Almond House Haul-Hyderabad

I‘m actually not much of a dessert lover,apparently my sweet tooth doesn’t crave much even if it exists. But,it’s just so customary to bring back sweets from any place you go visiting. In India,the sweet culture is deeply ingrained into us. 

We don’t believe in flowers & fancy bouquets,we believe in desserts & fancy ornate sweet boxes. ❤️❤️ So, for the sake of it,I had a sweet haul from “Almond House”. 

The last I went to Hyderabad was in College & Man the memories I have of those super awesome days. The girlfriends & me,we were just unstoppable 😁😁 

Anyhow,Almond House or colloquially called as “Badam Ghar” is one of the most sought after sweet shoppe in Hyderabad. The one I visited was in “Banjara Hills”. I hate crowded places and goodness the crowd 😰😰

So,here’s what i hoarded. Enjoy!! Btw,these pictures are from a previous haul done by the hubster. 

1) Khova Gujjia(Rs.180/-) : This is one Indian favourite,prevalent all over India. Though Gujjia is a Rajasthan native,almost every state has its version. Gujjia’s are dumplings filled with a wide variety of fillings,the most common being Khova or Khoya & dipped in a sugar syrup. Khova is a certain kind of a dried milk cheese. This Gujjia was a tad bit too sweet for my liking. That being said,there was no doubt that it was a great eat. 



2) Bisticks (Rs.240/-) :  If there’s anything that Almond House is know for then, it’s their Almond Cookies,shaped like fat little sticks. These are just absolutely delectable,they are encrusted with almonds and the cookies are just so buttery. What an indulgence this is.   

3) Shahi Mithayan,Badam Ashrafiyan (Rs.300/-): I can’t tell you how great these little yellow nuggets are. Inspired by the Gold Nuggets or Gold Coins used as currency by the Royalty in the yesteryears,these are just so good.These have been shaped as small roundels and stamped with the  emblem. I found the Charminar & Arabic writings on them. At least, I believe it was that 😬😬 Made out of almond meal,sugar,generous amounts of saffron,etc.. I was pleasantly stunned at how subtle and pleasing these were to the palate. The sugar was spot on. The almond meal wasn’t too fine,it was a grainy texture and I loved it. The packaging too was such an eye pleaser.Must have if you visit.   


4) Jeera Matri: A delicious blend of flour,cumin & spices rolled,shaped & fried in oil. Though that sounds simple,it’s pure amazeballs. These are savoury snacks,usually eaten during tea breaks & enjoyed throughout the day.  


5) Kaju Burfi (Rs.800/-) : Also known as Kaju Katli,these are a blend of Cashewnut meal,sugar,cardamom etc. These are cut into perfect diamonds,coated with silver foils & are another Indian favourite. As for me,I despise it.. 😒😒 I’ve never liked it,it seems very weird. I know all the Kaju Burfi Fans will have bags full of tomatoes ready to be thrown at me. Alas! I just hate it.. But from what I heard about these,everyone loved it,telling how soft & smooth they were. 


6) Pista Badam Roll : Made outta Almond meal and filled with pistachios were another among the favourites. Another sweet,which I despise. It’s pretty much the same taste as Kaju Burfi with the pistachios rolled in 😳😳 Save Me!! Unfortunately,I don’t have those pics but again this was another lip smacking dessert for the family. 

Yep!! That’s how my sweet haul went on,I had fun shopping these stuffs. What I also did was the gift shopping in the lane connecting to the Charminar. Hoarders heaven!! 

Loadsa fun there,but it’s always great to be back to the comfort of your caring home. 

41 thoughts on “Almond House Haul-Hyderabad

  1. KAJU BARFI!!! Shit!! I shouldn’t have read this post!! I’m craving one now!! 😀 I love gujiya too, but not the one from sweet shops. I love home-made gujiyas! And Hyderabad is a beautiful city! Famous for pearls 🙂 I remember when we went there, mum hoarded tonnes of pearl ornaments! I loved Birla temple and that museum of some king. I forgot the name. Ah! What a wonderful trip it was! You’ve refreshed some childhood memories 🙂 I would say, a mouthwatering post 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Homemade gujias sound yum!! Oh the pearls love!! I got a few myself too 😂😂😂 Some will go in the gift boxes and some will be mine 😁😁

      Thank you so much for sending a compliment as sweet as yours & making my day!! Hugs love!! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, what a yummy post this is!

    I would be honest–I rarely take sweets, but I have heard a lot about Hyderabadi desserts!

    I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

    Best Wishes,

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, it’s my pleasure and it would only enrich your blogging experience further. Since you have been so supportive I felt like sharing with you. Best Wishes 🙂


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