Do judge me challenge! Oh Its a “don’t judge me challenge” 😂

Firstly,I need to damn breathe. Secondly,I need to do some emotional regurgitation. Thirdly,I need to shout out or maybe scream & finally I need to ask,”what the looney ballooney hell is going on?”.

“Don’t judge me challenge”. I’d presume the whole sequence of those alphabets are wrong? DJMC,and the first thing I’m doing is judging. Well, people who are participating in it it are literally,splattering it all over my face. The DJMC is really an atrocious challenge. It’s more like a take on supremacy. 

It a selfie video fad which starts with a repulsive,unattractive,hideous kind of a face/person… Well,dig this.. It’s voluntary defacing of oneself with maybe makeup or weird props or just doing some thing to look UNATTRACTIVE. So, what happens is,the person is all of a sudden unhappy with their face & does some miracle product slathering. The thumb goes on to the eye of the camera,( you know,to let the product work) and then when the  camera does show some picture,it’s voila 😱😱 of that unacceptable person looking like OMG ridiculously hot guy or babe. THE END. 


What’s my damn problem you ask? Here are a few: 

1. DJMC starts with an unattractive face,ok? You didn’t see it,did you? I wrote “unattractive”. Dude, I just judged on the first 2 seconds of the video,because the participants are doing everything they can to make me think that.   *EPIC FAIL*

2.DJMC makes us believe that”So Called Unattractive Faces” are the ones that have ” Acne,are discoloured, have a unibrow, have teeth gaps, have missing teeth, unruly hair, hairy faces, etc. 

Ummm.. I’m still not judging you see * please note the dripping sarcasm*

So,what about people who don’t have that miracle product that transforms them into heartbreakers&breathtakers? Are they destined to be stuck only on the first 3 seconds of the video? This challenge is more body shaming than body shaming itself. 

“Give glad tidings,for ye has more trite reasons to be depressed”

3.DJMC is solely for people who are socially accepted as beautiful. For people who don’t make it to the “Socially accepted as beautiful” group, their DJMC has been tagged as “DON’T JUDGE ME CHALLENGE FAILS” 

Whoa.. Did I just read that or did I just not read it right? So,even after the disfiguring and all that jazz,when they do reveal a better version of themselves,it’s labelled as a fail. Dear DJMC it’s not them,it’s you who is the “Fail” here. 


4.DJMC is another reason to show what a sweet jackass narcissist you really are. By participating in revealing,a 100% as fake as falsies, made-up-with-makeup face,you just enrolled yourself on the list of ” HEY THERE! IM A NARCISSIST.GLAD I CAN WIPE YOUR FLAWS OFF MY FACE,WHEREAS,YOU’RE STUCK WITH YOUR FLAWS ON YOUR FACE”

To borrow someone else’s facial trait like a unibrow for instance & label it as unacceptable and then have the audacity to wipe it off your face,just shows how un-judgemental thou art. Thumbs down for not empathising,how someone who battles this everyday would feel. 

What’s the don’t judge me here? Don’t judge my voluntary fake bad face or don’t judge my voluntary fake good,photogenic face?? I don’t get it.. Seriously!

5. If DJMC was true to its title,then it really would be about a person,taking off their makeup or just showing a nude face,which would say that irrespective of however we look,what we all are at the end of the day are people with our own set of flaws.

Beauty isn’t skin deep,that’s just makeup & hairstyling dearies,what is deep is just being a normal person with acne,dark circles,wrinkles,spots,deviated septums,squints, etc. That is the real you.. And basing opinions just because of your appearances is a folly. YOU are much underneath those layers. 

Sadly, the campaign fails to pass on the real message which is lost behind conceited looks & makeup. It comes across as a very weak,superficial & a catalyst to body shaming.The whole campaign looks like some parody event of sorts and falls flat. 

On the brighter side, I had some good laughs,had a few,”Oh crap!! No way that’s him” moments & a few ” man,she’s pretty” ones too. It proved to be quite a time killer & before I knew it an hour had passed by. I had even decided a few pout shots & thought I’d put one up too. It was during that imaginary rehearsal I realised,” Gosh! Really? Did you forget that you had braces,because your teeth weren’t all that greatly aligned? Did you forget how you would never wanna pose for pictures or did you forget how helpless and outta the scene you felt?” 

I guess I didn’t.. That’s why I write this. This is a personal thing,it’s a struggle I’ve been thru and a battle that i fought. The feeling of inferiority is a pathetic thing,something which pinches you and tells you that you’re not normal & everyone is better than you,when in reality all of us are equals. Those models on glossies? They’d look shittier than you without their makeup armour. Everyone’s different & beautiful with their imperfections & flaws.


And today,I dedicate this post to that ” BOY”,who proposed me during those days. 
 There are a few guy friends who tell  me(after my transformation&good dose of age) that,”GAWWWDD,girl… that boy had good choice. How I wish I had proposed you” bwahahahahaha.. Sorry losers!!

Anyways that BOY truely DIDNT JUDGE ME on how I looked,but judged me on who I was. 

[Dear reader,this is my real life and not a movie or a novella… So stop thinking that I got married to him. I had to turn down his sweet proposal because I was scared that my parents would kick me in the shins if they found out]

Ahem.. So, if you’re reading this dear Boy(who is apparently a man today)… I’d like to say,”THANK YOU” from the deepest part of my heart❤️ Thank you,for seeing beyond my flaws. *Respect*

P.s: Arham if you grow up and ever read this,I love just your DAD.. Your DAD might not be the first guy to propose me,but he surely was the last one. He proposed the best way ever,which was thru your grandparents ☺️  Btw,He sees a nightmarish me everyday & has to live with it till I get my dentures. 


8 thoughts on “Do judge me challenge! Oh Its a “don’t judge me challenge” 😂

  1. Such a beautiful little post! Well written, with humour all throughout! 🙂
    Haha! and the epilogue/ Ps. was really good! 😀
    The ‘glad tidings’ quote was super! And, I have a slight unibrow too, so what, Frida Khalo had one as well! An agreeable / true post! 🙂


  2. Love this post. Comes from the heart…beautiful heart that is. Has irresistible humor that made me smile while reading down to the “Your DAD might not be the first guy to propose me,but he surely was the last one. He proposed the best way ever,which was thru your grandparents.”
    It’s truly rare nowadays, thus a blessing to find people who sees one’s beauty from within. The material world, the narcissistic world that is keeps focusing on the external beauty, up to a point that even our young generation are altering their faces via surgery. Thus our true challenge is raising kids who value people for their character, goodness and heart to change our world for the better. All the best to you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwhh.. How aptly and beautifully you pen that down. I couldn’t have said it better.. The world has come to a point of just being shallow.. A Ferrari, Louis Vuitton bags, Porsche tees have somehow started to tell that world that the possessor is happier than the one who doesn’t possess em.. Somehow a fat wallet is better than an empty&broken heart. This is the end of the times I presume??

      Thank you for connecting with me. Loadsa cares& best wishes to you & your beautiful family too ❤️❤️


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