Heinz Beanz- A product review.

Yes,I’m going hysterical with the time schedules. The mornings are the most treacherous,I’m a non morning person. I’d give all the credit of my foible to the “SON”.  I’m a late nighter,night owl and a self proclaimed nocturnal creature. My bed times usually range from 2 to 3 in the morning and it’s highly infuriating when you’re rudely jolted from your slumber by a shrill ” Mommy” cry at 4 in the morning.. Dear kiddo,I was just on the edge of getting into my REM sleep 😭😭

After the blaring baby monitor’s call,I find myself cooing the “SON” to sleep and after he’s slept… Well, I find it hard to fall back asleep again. It’s on one of those days,that I have to resort to packed cans,packets or bottles of something for breakfast.

Bangalore these days has been jumping on the bandwagon for “ENGLISH BREAKFAST” being “THE” breakfast for you. Clearly,you can see Bangalore warming up to it. After having grown up with a different version of English Breakfast, I couldn’t retain myself from grabbing ever so ferociously an aqua blue tin of ” Heinz Baked Beanz”.

Heinz Beanz during those dark,red rimmed,groggy days comes as a saviour in disguise. I oughta tell you this,but this is the best thing since sliced bread for me.. Oh yes siree,you got that right..

   Oui,here in Bangalore,we are still a good 50 years regressive when it comes to Imported food brands gracing our aisles. I tried sourcing this from supermarkets and either it was out of stock or just had a few cans in stock. Some of them, even bought me ” Dal Makhani*” ready to eat packs.. And quite blatantly said, “Madam,try this.. It’s very tasty,we even have buy one,get one offer on this” Uggghh!! Ahaan.. Dal Makhani* and Baked Beanz are pretty same 😒😒

Therefore,I stopped buzzing around the supermarkets and placed an order online with “www.amazon.in”. **

They can be bought here:  Heinz Beanz

The delivery took quite a few days,but the product was uncompromised for. They are priced at Rs.150/- per tin. The tin has 415 grams of goodness packed into it. Easily serves 5 people at one go.

The Heinz Beanz are doused in a rich tomato base,which has that classic characteristic Sweet sour  flavour.  The beans are deliciously soft and the whole flavour is quite spot on,but I really reckon that this is wee bit slightly different from the ones I’ve been used to. The ones I grew up with had more bold tomato flavour and more richness,but nonetheless.. These are great too.  

I usually pep up my baked beans with some tempering.

Here’s what I do: ( 1 serving)

  • A clove of garlic mashed
  • A tsp or two of olive oil
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Some mint to garnish

I just add some olive oil to the pan and let the mashed garlic brown itself. I then remove the garlic and add a pinch of black pepper to the olive oil. I add the garlic infused olive oil to the baked bean and garnish with some chopped mint. It isn’t much,but certainly does a lot of flavour difference to the beans. I use the same style of baked beans for Indian style wraps and also for tacos. Just add some veggies and an equal mix of good cheddar with Gouda and you’re done.. 😋😋

The teaser of my version of English Breakfast,I had no time for a potato mash though,and the hubby likes his eggs scrambled,so no bulls eye here or runny yolks.. The chicken sausage is grilled with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.    Pros:

  • Extremely affordable at Rs.150/-. 
  • Tastes pretty good with the melt in the mouth beans.
  • Packed with a chunk of nutrition goodness.
  • Can be used as a base in a lot of dishes.


  • The packaging though attractive can do much better with a lid, not all the time would I wanna eat it all and its not everyday that I would be entertaining 5 people 😒 So the one and only bummer there.

That’s that.. Oh shoots!! I’m late for classes again.. So much for baked beans.. 

* Dal Makhani is an indian preparation of lentils,simmered in a heavy and rich tomato base.

** This is in no way a sponsored review. The review is completely unbiased, i have included the link only to help the readers find the product easily.

Chapli kebob.. A tribute to childhood in Saudi Arabia

After a very tiring night with a bawling baby who had fever,I was roused from my dolphin eye slumber( partially awake is what I mean) on the couch,when my nose caught a whiff of green mangoes. 

**Unripe green mangoes??? Where is it coming from?? Is that the room freshener or maybe it’s smoke which smells like the green mangoes?? Maybe I’m in a garden.. Maybe…It’s time to wakey wakey**

I see mum, sitting on the brown teakwood chair with a big basket of green mangoes kept on the table. The sun rays kiss her red coloured hair through the glass window,I see a clandestine bunch of sprouting white hair too. Though she budges when she sees me,clearly she doesn’t care much about the sharp sun rays hurting her eyes. She winces but yet her eyes twinkle and she says ” Yeh dekho, kairee. Aaj Maine bazaar me liye, 2 kairi 10 rupiye mein miley” ( Look what I got, green mangoes. Bought them at the market,2 green mangoes at 10 rupees) 

She shows to me a few dozen of the green mangoes. When I ask her why do we need so many? She just innocently reaffirms to me that it’s a big part of her childhood. Green mangoes reminds her of Nan,her friends,her dresses,her house,etc.. I find it quite hard to digest,that a humble green mango can do that much.

Then I sit down and mull over what food brings childhood memories back to me. The first thing that I think of is ” Chapli kebob”. Just contemplating about it,I find myself smiling. Those streets,the yellow school buses,the boutique nearby,Meena Bazar,Pakistani School,Tawftans,our white Buick,a man dressed in white shalwar,the big huge tawaa( girdle,frying pan),the tak tak tak of his Flathead metal spoon hitting the tawaa and white tunic men..

Yes,green unripe mangoes and Chapli kebobs do bring back memories.

Off I went to relive those memories, during the time my son caught a few winks under the influence of paracetamol and ibuprofen.

