pretty unlikely that you will fall in love with this. 


These noodles are spicy red with chilli & very delicate give you that hint of sweetness too. It’s quite a beautiful combination & for people who wanna try what a ” Mi Goreng” is can certainly get an idea with this pack. 


It’s priced at an affordable Rs.45/- which is 4 times more than your average “Maggi”, but the flavour is certainly unique. 


They come with a beautiful red seasoning & seasoning oil. The seasoning oil just on its own does a huge uplift to the noodles. A must try. I, personally love their ” Mushroom” flavour noodles. No points for guessing though 😁😁


  • Certified as vegetarian & halal. So, for vegetarians who are skeptical, please indulge.
  • Healthier alternative to other noodles.
  • Instant noodles, costing you 5-6 minutes at max.
  • Priced at Rs. 45/-
  • Sweet & spicy flavour.
  • 3.5/5 stars

Go ahead, grab your pack!!



  1. Maggi was my comfort snack like everyone else’s..😉 which we used to have at any time specially midnights with all us friends at hostel sharing one plate..looking out for substitutes now so maybe il try this koka noodles.. It sounds more like the Wai Wai noodles what we get here.. A nicely written review.. 👍😊

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  2. This post is a savior for all the Maggi mourners out there 😀 And as always, an enjoyable post! Loved reading every bit of it!! You do extensive research and give your honest reviews, which is the best part about your blog!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absoulutely love noodles!.
    We dont have the koka brand in Uganda though (if we do, I havent seen it yet.:-D).
    It would be nice to try it out.
    You mentioned indomie, well, thats my favourite yet!:-)

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  4. I was a huge fan of Maggie. This post is beautiful, though, I have a hard time moving on as I am mourning the loss of my beloved. I also doubt if they are available in this city. Need to go out and do some research lol. As usual a well researched article with all bases covered.

    Thanks and lovely weekend.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  5. Maggi has been my quick solution to a good meal for four years when I was in university. I loved making it. In a microwave, so quick and delicious. This brand, I haven’t tried yet but seems like it is a good one.

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  6. Wheer do you get these from? Never seen the before. (I live in London). Will bug my mum to order though:). Doubt she will, she is always like ‘no, I will make you noodles properly’ and it really gets on her nerves when I give such generous compliments to shop-food, and just pick out the bad stuff in her food, and as a joke, even if I can’t pick out something bad, I am always predending to!!! Even though she knows i am just rying to annoy her:)
    wishing you a fab day

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    1. Oooh dear Hun.. I know what you mean.. 😂😂😂 I’m sure you’re gonna find it in some Asian stores.. Fingers Crossed!! ❤️❤️

      I’ll get you some, when I’m visiting the next time! 👍🏻👍🏻 If you don’t find them that is.. ❤️❤️

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  7. Love this post, so honest and full of fun 🙂 Great revue also. Maggi is the market leader in Australia and we have had no such scandal/problems as you seem to have had, but i’m an Indomie (nasi goreng) fan myself ;-). Have not seen Koko yet as i recall but i’ll be looking for them in future!.

    Keep up the great work Noorain.



  8. Was looking for healthier alternatives to Maggi and found your blog… What a lifesaver! But I have a question… Some of the names of the names contain the word ” fried “, like ” Mi Gireng fried ” or “Spicy Singapore fried”… Are these fried instead of air dried?

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