The Gelatin Question..Yupi Pizza Gummy- Product Review.

Okay! This is gonna be a real quick food product review. I, couldn’t care any less about gummies. Sure, I love them, but not so much so that I would do a review on it. But, what motivated me was my son. Yep! He did.. 

He absolutely adores these gummies by “Yupi” . Yupi is an Indonesian brand, which manufactures these really quirky candies & gummies. They have the gummy bears, gummy pizza, gummy burgers, etc. 


One of the most primary concern I have as a parent buying these gummies is, whether they are safe enough and what kind of gelatin source do they use. I, am on a constant lookout for vegetarian or vegan alternatives when it comes to gummies & candies. 

I wouldn’t bear the fact that I would be providing gelatin from an animal source to my kid. We all know how gelatin is made, so I’m gonna skip the horrendous detail part. 

Sometimes, our minds just work weird. There is a “Halal Certified” seal on the Yupi Products. Which, I foolishly assumed meant that the gelatin was derived from a plant source, which is known as Pectin by the way.

Hello Miss Bimbo!! Apparently, it’s not. Why would you need Halal certification for plant origins? 😒😒 

So, to my horror I realised that I’ve been supplying gelatin in a delicious, fruity, chewy form to my child. And, it’s been a long time since I felt that horrible.  


The halal certificate doesn’t make it any better for me. So, if you don’t mind the gelatin perspective, go ahead and enjoy it. I’ve eaten it too 😔😔😖😖

Let me just tell you a few things here:


  • The gummies do taste yum. They have this extremely chewy & smooth kinda texture.
  • They are in fair enough replica of a pizza. Which for me was the one which made me buy this.
  • They are fruity. 
  • Very inexpensive. One pack costs about Rs.20/- for 4 slices.


  • Gelatin is one of the ingredients.

During my research on gelatin, I found alot of shocking facts, which I will be putting up in a forthcoming post. 

Oh by the way, I found a great alternative to my son’s gummy bear addiction. It’s the vegan alternative called “Super Gummy Vitamins”. Trust me, I couldn’t be happier. The review will be up soon. 

Happy me!! 

12 thoughts on “The Gelatin Question..Yupi Pizza Gummy- Product Review.

    1. Bwahahahahha.. I grew up with watching them too.. ” gummy bears, hopping here and there and everywhere..” Remember the song?? 😁😂😂😂
      And you know what babe?? It’s inspired by these edible gummy bears😂😂

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  1. Nice post.I want to share some info that Yupi pizza contains carmine /E120/Cl 75470/Crimson lake/Red lake 4 (all names of one one ingredient) which is haram.It is derived from bolied cochineal insects to give food red colour. I am wondering how the halal certification was given to this brand..

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