A recipe for maybe not the ” THE MOST” yummiest,but certainly ” THE MOST” closest to my heart ” Chapli kebobs” :

Chapli kebobs 🍖🍗


The kairi symbolises mums memories

  • 500 gms of mutton/chicken mince ( the recipe traditionally calls for beef,but as I don’t eat it,I use only chicken.. But feel free to use mutton or any meat of your choice).
  • 1 Tbsp of ginger garlic paste.
  • 2 medium sized white onions, 1 sliced and 1 cubed.
  • 1 large tomato grilled with olive oil. ( you can use just raw tomatoes,but grilled ones impart more flavour).
  • 1/2 cup of spring onions,diced very finely.
  • 4 tsp of roasted whole coriander seeds just crushed lightly or just given a 5 second whip in the grinder.( make sure that you don’t end up grinding it too fine,we need that coarseness,so characteristic of Chapli kabobs).
  • 1 tsp of the secret garam masala
  • 1 egg stirred well with 2 drops of soya sauce( gives more flavour to egg,just 2 drops,not anymore).
  • 1 tbsp of gram flour for binding.
  • 1 tsp of almond meal.
  • 2 or 3 green chillies chopped fine
  • 1 tsp of cumin powder
  • 2 tsps of black pepper powder
  • A few sprigs of mint,finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup of coriander/cilantro leaves.
  • 1 tsp of red chilli powder.
  • Salt as per taste 

Method of preparation:

First,let me tell you that there are a lot of easy peasy ways of making Chapli kebobs,my version is a tad bit more complicated,but the end results are just amazing. If you’re in for a little hard work please go ahead,you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Knead all the ingredients along with the mince,except for the sliced onion and the tomato and keep it aside for 20 minutes or so.
  • Take some oil in a frying pan and fry the sliced onion till its crisp golden brown. Leave the onions to cool and crush the onion with bare hands later. Keep the oil aside.( I,usually keep fried onions handy or do it much before I start making Chapli kebob and always reserve the onion flavoured oil)
  • Grill tomato with olive oil and salt. Let it cool, now finely chop it.
  • After 20 minutes,add the crushed onion,the leftover oil and grilled tomato to the mixture and knead well again.
  • Shape the mixture into flat circles.Usually the kebobs are as big as your palm,but I like to keep them small almost nugget sized. That way,I’m controlling my portions.
  • Arrange them on a plate and stick it into the freezer for atleast an hour.  
    before going into the freezer
  • Deep fry them in a skillet till they are done well. They should turn a deep brown,that’s when you know they are done.
  • Garnish with some coriander and lemon juice.

This is how they oughta look after frying.



AQNI,BANGALORE- A restaurant review.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food- George Bernard Shaw*

When you are from a generation of masterchefs,you leave very little room for error. “AQNI” carries to its repertoire a legacy of delicious food. Though they have been around for quite a good chunk of time as ” Zaika”,this relatively new venture called “AQNI” just completed it’s first birthday on June 10th. Run by young entrepreneurs “Mr. Saeed Jaffery Mr.Asrar Sait and Mr. Abrar Sait”, who believe in proffering unto you dishes which are ambrosial, AQNI is a very ambitious venture.

The name ” AQNI” means a flavourful broth that constitutes the heart and soul of a “Biryani”. Despite, there being no dearth for restaurants providing you ” biryanis and kebabs” AQNI stands strong with its offering.

 Being one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce ” MEMON” style biryanis to Bangalore, they stand undisputed in their claim. There have albeit been many comparison feats to other restaurants and their biryanis,yet I say that a certain style is what they have claimed. I certainly don’t say that this is the best biryani,as to every man/woman his/her opinion. But if you were to want the ” MEMON” style,you would know where to go. They also are the proud chefs who conceptualised and introduced ” KABAB MANCHURIAN” to Bangalore.

The decor tries hard to impress,and does a fair to middling impression. There are 2 sections to this place. One is a neatly done section,with red wallpaper and woodwork,whereas the other section is a vast expanse of sofas and chairs and tables. They would have to add on more upgrades to their restaurant to make it a comfortable dine-in experience. The most basic would be some air conditioning to start with.

   You would be at the mercy of the bobbling table fan stuck at a corner,whirling its head right to left and left to right or you would be at the mercy of the ceiling fan,whirling at speeds just bearable.   If you can be a sweetheart enough to overlook the decor,then you’re in for a tastebud gala event.

  Well, here I go with a delicious break up of their signature dishes. One at a time… Giving each one the respect it deserves, my dish raves will have excerpts from my review on Zomato too. So,go ahead and read all about it..

Here is a list of my faves:

  • MEMON style biryani(Rs.185/-): The biryani is made of jeera samba rice. Usually biryanis are made out of basmati rice,but the reason why I love this one is because of the short grain rice. The jeera samba rice is highly fragrant and the texture is a total spot on one. The thing with basmati rice is I don’t like the long grainy texture,it’s very much of an obstruction in the way of enjoying the Aqni of the biryani. The MEMON style,uses potatoes as an extra garnishing in their Chicken/mutton biryani.The biryani is a very lightly spiced and  a pleasing one. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Remember the best dishes just have a handful of ingredients.  Served with raita and baingan ka khatta,the biryani just wins my heart. It’s such a hot seller,if you land yourself up here after 9 pm,you aren’t gonna be bestowed with a chance to try it. So,try an earlier time,say 7 or 7:30 pm.. And get yourself a plate of this beauty.   It looks beautiful doesn’t it? Well,it tastes much better. So, your visit sans this can be totalled as incomplete.
  • The Kabab Manchurian(Rs.280/- for a full portion and Rs.150/- for half portion): This is one of those dishes that has you scratching your heads in awe.  One of their fusion dishes. East meets Far East..ooh wait, isnt Manchurian more predominant in the northern side of India? More like Indo Chinese. I really dunno where we come up with all these names. Just like how basmati rice has been trademarked by the Americans, im sure The dear Chinese have no problems with us mutating a place named Manchuria into a dish named Manchurian. That’s the reason,Go USA or England, Our indian scientists are the next hottest things in the research world.

I had the privilege to get a small chit chat done with one of the partners at “AQNI”, Mr. Abrar Sait. I ended up asking him about how “Kabab Manchurian” was conceptualized. He says,” I was just in the kitchen one fine day,and i decided to kill some free time at hand. As i’m passionate about cooking,i decided to just play a mix and match with the things available in the kitchen. I had an idea of why not fuse two types of cuisine. We first tried dunking Chicken Tikka in the manchurian sauce.The results were good,but not astounding. After a few trials and errors,we struck gold with Chicken Kabab and Manchurian sauce” 

 Let me take the utmost pleasure in assuring you that this is completely true. The ” Kabab Manchurian” is one of their fastsellers. It is your Red Chicken kabab, seeped in the manchurian style sauce,garnished with curry leaves.The flavours are unique and juicy kababs that melt in your mouth are such an amazing burst with the sauce. Devour it with naans and rotis or eat it just like that.

