Charity and The Things We Relished During Ramadan. 

Well,it’s pretty agonizing that the beautiful month of Ramadan has departed. We’re all back to the 9-5 routines and having lunches in the afternoon. 

OMG!!! I had forgotten what a lunch was 😁 Well,it totally feels whoopin- loopin great to be back to lunch dates,lunch meets,casual snacking & mindless eats. I still feel a pang of guilt when I reach for that glass of water & then in gently reminded that I’m not fasting. ( I’m sure all Fasting Muslims will true me on this)

With happy memories still lingering in my mind,I present to you: 


1. CHARITY: I’m pretty happy with the way Ramadan went. I was on a lookout for a worthy receiver of ” Zakat”. The happiest moment for me was finding that person. Though,I didn’t give him like alot,because apparently there are quite a number of people who rely for the “Zakat” j usually it’s impossible to just give the whole sum to one person. That being said,nothing equalled my happiness in giving him whatever I could.

Just clicking on the online charity button doesn’t mean that your job is done. The Charity obligation is only fulfilled when you go out, search,enquire & empathise with someone & their problems. This way,you’re grateful to Allah swt for the mercies he has bestowed upon you & it is also a gentle reminder to you about how you could have been on the receiving end,but Allah swt chose you for the giving end. It’s all about being grateful & empathetic. 

2. HALEEM: Mamma Mia, did I have a great time devouring haleem during Ramadan or what. My mum makes the most fantabulous haleem in the world. Take my word..I’m a self proclaimed Foodie. Haleem is a lipsmacking porridge made outta bulgur wheat and meat. Given a good dose of Indian spices & made like it just came from Heaven. Also served with crispy delicious onions,lemon wedges,cashews& mint.


This was such a beauty,it also became a health supplement for us during Ramadan. With so much of goodness,we all scavenged it like vultures. 

3. Date shakes:  We couldn’t eat Haleem everyday now,could we? That’d be nauseating. So,what we had our can’t live without drink which was the deliciously easy ” DATE SHAKE”. We made so many versions of it. Like the classic,caramel& cream,chocolate chip cookies,mint,vanilla bean&icecream,etc.. 

The date shake was an absolute must have. Revitalising you within minutes and punch packed with goodies inside. 


4.AJWA CHOCOLATES: Another date-y thing,but this was just such an exclusive TREAT for us. We had them cargoes to us,courtesy papa.We used to mindless snack from 9pm till suhoor(well before that) and these delicious AJWA CHOCOLATES were such soul savers. Not only were they amazing,but they also gave my sweet cravings a ticket back home. They were beautiful Ajwa dates coated with heavenly chocolate. Match made in heaven.


5. INCENSING THE HOUSE: Our evenings would have a little “OUD  AKA BAQOOR TIME” where we used to perfume the house with exquisite OUD & incenses from the Middle East. This gave you a sense of warmth,happiness & made it feel so Ramadan-y. BAQOOR is a delicate mix of natural aromatics which when added to hot coals give out incensed fumes,which in turn perfumes your house,protects it against little bugs & also keeps your house warm. The combinations of BAQOOR are many,& each one a special piece. 


6. FRIED CHICKEN: Some good ole chicken battered and fried is always someone’s comfort food in the house. We did a lot of fried chicken during Ramadan,which used to be the go to dish for any hunger pang after Iftar.


 7. CHEESE FONDUE SALADS: Ramadan’s are always a great time to do salads. We had lots of cheese fondue salads this time. Did experimenting & the results were just fab. I had blanched all veggies,given them a little grilling and dunked in a secret fondue. Gosh!! The craving!! Super delicious!! 


8. NEW VELVET CURTAINS: Nothing’s is as luxurious as velvet,we got super sexy Pinkish Red curtains this Ramadan. Velvet’s finding its way into everything,why must curtains stay behind?The whole look of the living room just changed. Red curtains are Botox injections for your boring living rooms. 

9. FINDING THE MOST AFFORDABLE TAKEAWAY JOINT: So,we found the most affordable-st takeaway joint ever. I went cray,the food just passes the average border and is a middling to fair affair. This place called “CHINA HUT” had me thinking if he could even recover any money. The hygiene levels are good and you really wouldn’t need to worry about that. Again a saviour during snack attacks. 


10. SURPRISE VISIT BY PAPA: If Ramadan had lacked anything,it was Papa.. He said,he couldn’t make it this Eid as he was on a business tour. 😔😔 sad was I, until he called us one night and said that,his cousin brother had missed his connecting flight in Bangalore and we had to pick him up. *grumble me* 

I’m like thinking ” Stupid Uncle,now I have to go to the airport. Damn it’s 3 am” We go there are… Viola.. 😳😳😳😦😦

“No way!! Papa!!” And I burst into a fit of happy tears. We had the most special Eid ever. I love my father to the zeniths. He’s made me who I am.. I just wish I can be half as much successful as he is in his character & career. Allahumabarik!! 

