Japanese Sencha Green Tea-By Mlesna.. Review. 

I‘m not gonna lie, but I’ve always been pretty much in a neutral zone when it comes to Tea. While, the whole of India rocks in the passion throes of Tea, I’ve always remained numb. Thinking what could it be that makes people go crazy with this drink. 

Maybe this has to do with my upbringing in the Middle East, where I was more in tune with packs of Suntop and Orangina. It wasn’t until I became a proud mum, that I even thought about tea. From then, the love has just surpassed my expectations. My drink anyday & everyday is ” Green Tea”. I just love it. I prefer milk & sugarless teas, so apparently, I love black teas too. But let’s not digress. Let me talk about Green Tea to you. 

I am a huge & ginormous fan of green tea. * awwh, look at my claque clapping away to glory* 


My favourite, hands down is the “Japanese Sencha”. The Sencha is a delicately flavoured tea, made using special techniques. The plaudits bestowed on the Japanese Sencha are nothing but the truth. The beauty of this tea is the pristine clarity obtained while drinking this.  


In my venture to find good Japanese Sencha, I looked no further. I found it in Mlesna. They are a SriLankan brand and every tea they produce, is par excellence. As far as I know, this brand is quite hard to find here in Bangalore.  


The only place I do procure this from is 1MG ROAD MALL. The assortment of Mlesna teas are found in the Food Court. Thankfully, they stock a nice decent collection of various teas. 

Here’s a brief description of the tea:

  • They claim this to be a fine quality Sencha tea,processed in the perfect Japanese way.
  • The delicate buds are harvested by expert tea pluckers. 


What I love about this pack of green tea?

Firstly,the packaging is super awesome with beautiful drawings. They are so good, I could have these drawings even framed. 

Secondly, the foil packaging is just great. Wish it was a ziplock one, to retain freshness.

Thirdly, It’s priced at Rs.200/- for 50 teabags. So, that’s amazing value for money. 

And lastly, The taste is just amazing. Nice & subtle.


Well, with all these awesome things packed into one, I couldn’t stop myself from a repurchase. 

The most budget friendly, delicious & spot on pack of green tea you will ever purchase. 

You can find this online at  Amazon

Have you guys tried this tea? Do leave your comments. 

Till then, have a happy time enjoying your cuppa! 

43 thoughts on “Japanese Sencha Green Tea-By Mlesna.. Review. 

  1. I must say that you’ve touched on the one thing I never miss!! GREEN TEA!!! I love green teas!! Though my favorite brand is Twinings London, but it is too hard to find and hence I drink the Organic green tea sans milk and sugar 😉 I would love to try the one you mentioned. Also, you live in bangalore??!!! I’m gonna shift to Bangalore in November-December!! Kindly do a post on good eating joints in bangalore so that I can have an overview of the city before I move. Actually, do a post on Bangalore, and what you like about it, if it’s convenient for you ❤

    Much Love 😘

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  2. I can’t do without green tea and I’m a stickler for specific brands. I never purchase mine from the supermarket but from specialty shops. The flavour is very different. Strong, rich and very green. x

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  3. I am not a tea or coffee addict..but yes I do need it alteast once in a day. I love green tea..the different flavors make me wanna try more of them! I had never heard of this one…and now I wanna try it out!! 😀


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