4e4076e6891baab1c10b674fb0c48b23_1428925766_200_thumbThis is my shabby version of the beautiful dish. Here is the real picture,,when it gets into the experts hand


  • Lemon chicken(Rs.150/-):Oh My Gawwd! Like lemme not think about L.C now… I need to be impartial and not be preoccupied with the love of this world, I need to concentrate on the higher things in life, I need to cleanse my spirit of want, I need that LEMON CHICKEN now!!!Woops! I guess meditation doesn’t work all that well for me . I Love Lemon Chicken at Aqni. Period! The boneless juicy and succulent strips of chicken, fried on with a batter and dunked mercilessly in a gooey sweet and sour (read lemony sour) sauce and served with love is all I need. It’s such a great harmony of flavours,you really need to hold yourself back from ordering another plate.
  • 2ae9a13cb2959343c4ca2c309cf99860_1428925750_200_thumb
  • Hyderabadi Sukkha Gosht(Rs. 180/-): This one is a borrowed opinion. I do not eat mutton, but have no worries tasting the gravy.The gravy is a deep rich red or sometimes a little like molasses brown one,which has distinctive flavourings of the masalas. The semi dry gravy tasted great with the naans. As for the meat, I believe it was done tender and filled with just the right amount of spices. Yummy in every way is what my hubby says. Its the pièce de résistance for my mum too. The first thing these versatile carnivores order. 
  • Roghan Josh( Rs. 180/-): Highly famous for its Persian ancestry, Roghan josh forms an integral part of every Kashmiri household. AQNI offers a very delectable version suited for our palates,a must have gravy,if your looking for some heartiness in your meal     
  • Kut( pronounced as Cut): This is something that isn’t on the menu, but if you would like a sneak peek into the typical traditional muslims cuisine, then this kut will give you a pretty faint idea of what we eat. Not that I like to eat it, but my mum does. *desperately trying to make up for the folly*😳😅😅 Usually Kut is the concoction of horsegram seeped with a few ingredients. Its slow cooked for 2 days or so. Now, you know why its traditional.. My Goodness, im someone who cant do a dish that takes 2 hours, let alone 2 days..Every household has it’s own version, some like to add tomatoes, while some like to keep it simple, some households add ghee in the start, while some like to add temperings to it.Some add koftas, while some add eggs. So as diverse as we are, our kuts are also an expression of our personalities. My personality is Blank when it comes to Kut. The Kut here is a really nice one,i had stated before that it was just mediocre,but my view got altered after a few more takeaways. Kudos to them for getting it onto the menus. This item by the way is subject to availability.
  • All Tandoori items,especially Malai tikka: .Anything Tandoori, Anything charred, Anything which says Tikka is bound to be delicious. They do a great job serving you the tandoori items.I have usually heard that their tandoori items are always very limited and get sold out fast.      
  • The Indian Breads: The naans are highly soft, melt in the mouth and so fluffy. They thankfully arent rubbery or hard. They have a decent range of breads,all of which are quite enjoyable. Their rolls are another feather in their cap. Filled with generous amounts of meat,they are such great short eats.  

They are highly famous for the “Brain Pepper Dry” too. I am not the one to try,but a good word is always nice to spread around. 

   Vegetarians sadly have very limited choice,there isnt much to gorge on for them.They might have to face a tad bit of a disappointment,with the fare offered to them. I highly recommend the Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka, Ghee rice and Jeera rice for them. 

   The place scores high on the VFM criteria. Their pricing is extremely affordable and light on the pocket,giving you lots of space for trying new dishes everytime that you are coming back.

I am ever so impressed with the way these young entrepreneurs have taken the task of running the joint with alot of dedication.They have plans to expand their venture,one step at a time. Multi-tasking personal commitments and running the restaurant. 

Like as discovered,the spontaneous young Mr. Asrar Sait,is said to be one of the major reasons behind AQNI’s success. Juggling between college and his food passion,he delivers his 100%.. It’s so refreshing to see the young batch carry responsibilities with a panache.

They sure can use all the support that they can get. Yes, they do have a few management issues,at times the deliveries get delayed and henceforth..But they claim that they are in a cocoon stage,still trying to morph themselves as perfect. Guys, you have a 4/5 star rating from my side. 


No.3157, 2nd Block, Near Petrol Pump, HBR Layout, Bangalore.
*please note that the pictures used in this review are copyrighted and AQNI are the sole owners of the pictures. I, the author has sourced permission to use them in my review from Mr. Abrar Sait. I hold no liabilities to distribute,reproduce or use them in any matter at my disposal*

The Versatile Blogger Award!!! Muahahahaha..

Guess what just happened??

Guess… guess…. C’mon you can do it.

Ok..how about i give you a hint?? will that do any good? NO???

Ok.. how about i tell you the first Alphabet of what happened?? NOO???

I soo believe we are coming to an apocalypse now… Does noone wanna hear me out????

Well,I’m gonna tell it anyway…

I just got my first award on wordpress… *wipes tears of happiness*😢


The beautiful doe eyed beauty Sooch nominated me for this award.😘

article-2168895-13ED8C04000005DC-578_634x365  Isn’t she a pwetty thing???? Pssst… i do know this is betty boop,but lets just keep that as a secret between you and me eh??

This is the link to her blog :


Super talented,a girl with a bigg heart and funny as ever. Her posts will get you savaging for more.She’s got me hooked onto her site from day 1.. Yes, i have to admit it,im stalking her..😈😈😈 Bwahahaha…

I would soo nominate you again sooch,but that totally defeats the purpose. 

The Rules:

1⃣Thank the person who gave you this award.
2⃣Include a link to their blog.
3⃣Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
4⃣Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things/facts about yourself.

