7 Plates,HRBR Layout- A restaurant review

I was actually on my way to “Bet You Love It”,but this restaurant caught the glimmer of my eye. While I had even started the Italian maincourse in my mind,the red signboard didn’t deter me from not entering here. 

7 Plates isn’t a newbie. They have been around for quite sometime now. Where they had focused mainly on takeaways,now they’ve upgraded to a small yet comfortable dining section sans a washroom. 😐 I mean, I’m a total washroom kinda person. I love retouching my makeup,checking myself out in the mirror about how good or bad I look,making sure my hijab is in place and most importantly… Washing my hands with running water,even if I do get a finger bowl. Ahem.. Yep!! That’s just the weird me for you. So,no washroom thing kinda struck me hard. All I could think of was,”how can there be no washroom?why?”.

Well,after much predicament.. I decided to stop the whining and got down to business of devouring. Where they set me back with no washroom,they made up for it by the triples with exemplary service. Not only were the waiting staff extremely friendly and warm,they also were good with their serving skills.

 Lemme just tell you how nice I felt. They had these Steel handwash bowls called ” Täsh” in Urdu. The tradition goes that,when a guest comes home the host or his family,help the guest in washing their hands in that bowl. The host pours water & the guest washes. This gesture was really a sweet one,though it’s born out of necessity at 7 plates. I really hope they don’t change that. 



The decor is minimalistic & just had the necessary things. Table,chairs,A/C,lighting & some vases. It gets a bit queasy in here,if it’s packed to capacity. 


Here are the things we ordered:

  • Murgh Malai Tikka : I,literally fell in deep love with the plating. The delectable tikka came on a black rock slab. Like how superb is that. Served With some raw salad & green mint chutney. The tikka was just the way I love it. Thick with sauce and cooked throughly. I hate the medium rare kinda chicken. It pisses me off,but this one was just cooked so beautifully. Nice and juicy inside & charred on the outside. The combination of the Malai tikka with the mint chutney was just explosively yum. I totally recommend this.


  • Lemon Chicken : I’m a huge fan of all things citrusy. Lemon chicken is without a doubt one of my favourites. The citrusy punch with the blandness of chicken spells a recipe for success. The Lemon Chicken here was no different. Stood up to its name,punch packed with tang and beautifully coated. It did go down well with me,but I’ve had better. 


  • Naans: The Naans were buttery soft and delicious. Yes! I like them all melt in the mouth kinds. 


  • Chicken Fried Rice: Totally nailed it. They just made an absolutely no nonsense and yes filled with just the right amount of flavour kinda rice. The CFR was a generous portion with chicken bits prevailing in every bite. Again a recommended dish.


  • Chicken Biryani/ Biryani Rice: The biryani was a good one. A bit too spicy for my liking,but nonetheless my hubby & mum who love things a tad bit spicy loved it. Much better than your normal fare of biryanis everywhere & certainly in the good league,7 plates biryani scored good brownie points with my family. 


On the whole,it was a pleasant experience. Loved the food and these guys make the most awesomest rolls ever.   

I’ve tried them before and I personally loved them for the quantity stuffed in a roll and also the quality offered.  

The restaurant is a total VFM. Works great for tight budgets and even more wonderful if you’re not on a budget. Who doesn’t love surprises now? 

So,yes!! Go ahead, give it a go.

13 thoughts on “7 Plates,HRBR Layout- A restaurant review

  1. My experience with Indian food is very limited. We have a couple of restaurants here and I have done a buffet of various dishes. I need to experience more. We have a ton of Thai, Japanese, Chinese restaurants around here. Thanks for following my blog BTW.

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  2. First of all, thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I followed back and I’m glad that I did because you are a foodie which made me love you even more. Second of all, Lemon chicken is just heaven btw! :-p *hug hug hug*

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