Seasons,Bannerghatta Road- Restaurant review

These days, I’ve been preoccupied with quite a few things on my mind & in my life. Little challenges, that I’ve been forced to face. Allhumdulilah, I really think that these little trials & tribulations are the ones that enrich us. Leaving you with a good experience on how to tackle life’s curveballs. 

Ergo, life must go on & no matter how preoccupied you are.. You never leave out eating & drinking. 👍🏻😁😁 

And on one of those days, I happened to visit one of my favourite Indo-Arabian fusion restaurant called, “Seasons”. The sole reason why I keep going back to this place is due to the simplicity in their food. It’s never an overpowering affair. The subtle flavours always penetrate through your dish & reach straight to your heart. For me, this is an endorphin gushing fete 😂😂


These guys have a branch working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. That, basically means, that they have a fair enough idea on how an authentic plate of Arabian food ought to be. You will more often than not, find alot of Middle Eastern diners here. They clearly are enjoying their food, as I always see them leave satisfied. They also have 2 other branches working in Bangalore. 


The decor is a pleasing one. Just skipping on with basic necessities. They do have every that you need for a comfortable dine in. The light etching is good, nice plushy seats, compact but not chocked, the air conditioning is just right, etc.


The service is pretty fine. Though the wait staff is impeccably dressed, the service can be a little lethargic at times. Once, you’re faced with excellent speeds & sometimes, even 2 or 3 calls for your order go unheard. So, it really depends upon the day I guess. 


Here are my favourites, my regulars:

1. Mushroom Pepper Dry: Well, this always is on my list. The mushrooms here are bulbous, juicy, packed with flavour & irresistible. They used to give quite a big portion about a year back or so, now it’s considerably reduced. The taste though has remained consistent with a few changes. The batter is amazing, crispy, crunchy & seasoned well. The little hints of pepper that hit your palate are quite enjoyable by the way. Served with some fresh salad, it’s just so good.

 2. Pita Breads: When I need some feel good pita breads, just like the way mum makes it, I look no further than at Seasons. The Pitas are soft, melt in the mouth & yeasty. Aah!! Just the way I like them to be. 


3. Chicken Biryani: This is such a different one, if you’re used to heavy, rich & filled with masala kinda biryanis, then gear up. This is the complete opposite of that, the biryani is anything but rich & heavy. The sweetness of the fine long grain persists throughout the meal. The biryani is ever so light, with just the faint fragrance of the masalas playing up with your senses. Very pleasing, if you’re game for some difference. 

4. Al-Faham Chicken: What visit is ever complete without some Al faham chicken to tease your palate?  Specially if the place is, an Arabian restaurant. This dish is the one that is the benchmark of Arabian cuisine. If they can do this good, then I’m pretty sure that they can nail other dishes just fine. 

The chicken is marinated & seasoned just beautifully. It isn’t spicy but certainly has a little tickle when you eat it. The charring on the chicken does nothing but elevate the flavour. Served with toum, pita bread, salad and a portion of fries, this is just what you need to fill you up.   


4. Hummus & Hummus Beiruti: It’s nothing less than amazing, when the humble chickpea dons on an avatar so refined. The hummus here is extremely creamy, grainy and filled with the right amount of acidity. 

The difference between the two kinds at Seasons, is just with the garnishing. But in reality, the hummus Beiruti must be more herby in its composition. Seasons does a good enough job at its interpretation. Served with a portion of pita bread.

Here’s a hummus Beiruti in all its grandeur.


5. Baba Ghanoush:  There are 4 things that are a staple in every Middle Eastern or a Levantine  household. 

a) Hummus

b) Toummiyeh

c) Labneh

d) Baba Ghanoush

The baba Ghanoush served here is just so good. It’s packed and filled with the smokiness of that eggplant and a delectable sweetness imparted by the pomegranate seeds. The balance is just awesome. One of my favourite mezzeh. 


Well, these are my regulars, my favourites. The restaurant is actually has some homey feel when it comes to food. What I mean is, they have mastered the act of simple flavouring.

 The VFM factor is pretty fine. It truly is affordable, if you see the quality of their dishes. A complete 4 course meal for 2 will set you back by Rs.1000/- 👍🏻

I, keep returning back.. The question is will you? 


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