11. RELATIONSHIPS & HOW FAKE PEOPLE ARE: Yep! This Ramadan it was a personal thing. I saw people chameleon-ize themselves,I saw people sell their values for money & I saw people trying to push us back to rush in first. You see Ramadan or no Ramadan,what matters is who you really are. How much are you willing to bargain for this life? How much are you ready to give up for things which you wouldn’t take into the hereafter. This Ramadan gave me the biggest gift of wisdom & experience. Now I’ve developed a taste for bitter things too😂😂

Did you like the things I relished? What are the things that you relish in your life? Do comment below & let’s start talking. ❤️❤️

ThePlateMemoirs reaches a century. 100 Followers reached💥🎉🎊🎉

This post is dedicated to each one of my readers,who have supported me & uplifted my will to go on writing. Let’s pour in some emotional stuffs shall we?? I think yes!! ☺️☺️ A bigggg thank you dear Allah swt for letting me connect to people from different walks of life. 


Let me share a few things about me today. This is a formal & an informal introduction. 👍🏻

I go by the name Noorain Sobiya,but what you don’t know is.. That’s actually a mishmash of 2 different names. Sobiya Saba is my name on the records,whereas Noorain is an alias. My dad used it more like an endearment term. Ergo,the name Noorain Sobiya was adopted. And that’s my history.

I live in India( currently), but have been bought up in “Saudi Arabia”. My in laws stay in “London”. I keep paying a casual visit to Dubai,once in a while to visit Dad. So that’s my geography. 

Im a total family kinda girl. Love my parents to the moon & back. There’s no way that I can live without seeing them for a week. ❤️❤️ I’m zenith touching friendly,I dig making friends.. It’s something that makes me feel good about my self. Love to share love. That’s my social science for you.

I have a beautiful 2.5 year old son,who trust me is one helluva nasty lil pipsqueak 😱😱  

That’s him with his one& only aunt. I love her so very much. She’s the most supportive thing ever. That’s my genetics for you 😂😂

That’s the little bit about me. Now,lemme tell you something more. I superbly appreciate each & every one of you on my journey. I never thought I’d make it this far. I just thought it would be some sharing and maybe I wouldn’t get noticed at all. All of you beautiful ppl have made me feel 100 times happier than what I was. I’ve found wonderful friends & they have found their way in my life. Thank you WORDPRESS.

This blog was supposed to be just food,restaurant& product reviews,but it’s somehow become an interactive blog. I speak my heart & all of you lovies listen to my cacophony. Thank you for lending your ears to me. I will try to stay true to the blog theme as much as I can.

A humongous thank you dear readers,you guys made moi day. Super happy me.. * whistling away to glory*


My Instagram story.. How I found myself on the Instagram 

Ummmm.. I’m usually a backstage singer,I’m not too fond of being on stage. That being said,I love the limelight too. Somehow in one way or the other,I was off Instagram. Yep! Like for real. 😱 

I just didn’t need another app to eat and gnaw my headspace. I really thought I was better without it..Geez!! Talk about being old school!

 And as the story goes,I thought Instagram was just some waste of time. Until.. My watsapp just conked. You must be wondering how the hell is a conked watsapp & a working instagram even remotely related? Read on.. 

So,my watsapp conked & I have this beautiful friend,who is my virtual sweetheart. She happened to buzz me on watsapp & left voice notes. The best part? I couldn’t open her chatbox. Imagine my plight please.. Voice notes & I dunno what they say. I’m a nervous wreck for everything on this earth. 

I wanted to get in touch with her,she’s a blogger here. Click here to see her.

Apparently my WP was having problems too. There was no way I could get in touch with her without calling her. For me,calling her was the last resort. Got my cogs working,checked my mailbox & I saw a mail about her recent blog post. 

She had joined Instagram 😁😁 guess what I did.. Bwahahahahaha.. 

Yes,I joined Instagram just to get in touch with her & that’s how I found nirvana.

I thought I’d just leave things at that,but holy guacamole!!! Now I know what the buzz is all about. I proclaim myself as an Instagram addict. It’s just way too much fun. So now I can do all the background singing and hog the limelight too.

Thank you Soochie for enlightening me!! 😂😂😂😂

Do gimme a follow if you think you’d like to be connected over there. It’s gonna be about me ( D’oh) ,well… It’s gonna be about food, makeup,things I do. Basically a hodgepodge of everything.

Instagram id: theplatememoirs

See you there!! ❤️❤️❤️