7 facts about myself:

  • I LOVE BLACK: I am sooooo and sooooo in love with black. I kinda have this crazy obsession with it,where i have to fill up my wardrobe,my vanity,my wallpapers with something BLACK. Yet ironically,i’m shit scared of the dark. Darkness for me is claustrophobia dressed in black..That’s one kinda black i don’t like.  
    thats my ceiling wallpaper,all black.
  • I AM A HOARDER: I love… read love… hoarding stuffs.From cute empty perfume bottles to testers,from canisters to old editions of Filmfare,Femina,Vogue,etc…  
    empty perfume bottle
    mini lantern with a missing aka broken bulb
    a broken sunny

 I would like to address myself as an antique collector rather than a hoarder.. Someday,it will be worth millions 😂😂 but,even I can’t fathom how a broken sunny and a lantern without a bulb would fetch me a million 😳😒😖

  • I DID POETRY AT AGE 7:I still remember my first ever poem.. It was called ” Squirrel by the green tree“. I remember entering an impromptu poetry competition at age 9,me and my best friend. I confidently wrote an on the spot poem,which won no accolades. Funny part is,my best friend won the competition..I was pretty glad she did. We were then called into the auditorium to hear out the poem that won the ” Impromptu poetry competition.. Perplexed was i, when i heard ” Squirrel by the green tree”  been read out. How did that happen?? She tells me, ” You used to read it out aloud so many times,i just couldnt think of anything else and i wrote it down… sorry!!!” So much for luck eh??😒💸💸
  • I LOVE BEING UNDECIDED: Irrespective of the fact,that my hubs hates my trait of being undecided. I uncannily,find myself doing it again and again and again. When im waltzing outta the door,i’m gonna remember an accessory i forgot to wear and then i’m gonna go ahead and change my whole outfit to match my accessory. The hubs is gonna ask me where i wanna go?? and he will be flooded with directions,but never a name of a place. I’m pre programmed to tell him,” Honey,i think we should go left today” and after 15 minutes of directional GPS from me,i will just say.. ” Honey, i wanted to go to that Lebanese restaurant behind,but you just drove across.”

Here’s a shot of what happened the last tym I did my dysfunctional GPS thing. 

The highway
we were here and then we landed up here… 😖😐  

heck where are we??
  Save for the taunts from the hubs,I enjoyed it a lot ❤️😁 We had no inkling of an idea where we were.. But that’s just life innit?? 


imagesNot this, but this kind….

vector-illustration-of-indian_smallYou are bound to follow the rich,cultural taste of masalas. 

  (I’m such a hypocrite,I even did a GARAM MASALA POST 😳😓.. )

Anyhow,If you even say as much as a ” its too spicy”, you’re officially deadmeat. You are to be labelled as an ” outcaste”. So, under these atrocities i rebel and say ” Can you make me some Penne Alfredo please?”. I am a diehard fan of Middle Eastern,Italian and American cuisine.

  • I DID MY 3RD SEMESTER LAW EXAM WHEN I WAS 8 MONTHS PREGGY..WHAT I WANNA SAY IS, I’M SUPER AMBITIOUS: That is the most epic thing i’ve done in my life and something that i am absolutely proud of.With aches and sleepy eyes,i somehow nailed it. This just makes me tell you that,”PASSION HAS NO AGE OR SIZE” BTW… i used to look horrendous those days,with long tunics and flats. Uuuugghh!!! the thought makes me cringe. The best part was that I didn’t look even a bit preggy,I just used to look like I had extra pounds piled in the wrong places. I used to get a lot of ” ooh.. You’ve put on weight!!” And I used to starkly retort ” why yes, I’m expecting”.. But post baby.. I’ve got comments like ” Oh!! Your expecting?” And I’ve retorted ” yes,expecting to loose weight” 😐😢😢😭😭
  • I LOVE MAKEUP: Oui, i live,thrive and breathe makeup. There isnt a time when you can catch me atleast without a line of kohl in my eyes. I absolutely adore it. It just makes me feel special… ohh soo special!! The whole primer,foundation,brushes,etc etc routine is just so monotonous and therapeutic at the same time.

indexErrrrr…. no… that’s certainly not what im aiming for.

7d8b38236b9ca8e703d22e374d11a6d7Certainly not this either…. But you get the point!!

Now here comes the fun-a-licious part. I nominate thee blogs:

  1. https://touchofmysaint.wordpress.com/  izza, such a sweetheart
  2. https://thebonvivant89.wordpress.com/ FARAZ, would love to know more about you.
  3. http://amusingmyselfmusings.com/     Clearly,she’s a favourite to all
  4. http://christalblogs.wordpress.com  A dear sister who has been giving me spiritual enlightenment.
  5. https://ixxypoco.wordpress.com/ A BIGG hearted lady,who I would love to know about.

Now,let’s get those facts out already… Spill the beans people..

Till then Sooch and I shall share this waffle.. Delicious isn’t it,soochie??

Delicious strawberry waffle


Just when you thought that your baby has joined the family and well, life is all roses no thorns are you struck down by naked reality of the responsibility that a baby comes with. Really??? I mean weren’t all those 9 months of throwing up, exhaustion,headaches,out of proportion body enough of a sacrifice for the baby? Apparently NOOOO! That was just the yummy part.

Having a baby is the most beautiful experience,well,lets just not consider those banana spilts and angel cakes and hershey’s kisses and.. ahemm ahemmm… Oh dear me! excuse my “thought feeds” in middle of my posts. They just keep happening. So, lets get back to my point, all that im saying is “Congratulations!You have just won yourself an unlimited supply of baby drool, baby poop,spit ups and baby tantrums and we have a special surprise for you a year’s supply of sleep deprivation too.!!” At the risk of sounding extremely negative, newborns are beautiful but there are a kazillion things you have to remember about them when they are having their transitions. A few are:

