Ji Hazoor,Whitefield- A restaurant review

IT wasn’t until my stomach started growling pretty bad,did I start fervently looking out for some restaurant in Whitefield. I certainly had,had enough of the mall & I didn’t wanna eat anything there. I started recalling.. Thank goodness for memory. Excuse my cliches,which are clothed in nuddy pants,but I must say one. 

“One can not think well,love well,sleep well,if one has not dined well.” Courtesy Virginia Woolf but I tend to use it more like a cliche and how smart & true that is. A hungry stomach rarely lets you do anything else,yes a hungry stomach is worse than a fussy toddler. 

So,as we were starv-aciously hungry,we decided for a buffet dinner in Whitefield. We zeroed down to “Ji Hazoor”,which was pretty near to “Phoenix Market City”. Off we went & found ourselves climbing stairs. Presumably,the lift wasn’t working 😒 What a dampener I say. The stairs somehow kept on coming&coming&coming. “Ji Hazoor” is a rooftop restaurant,hence the never ending climb. The entrance of this place is let’s face it,downright dingy,hippyish,fishy,clandestine. But,once the wooden doors were opened,I reclaimed the air I had been gasping out.   

The restaurant decor is a beautiful Mughal-ish opulence one. The baubles & knick knacks which are strewn all around the restaurant are just so gorgeous. I’m totally going to be doing atleast one room at my place in the same vein. The lanterns,glitzy beads,coloured lighting & mirror work were something I fell in love with.  

The place has 2 equally great sections,an open area and an indoor section. I’m not too fond of insect vampires aka mosquitoes,hence I choose the safe air conditioned indoors. Here’s a peek of the open area seating:  

 This place reminded me of “Heera Panna” in “Brigades”,which closed down. Decor scored a well deserved 4/5   

The staff are an extremely attentive lot,with a watchful eye at your plate,yet not intruding your conversations. The service gets 3.8/5 


Ambience is totally lackadaisical one,you’re here to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Oh did I mention that we were here on a “Ghazal night”? Yep!! You heard me right,they host a Bollywood dance night & a Ghazal night most of the times during the weekends. So,keep an ear open for that. The Ghazals were beautifully melodramatic & soothing,they played a lot of retro songs before the “Ghazal Singer” came but when “Tum itna Jo muskura rahe ho,kya Gham hai jisko chipa rahe ho” ( for readers who don’t understand Hindi try ” jagjit Singh Tum itna Jo ” on YouTube) came on twice..I was clearly ready to shut the speakers down. The singer was there just in the nick of time,before my ears bled!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Ambience Scores a generous 4.5/5 


 Food is always at the last,it’s just so much to talk on. As it was a buffet spread,we were asked whether we would like veg or non veg. I happily settled for the vegetarian course whereas the hubby opted for non veg. How typical of us!!

Here’s how we enjoyed our course:

1. SOUPS: The soups were honestly just passable. We couldn’t get ourselves to drink more than a few gulps. 


2. STARTERS: I’m such a starter-y person. I mean just look at me,who would say I love starters that much? I hogged these down like there was no tomorrow. Except for the bittergourd chaat(Karela), everything else was delicious.. The cottage cheese grill( Paneer tikka), baby corn fritters, vegetable balls got me craving for more on my plate.  
 3. MAIN COURSE: The main course was a decent affair of varied dishes. From dals to makhanis, from rice to naans & from salads to salsas. I wasn’t too keen on the main course as I had considerably stuffed myself to brimming capacity. Yet,I managed a sampler & I totally loved the ” DAL TADKA & PANEER MAKHANI”.They were just purely delicious. After them, Rice,I had to skip.   

4.DESSERTS: I’m usually a dessert skipper during buffets. I don’t really dig it,but I had to give in due to my husband’s ” Ummm.. Delicious” statements regarding the ” GULAB JAMUN” . And I had to true him on that,it really was yum. They had other Indian sweet meats & pastries too. 

The food gets a 3.5/5. The vegetarian fare could’ve been better,it clearly lacked the variety of the non vegetarian fare,which is unfair because the pricing is the same for both. Priced at Rs. 500/- the VFM scores high. 

Verdict : Do you really need that? Yes,go for it. It’s a fair enough experience with factors such as entertainment,ambience & food being accommodated at that price tag on a WEEKEND. You can’t get more affordable than this for a weekend date night. They have these colourful pagadis or turbans for you to play up with,which is great for a few photos. You do feel like spending a lot of time here,but you can’t just camp here,can you?

Here’s a little picture for you to smile at.



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