How I lost weight.. My success story. 

Ok guys… I lost a whopping 5 kilos in the last 3 months,and I’m not interested in finding them again. This is one thing I’d absolutely love to abandon.. The pounds,ounces and kilos. They sound so dreaded,almost like a bag full of leaping froggies and toads. Not the ” Kermit” kinds,but the ugly puddle and pond toads kinds. On the contrary, they aren’t even half as scary as the extra pounds.What I dread are the airports…  I’m always dreading them because,I might end up paying for extra baggage on myself. 😂😂😂

 ” Hey you!! Yeah you.. Stop rolling your eyes please. Thank you” 😳😳

Back to the point… I’ve discovered, the most foolproof plan to lose weight at the drop of the hat.. Well fedoras and hamburgs and berets also count. I noticed that I just needed a few things and a strict disciplinary measure,to keep myself motivated and in the loop. By the end of 3 months,I found myself to be 5 kilos lighter. 

Here’s a list of all that you really ever need,in your weight loss journey: 

  • A Yoga mat
  • A stability physio ball
  • A pair of plastic Dumbbells
  • A jump rope

Trust me when I say this.. this is all that I bought for myself to lose some weight and not peace of my mind.

I’m going to explain each use of the above equipments in detail. So please snuggle back and relax,while I give you the wisdom of the millennials. 

  • The Yoga Mat : This was the first and the most foremost investment I did. Well actually,I bought all those things together at one go. But,my eyes fell on the yoga mat first. I know how important the yoga mat is, it’s your personal space while working out,giving you the cushiony feel while you exercise. I used to start with lying down on my back straight. Make sure that you meditate before the exercise. Just 5 minutes.. Think of how you would see yourself in a year from now& all such motivational thoughts. I,in particular would do it for 2 minutes and then find my son jumping on my stomach playing horsey… ” DUDE.. ARHAM, MOMMY IS IN A TRANSITIONAL PHASE.. She’s becoming beautiful” but the nagging would continue and I’d leave it at 2 minutes and progress to the next one. Who needs meditation anyways??


  • Stability Physio Ball: One of the most versatile equipments and a must have for home gyms. Even if you don’t wanna invest much,the stability ball doubles up as an all round core training aid. Targeted at all chest,abdominal and spine muscles,this is the most inexpensive way to get fit.. 

Start with standing straight.. And with a straight back seat yourself on the ball squatting,then…. **PLONK!! ** 


“ARHAAAAM, MOMMY IS EXERCISING.. THIS ISNT FOOTBALL”  Sees her LO playing with it and after a lot of ” It’s mine” monologue, gives in and passes on the ball to the LO..  Stability balls are ok.. Dumbbells are the real deal. 

  • The plastic dumbbell: Errr… I’m glad you’re still sticking around for more. This is the real place where you tone up and lose weight. Buy some suitable weight Dumbbells, they are gonna be your best friends in your journey. 


Legs shoulder width apart, slightly curve your back and pick the Dumbbells off the floor,without bending your knees. Now,slowly lift them to your….. * OUCCCCHHH!! * Arham finds mommy funny and throws a dumbbell at her feet. The dumbbell stubs her toe. Prancing like the mad hatter, mommy cries..


Limping, mommy thinks about the benefits of the jump rope. 

  • Lastly, the Jump rope: Don’t be fooled at the inexpensiveness of the jump rope. Let me tell you that the jump rope is an exquisite piece of an equipment. It buttonholes your weight and demands it to vacate your body. Targeted at a complete body workout,jump rope is the best thing ever. Period.

Hold the rope in your hands and start skipping at every round of rope. You need to do at least a 50. 

This is how you do it,….. 


After round 13… Arham tries joining in, and Mommy trips & is a mess.


 LO holds the rope and starts a ” Tug-o-war” with mommy. 15 minutes later,after all the jumping and snatching and shouting… Arham gives the jumping rope. Mommy folds it neatly,packs into the box and stares…

Mommy feels letdown.. Maybe,home gymming isn’t my thing. 