  • Make sure you give your baby his milk at a 3-4 hour interval.
  • Make sure you burp him up after his feed preferably within 5-10 minutes. I’ve noticed that my baby would have a huge spit up after his feed if i wouldn’t let him burp at that 5-10 minute break.
  • Burping the baby has to be done with gentle strokes on his back when he’s lying on your shoulder.
  • Decide if you prefer a crib or co-sleeping.
  • If you opt for a crib, make sure that the baby upholstery is washed and cleaned atleast once a week,see that it has no sharp ends,invest in good HYPOALLERGENIC beddings.
  • Try to invest in organic hypoallergenic beddings,it’s more breathable and comfortable for your baby.
  • If you opt for co-sleeping,please make sure you are not overpowering the baby’s space. If you are a deep sleeper and a” stretch my guts off kinda mommy” then co-sleeping is out of bounds for you.
  • Invest in organic cotton clothes for the newbie.
  • Please please do not overdress your newborn. I understand the concern of new mothers who find their newbies so fragile that they instinctively have a maternal shield that in some weird way coaxes them into overdressing the baby.Please remember that your baby just needs 1 layer more than your dressing.If you are on 1 blanket,then the baby requires 2 not 5. Overdressing is a dangerous and can even cause death.
  • SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is the risk that arises due to overdressing that causes suffocation or asphyxiation.
  • Do not buy your baby clothes for the upcoming winter or summer. Clothes remain the same but your baby outgrows them.You have absolutely no idea of how fast they grow.What seemed perfect last month can end up pinching his bottom this month.
  • If you plan to breastfeed,then do remember to buy nursing pads and a good quality breast pump. Breast pumps are of 2 types manual and electric. If you are a working woman an electric pump would go a long way for you. So choose carefully.
  • If you plan to bottle feed your baby please ask help from your health adviser or your paediatrician regarding the baby formula.Every baby is different something that suits your neighbour’s baby might not be right for yours.If your baby is a preemie you will be asked to use a formula that allows your baby to catch up with other babies.
  • Learn and master the art of bottle sterilization.Remember your bottles are good only upto 24 hours after which they lose their sterility.
  • Sterilize by boiling or steam sterilization. There are tons of great sterilizers out there that have different catchy uses,but it all comes down to one thing boiling or steam you need to use it within 24 hours.
  • Use  BPA free bottles,toys and BPA free cleaning brushes.It’s Bisphenol-A,its a cause of worry because research shows that BPA may seep through food and beverages and cause a variety of problems for the newborn ranging from heart problems to brain developmental problems.
  • Do not use talcs on the baby’s skin for atleast a month.From my experience it really does create a havoc,its better to leave the baby in his natural, unaltered form for a month.Same applies for baby colognes.
  • Invest in good brands of baby soaps,body foams,bathrobes,baby mittens,nappy creams,bottom butters,body oils,body lotions and if your baby is blessed with good hair then a shampoo.Believe me that is all that they need in their first months.Not much of a list over there.
  • Make sure all the baby toiletries are “PARABENS FREE”.
  • A bathing seat which has anti-slip holds must be kept in mind.
  • Anti-slip bath mats for you so that you don’t happen to land yourself in trouble with the baby in your arms.
  • Invest in a good sunscreen for the baby. It’s an absolute must have.
  • Invest in the best diapers that you can afford in the baby’s first few months.You will thank me for it later. Make sure the diapers are made out of breathable fabric.Brands like pampers,mamy poko pants,huggies etc. are just a delicious dream for the baby.
  • If you are going to go eco-friendly and opt for fabric diapers then you really have nothing much to worry about except the laundry ofcourse. Let me make that immediate laundry.
  • No food or water for the baby for his first 6 months,irrespective of what your grandmother says. Proven by the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics). Here is an excerpt from “www.about.com” The American Academy of Pediatrics actually states that “until your baby starts eating solid foods, he’ll get all the water he needs from breastmilk or formula.”
  • Lastly,remember that no baby grows more happily than the one whose caretaker is happy.So,remember to do yourself a favour and be happy throughout.Shower your baby with hugs and kisses.There’s hardly anyone more receptive than them to love.

Now with all that little bit of information you are ready to go ahead and take your first baby steps in caring for your baby.Enjoy your experience with your little one.Your baby may demand for something more or maybe not as much as you thought so.The angel that you possess is just yours,just that exclusive piece that nobody else has,so its only fair that it comes with a high price tag and maintainence. Keep enjoying your Mommyhood.. cheers!!

Britannia Nutri Choice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits- A Review.

These days I’ve resorted to healthy and wholesome eating. My focus isn’t on just losing those extra piled up pounds,but an actual daily detox for my system. Detox as in:

  • Trying to source organic supplies as much as possible
  • Trying to stick to a food time schedule 
  • Trying to avoid as much oil as I can or any fats for the matter of fact.
  • Trying to replace vegetable oil with olive oil.
  • Trying to eat smaller portions.

Well,things have been so good so far. My Achilles heel usually is the mindless snacking. It just absolutely feels so necessary.. With aisles full of alternatives,I’ve decided to give Britannia’s ” NUTRICHOICE” range a go. I,do love the ” Yoga bars” too,but that’s another story eh.. 

The “NUTRICHOICE” range showcases multigrain biscuits,digestive biscuits,healthy cookies,etc… Life is filled with paradoxes and oxymorons. My favourite paradox is” healthy cookies”. For me cookies are sinners.. They are big,bad and beautiful..They are beautiful sinners. One bite and they have you in their grip. “They are delicious but they are bad,so… Very bad for you.” * imagine me telling this with a deep French intonation* 😏

But on the contrary, Britannia’s playing cupid with our obsession with cookies and is dishing out some amazing packs of it.. And this 5 grain Digestive biscuit aka cookie is the spot on solution for your midnight or mid meal cravings.

Power packed with 5 grains, it’s just an indulgence which you wouldn’t be guilty of. Here’s what goes into that cookie:

  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Ragi( millets)
  • Wheat
  • Rice 
  • A dash of honey

Quite a powerful punch isn’t it? Yes, this is the generation of healthy cookies. Where, cookies are no longer sinners, cookies are angels. These have ” zero cholesterol and zero trans fat content ” 😱. I mean… You really have to be that good eh?? The high fibre content just makes it more appealing.

These keep you filled and honestly curb your hunger pangs. They taste healthy and it’s that kinda healthy which you are gonna feel proud about. The first cookie is gonna take a little getting used to and the second cookie will get you munching, the third cookie is gonna be enjoyable and guess what by the fourth you are gonna be filled. It’s that instant. 👍🏻

The cookies are a nice,brown oval chunk. They smell honey-ish. The first taste is that of rolled oats and honey. The cookie is sweet,but not overwhelming kinda sweet. It’s a coarse fibre-y kinda taste too.

   Your tea times are gonna be face lifted and you will not need those flimsy biscuits anymore. With a subtotal of 160 calories for 2 biscuits,it can be a little heavy on your calorie counter,but will definitely beat that serving of French fries.

I,personally love these adorable chunks. They fill me up,satiate my sweet craving,keep me from reaching those crispy wafers and chips and most of all.. They leave me guilt free. Priced at a meagre Rs.25 for 6 cookies,nothing can get better. 

If you would rather order them online, I’d suggest you try out these well trusted and apt on delivery time sites. 

Aloha! Healthy and clean eating isn’t boring anymore.. 💃🏻

Loadsa love and toodles!!

