My Instagram story.. How I found myself on the Instagram 

Ummmm.. I’m usually a backstage singer,I’m not too fond of being on stage. That being said,I love the limelight too. Somehow in one way or the other,I was off Instagram. Yep! Like for real. 😱 

I just didn’t need another app to eat and gnaw my headspace. I really thought I was better without it..Geez!! Talk about being old school!

 And as the story goes,I thought Instagram was just some waste of time. Until.. My watsapp just conked. You must be wondering how the hell is a conked watsapp & a working instagram even remotely related? Read on.. 

So,my watsapp conked & I have this beautiful friend,who is my virtual sweetheart. She happened to buzz me on watsapp & left voice notes. The best part? I couldn’t open her chatbox. Imagine my plight please.. Voice notes & I dunno what they say. I’m a nervous wreck for everything on this earth. 

I wanted to get in touch with her,she’s a blogger here. Click here to see her.

Apparently my WP was having problems too. There was no way I could get in touch with her without calling her. For me,calling her was the last resort. Got my cogs working,checked my mailbox & I saw a mail about her recent blog post. 

She had joined Instagram 😁😁 guess what I did.. Bwahahahahaha.. 

Yes,I joined Instagram just to get in touch with her & that’s how I found nirvana.

I thought I’d just leave things at that,but holy guacamole!!! Now I know what the buzz is all about. I proclaim myself as an Instagram addict. It’s just way too much fun. So now I can do all the background singing and hog the limelight too.

Thank you Soochie for enlightening me!! 😂😂😂😂

Do gimme a follow if you think you’d like to be connected over there. It’s gonna be about me ( D’oh) ,well… It’s gonna be about food, makeup,things I do. Basically a hodgepodge of everything.

Instagram id: theplatememoirs

See you there!! ❤️❤️❤️


8 thoughts on “My Instagram story.. How I found myself on the Instagram 

  1. My daughter is crazy about instagram as well. She wants me to get there. But I am fed up with FB, Pinterest, and Twitter already. I even neglect those platformes totally. No time. WP is my home. But I understand the excitement for instagram totally.

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      1. That is very lovely of you 💖 But at the moment I don’t want even spend the time to get into it. But never say never! Perhaps my next book leads me to Instagram as the last one lead me to WP 🙂

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