You see,it’s only after all this I realised that my weight was dropping,not because of the fancy-shmancy stuffs,but because of the maintenance that comes along with a baby in his ” TERRIBLE TWO’s”. The Running,the yelling,the playing,the picking up of toys and picking the LO up,the tantrums,the cooking,the random night bawlings,the invasive sleep periods,the showers,the bath soaks,the activity times and getting ready for activity times. Well,you see.. That’s how I lost weight,by being a “Mom” and also with some cups of green tea. 

As for the purchases I made… The yoga mat is LO’s play mat,the stability ball is LO’s substitute for football,the Dumbbells have a better use now as paperweights and the jump rope??? Why it’s a makeshift fastener for the huge carton filled with books.

There isn’t any job as strenuous and as daunting as that of a mother. I,have domestic help and my mum to help me out. I only wonder in awe,how mummy raised us all on her own in a country that wasn’t hers. 

She was ever so fearless and made sure we had the best.. Dear mummy.. I love you,I love you for all those nights I kept you awake and for all those days I kept you busy. 

So,for all of you wanting to lose weight.. Get a baby.. That’s the secret,the foolproof plan😁😁

P.s: I do not advocate unhealthy lifestyles or discourage exercise,all this post says is the weight I lost wasn’t  due to the traditional gymming but due to exercise in the form of chores. 

38 thoughts on “How I lost weight.. My success story. 

  1. Love love love your post!!! I began laughing right when I finished the 1st para! You my love are truly talented…thank you for giving the readers a good laugh! Well, I can agree with you on this post 100% since my elder sister’s little one is also close to 2 years now and believe me, she has lost a good chunk of her weight running around!! A mom’s job is truly difficult! Kudos to all the moms! 🙂


      1. Haha.. nooooo.. I badly need to loose all the cellulite yar ! And hey, why don’t you try pop pilates. Just YouTube Cassey ho. She is amazing. And she is so inspiring. Check her videos out for work out, it’s really good 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I surely will Hun… Casey.. Is she an Asian?? Because I remember doing pop Pilates during college days and I used to watch videos of this beautiful Asian Lady, she was so good.. I just don’t recall her name..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I SOOO agree Noorain.. I had a c sec nd generally people tend to put on those extra kilos after tht.. (dunno, thts wht othr c sec moms tell me) but I have succeeded in slipping back to my “old me” state .. I am now maintaining myself on 45 kgs naturally… I hav been doing all d household chores and managing an almost 2 yr old brat 24*7… it is magic… definitely works wonders… I loved d way you have written this post…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And I was never 40 before or after my baby… 😁😁😁😁
        But 40’s are just so damn good.. I mean if I was 40 something.. My intro would be like” hi I’m Noorain..I’m 40 kgs by the way.. So,you can just look at me in awe” 😁😁❤️❤️


      2. Dear.. u r gorgeous n a vry beautiful soul. I went thru few of ur posts nd they r totally awesome. Ur way of writing is extremely lovable nd engaging. All d best.. following this awesome blog nw.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear doll.. How have you been?? I always think of popping in and starting a convo.. But think better of it and procrastinate😁😁
      Lotsa love to the beauty..


  3. So great! I love it – you go girl! It’s amazing how many more doors are open to you when you take the time to look inward, be a little bit selfish and focus on you first. Ah-mazing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahahahahaha Love your post dear, and congratulations on losing weight. Although I’m a bit lazy I always try to go to the gym and try joining to group exercises or with a friend just to keep me from becoming sedentary. I can’t imagine the situation when you tried to explain that you were exercising instead of playing football. At least she kind of help you in the process of achieving your current weight loss.

    Btw I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Award if you could come to my blog and see the rules I will truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward for your answers.


  5. Loved your post! It’s like it is my life you are describing! I have a yoga mat, jumping rope and dumbbells but after a few attempts I have stopped taking them out! But I am Planning to start them again as my kid is now off to his preschool for a few hours.
    You have a lovely blog and you are gifted to be able to capture your reader’s attention so well. I kept reading one post after another till I reached this one and I have to stop now until the next time!!
    Keep writing..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehehe… Thank you for such kind words Hun, you’re such a warm personality!! Huggles & kisses to you..
      I know how these lil kiddos are, man… They are a handful!!

      Keep in touch & Happy New Year love!! Kisses to the lil one 💋💋❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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