    100ft BBQ lounge- Koramangla . Restaurant review

    One of these bright sunny days I’m gonna end up with a bulging waistline,when my good ole denims would fail to accomodate the extra love,I have been accumulating in the name of ” Reviewing”. Ergo, I shall have a thought strike me “How did I ever get so fat?” But,none shall be capable of answering that( I’m a bit cranky when people make me face the reality). 

    I’m on the other hand gonna explain how I walked for an exact 10 minutes to the car park,which miraculously burned the 1000+ calories accumulated during an hour of hand and mouth yoga… Yoga.. Like picking up the plate,spoons and forks.. (Warm up) Dodging the mad buffet line,by extending my right hand( warrior pose) and then managing to get the loaded plate back to my seat, by lifting the plate at head level ( Surya Namaskar) and at last sighing deeply at the accomplishment ( Kapal bhati). 

    Now wasn’t that yoga of sorts?? I hope that nod that you gave just now,was in affirmation to my statement.

    Well, 😊, I found myself driving in radials. Yes.. You can drive in radials too. And, I just stopped… Well, the hubby actually ☺️ and the De-oreill boutique hotel seemed like great idea. We were very late and any more travelling would make us end up in a 24 hour cafe or resort to empires and imperials( a chain of restaurants that run late into the night).

    The hotel houses 2 types of cuisines. One was ” MIRAPAKAI” dedicated to Andhra food culture,(to make it better.. They had a food festival going on)and ” 100 ft BBQ LOUNGE” dedicated to.. Well, holy BBQ’s.. Basically mishmash of Indian and continental.

    There wasn’t an ounce of doubt that I was gonna take myself up to the rooftop restaurant. Continental food is the chink in my armour. I always,always,always promise to try coastal cuisine minus the seafood 😁 but somehow find an alternative. I just don’t possess the heart to any meat except chicken… Yes,I chicken out all the time 😜

    P.s. Andhra cuisine isn’t all coastal,but a part of it is. This festival had fish,prawns etc…I could see a lot of beautiful colours simmering in earthenware.

      There’s “MIRAPAKAI” on your extreme left. Behind the red sofa. Saying my goodbyes.
      And my glass elevator passes through the floors, the floors are quite immaculate and I’m guessing the rooms are too. This is getting very ” Roald Dahl” innit? ( reference to Charlie and the glass elevator)
      The drumroll please… 🎷🎷… Ok.. That’s the saxophone,but we oughta make use of what we have in hand.. Yes,I carry the saxophone everywhere.
    The entrance of the rooftop lounge is quite classy and has fundamentally basic Woodwork all around. 

    The ambience is pristine and honestly is one where you would love to slack. Low light etching on woodwork is always a recipe for relaxing ambience. Scores a chunky 4/5 for the ambience.

    The service is refined. Extremely cordial and courteous staff. On their toes all the time. We faced no delays any howsoever,even though we were here on a Sunday and ” Mothers Day” to top that. The place was filled with people,yet it seemed like we were in another corner,blurred from the on going pandemonium. So another 4/5 for the service.

      That the L.O. Ready for his meal at the right.
      We were honestly famished that day. Thank Goodness, we weren’t delayed. Our meal started within minutes of our arrival. 

    100ft BBQ lounge offers you a buffet. I believe,if I’m right that there is no a la carte. Anyhow, the hubby and I opted for a vegetarian buffet. Priced at Rs. 500/- + taxes, which was an extra Rs 30 or 50.. Well,it was real a deal breaker. I absolutely, couldn’t be happier.

    Our meal started with a ” CLEAR MANCHOW SOUP”, which honestly was just passable. It was a bit too bland even for my liking.. This is by the way,coming from someone who prefers bland food to spicy food. Somehow, it didn’t get gulped more than a few spoonfuls. But the disappointment stopped here.  

    Next came the tremendously delicious starters. ” CAJUN SPICED POTATOES”. Let me just take a moment here… * wipes tears of happiness* 

    The Cajun Potatoes were marvellous. Baked jacket potatoes served with a rich Salad dressing,just made my day. My plate just shows 2 of them.. I ate 20.. The potatoes were buttery,melt in the mouth and extremely well complimented with the dressing. They had a certain smokiness to it,a faint crisp of the jacket which just made this like a dish worth the money.  

      Next arrived the ” SCHEZWAN BABYCORN”. Which was delicious,the crispy babycorns batter fried and coated with generous sauce were getting a second helping from the hubby. Apparently,he loved it more than me. 

      Then arrived our maitrê d… Asked us if he could unveil the stars of the evening. ” yes,yes,yes” blurted I.. With a smug, off he went and came back with colourful skewers in his hand. I almost thought he was gonna do the ” knife swallowing act” albeit with skewers.. Hmmm… Methinks,that isn’t such a bad idea after all.. Must inform the circus head. 


    Our grill looked fantastic. Colourful and mouth watering. No,I’m not talking of this one,but the one below.

    Green,yellow,orange… What a harmony I say. We were served skewers of paneer tikka( cottage cheese with spices), pesto coated button mushrooms and spiced pineapples. 

    The paneer tikka was soft, juicy,and well spiced. I adored the creamy marination, extremely subtle and kept me going.

    The pesto button mushrooms were class apart. Right amount of pesto covered and their juicy bulbs were just outta the world. Loved it.

    Spiced pineapples are as everyone knows yumm.. The caramelised pineapples were just your normal fare,but definitely added dimension to the grill.

    I was very full with the starters that I just had a taste test for the main course. Like literally just 2 spoons. 

     The noodles and rice were just mediocre. Weren’t bad,but weren’t good either. They had pulao,steamed rice,curd rice and all that. All that was just “meh”.

    What I loved was vegetables in plum sauce. They had this beautiful harmony with the plum sauce, was slightly sweet and worked great with my tastebuds. 

      Tandoori Gobi too scored points, it was unlike the bad versions of Gobi that get served in buffets. It’s on the left in the above image.
    The desserts were gulab jamuns,gajar ka halwa,fruit custard,shahi tukde and ice cream. All just fair to middling,except the gajar ka halwa which was the best on the dessert table and put itself a little higher than the rest. 

    How atrocious of me… I completely forgot about the superb mocktail. A light purple drink with wedges of lime and sprigs of mint. I’m trying to recreate that drink…just delicious. It’s just plain old Sprite and black currant squash maybe?? 

       That does look like it can hypnotize you right?? 
    Oh well, I loved the experience at 100 ft BBQ LOUNGE. Onto my favourite list. 

    4/5 star rating

    Address: De-oreill boutique hotel, 45,17th main,100 ft road,4th Block. Koramangla, Bangalore. 

    Am I Happy? And Another 9 Silly Questions Asked By Mommies.

    Hello to all mommies and mommies and mommies and…oh! i see that rare species in the count of extinction here…You know what right?…The dads! Looking at the ample amount of mommies on board i had no other choice but to address the mommies thrice.Hope the mommies and the dads are doing well here.

    This post is addressed to all those silly questions that pop up in your head regarding the cutie pies that we possess. Imagine the truckloads of responsibility that a dad possess’s,lets multiply that into a 100.Well,what do we have here….

    Dear dad’s work schedules+work tension+looking after family tension* 100 = Mommy’s daily dose of responsibility(with no holidays-sick leaves-or watching favorite episode of desperate housewives).OH!!!that’s long out of the program schedule.SEE, Mommies no longer know what’s going on tv soap operas.

    With such a huge criteria to tackle on a everyday basis and “MOMMMMMMMY!! SHE TOOK MY CAR” cries,deafening you up everyday,it’s only normal that a mommy has quite alot of silly questions for herself.Im pretty sure these questions come barging in your head without an invitation,and leave you guilty for thinking about it.Trust me, you are perfectly normal.There’s nothing wrong with you or your love for your family,but here are a few answers. 

    Just yesterday, I went through a lot of guilt for overlooking my son’s inquisitiveness… **paawwhh** after a big bawling episode, I decided to repost this article as a reminder for me 😁❤️


    Well,absolutely yes.If you found yourself asking this question,then it does mean that you care.It means that you want to excel in your parenting skills,It means that YOU my dear are trying hard enough to be a good parent.

    2) AM I A FAILURE?

    Just because your child pulled the iron almost on his hand,doesn’t qualify you in the “WORST PARENT”list. Chill,you are as much as a learner as your child.Your child has been let loose in this amazingly intriguing environment,what do you expect?Would he/she not experiment?Mistakes are such an integral part of your child’s development both mentally and physically.Surprisingly the same applies to you.


    Going back to work,well this question really needs a little depth of understanding.As a mum,without a doubt your first priority is your child…hold on!! let me finish..it’s not over yet! But so is your happiness,your personal space and dreams.It is truely not selfish to think about you.Infact it’s really healthy.If you have sorted out all the intricacies like say” who will be looking after your child in your absence?” “what time will you be getting back home?””Can you handle work and home stress together?””How necessary is it for you to work?”YOU know better,whether you are working for a better financial position or for your dreams and passion,YOU have all the rights to go ahead and live it up.Like i always say a happy mom is a better mom.


    Except for a few moms who i sternly believe have the access to the eternal fountain of youth,it’s highly unlikely that you are going to fit in your pre university jeans again.Either you sweat it out day and night and night and day to fit in those jeans,or even better accept the fact that you are beautiful,you are a mum,you are that woman who had the privilege to be able to birth a beautiful baby,you have changed but for the best. I don’t mean to advocate unhealthy lifestyles,nor do recommend sedentary ideologies.All im trying to say is life is soooooo much more than the stress of not accepting yourself the way you are.Baby fat melts by its own schedule,rather than cribbing over the unlikely fact,accept yourself,experiment with new styles of dressing.Wear flowy dresses,dress according to your shape and stay away from ill fitting clothes no matter how trendy they are.My two cents on that.


    Guess,it’s that sub conscious mind doing the tricks.We thought the same. Din’t we? We thought that our parents never understood us,but in reality they knew us in and out.They just couldn’t figure out if what they thought was the THING confusing us. The absolute solution to this is,let your child communicate either by his “gaaa gaaa eeh’s “or by”Mum it’s my friend,he’s fared better than me.”It doesn’t matter if its a newborn or a teenager,communication breaks those little invisible barriers that start creating once you start distancing yourself.You as a parent have all the answers,just get your child to ask those crucial questions.


    No, you’re not.People have by far exaggerated motherhood to the extremes.Telling you all stories of how lovely it feels to be a mother,how they have never been upset since the baby,how everything in their lives is back to normal,and sometimes…how eager they are to have another one. Gear up love..I can guarantee you that all that is nothing but their wishful thinking of not accepting reality,or ahem ahem..your sweet acquaintance is lying straight to your sweet gullible and vulnerable face.ALAS!! You do make it that evident.Don’t you? Lets think of motherhood like this..”You have your dream job…sounds good??? yes?? good..listen..You have your dream job,you having been waiting for this or have unexpectedly landed yourself in it.OK??well, Now you start working on it..preparing projects,hitting deadlines etc.. Tiring you eh??No matter how irritated you are with the job miniscularities,it still is something that you wanted.It’s not easy but hey..it’s something you can flaunt of.. Yeah?? Motherhood is just this..You have landed yourself in it,it’s beautiful,not easy,everyday you are faced with new tasks,deadlines etc.Things will change,your life is not going to be the same.Changes are for the good.A life without change is lets face it..DRY!! and BORING!! You will never be faced with a bigger challenge,and you better conquer it.


    You may find yourself doing and getting irritated at the exact same things that your mum used to at.Don’t be surprised.God has filled mothers with a completely unique system.All of us respond to it the same way.Remember your mum used to say”That dress looks horrible!You need to wear this!”and she used to pick up a dress that you despised and labelled old fashioned or outdated?.Do you find yourself doing the same? Im sure you would do so.There’s no harm being the reincarnation of the lady who bought up such a fine lady as yourself.The way you realise that now,so will your kids.Albeit if there are some scary and abusive bits of your childhood that you find yourself inflicting on your kids,then you really must seek professional help.You should understand the degree of pain and mental imbalance that this troubled childhood has caused and prevent yourself from repeating the same mistake.Such issues need to be addressed at the earliest.


    Hmmmm…you did know this would happen..You did read all the terms and conditions on the dream job contract Edit😞 Privacy is such a luxury that you can’t even dream of owning for quite sometime,but surely you can rent it out for time being.Remember how fond your mother is of her grandchildren?or how fond your mother in law is of them?.Go ahead grab that opportunity.Go rent some private time,Just you and your love. Leave the kids in good care and rekindle that love oncce again.A day or two of a private vacay with your hubby can do wonders for everyone.


    Well,shame on you. You should absolutely be not neglecting yourself.Head to the nearest spa and pamper yourself to a day of decadence and sheer indulgence.Feel like a queen,because you no longer are a princess as you have your own lil ones.. remember.??? Or catch up with the gossip that you have been missing up with your girlfriends.Just about anything that makes you happy as an individual.The more you neglect yourself,the more irritated and stressed you are going to feel.My mantra as always” A HAPPY MOM IS A BETTER MOM!”


     Mommy,though you are a novice compared to a mum who has 30-50 years of experience raising children,You know better.Motherhood is a learning process,and very soon you will find that not everytime does”one size fit all”.People do pass on their opinions,like how they would condemn a mother who choses to not breastfeed or how a working mom is stereotyped for not being there for her children.Opinions do matter,but make sure that they do not affect your own.Any opinion passed on to you must go through your filtering process.Make sure it suits you and your lifestyle.Make sure it is for the kids best interest and make sure You are happy fulfilling it.Let not people make you feel guilty for things that always have an alternative.It’s another thing if you would like to trade your colicky baby for that sweet non colicky baby..you then do need to listen to your mother who thinks you are crazy and tells you to go to bed.I guess your mommy is right!You do need rest.😓

    10)AM I HAPPY?

    Go to where your child is at this very moment.Well… Do you have your answer? No matter how much your child drives you up the wall,causes sleep deprivation,makes you look fat,whines,cries,makes you lose your privacy,and what not. YOU LOVE YOUR CHILD. He/she is that inseparable part of you that you can not live without. Yes, you are happy. Your life has a bigger meaning to it,it feels complete now. You have someone you can exclusively claim as your flesh and blood..literally huh.. You must be crazy to not be happy for all of this.Do i see a smile on your face?? aaahhh… i do… you proud mommy.. and here you were asking all these questions,when the ulterior motive of your life has already been satiated.YOU ARE A HAPPY AND A PROUD MOMMY..

    I had a blast writing this post,hope you did too reading it.. signing off for now,my bundle of joy calls for his late night snack..”Gosh!! does he really ever intend to give me a good 12 hours of sleep ever?” **crib crib** ( goes with a cribby face and lights up seeing son smiling at mommy from his wooden crib,1001 nights of mommy’s sleep shall be sacrificed for this smile.)

    P.S. :And as usual,mommy is happy,kisses baby goodnight after feed and falls asleep to only dream bout baby calling for her even in her dreams… mommy smiling in sleep.

    Byli-  Kalyan Nagar,Bangalore. A restaurant review.

    My Sunday’s are usually a warm bundle of hugs. I super adore them,I wait the whole week for them. Being a hardcore foodie,Sunday’s for me are especially earmarked for exploring food. Sunday’s for me are a theatrical food play, Sunday’s for me are an affordable transcending to places while being glued onto my chair.

    This Sunday I decided to veer somewhere close home for lunch. Kalyan Nagar seemed like a decent recourse from the dramatic choked streets of Koramangla and Brigades.

    Had this place called ” Byli- Bet You Love It” on my list and thought what better a time than today.

    The place is a small yet boasts of a smart planned layout. Warm and earthy tones prevail in the decor and has a sense of privacy and a complimenting snugly relaxed atmosphere. Humour runs through the walls in form of little canvasses with quirky quotes.

    The thing with chocolate Browns and earthy tones is that if played fallaciously to give a cosy feel,can end up giving you a sense of that dreaded claustrophobia. BYLI scores points for not overdoing the tones and maintaining a great harmony.

    The waiting staff are impeccable and well groomed with smiles. Our maitrê d was extremely pleasant to interact with.

    The manager Mr. Prabhu came up and inquired about how well the meal was and if we faced any disappointments. Half of your meal is satisfactory if the staff knows how to value it’s customers. To be honest, even a good meal coupled with bad service can refrain you from visiting again. I, personally have had a few cases of bad management and great food.. Guess what?? i, never went back again..So, for me… Hospitality is as much important as my grub.

    I was stupendously happy with the fare that was served to me. Every plate of food that heralded itself to my table had 3 things in it:

    1. Clear presentation
    2. Vivid colours and aroma
    3. Spot on taste

    When your meal has these 3 requisites,assure yourself that nothing can go wrong.

    Our menu for the day:

    • Starter: Mozzarella in carozza
    • Main course: Miss thing burger, Pasta Nepolitana, Lamb Lasagna and Margharita Pizza

    We were pretty stoked with the main course so skipped the desserts.

    • Mozzarella In Carrozza (Rs.125/-) : Can I possibly do justice to this? An extremely delicious pesto and mozzarella enveloped within the slices of a farmers bread and fried.

        The golden blushed Color of the in carrozza just makes you want to devour it. The In carrozza is served with 2 dips.

      Salsa huaicana ( a cheesy sauce)

    Apple mint dip.

    One’s a salsa huaicana and another one is a minted Apple dip. The cheesy huaicana I loved,but the minty dip reminded every bit of “samosey wala bhaiya” ( street side samosa vendor). I could have sworn that it was the green chutney 😱.

    The starter worked great and the huggable In Carozzas made us look forward for the main course.

    • Main course:

    Miss Thing burger(Rs.155/-) : The sole reason why we ordered this was because of the celebutante status honoured to the burger. When a burger has that “thing” going on.. You sooo need to check it out.

    When the missy did arrive, it was love at first sight. She looked slick, came with some mayo,crisps and salad crunchies on the side.

    And once you laid your hands on her,she was just wildly delicious. The fat chicken patties grilled and filled with a certain kinda smokiness went well with the sliced pimentos,lettuce and cheese. It was a messy but ambrosial affair.

    • Lamb Lasagna(Rs. 280/-) : When 2 good looking people come together,their company compliments each other so much you can’t help but think that they are the ” Most happening couple” around. No,no… I’m not talking about me and my guy😁 I’m talking about the fusion of bechamal sauce and ripe bolognese sauce with delicious lamb mince in between the thin sheets.  The fusion is such a subtle one, that you just can’t seem to stop at one bite. The warm sauce laden sheets melt in your mouth to give you the most awesomest lasagna experience.

    Isn’t that something?

     A little closer here.

    • Pasta Nepolitana (Rs. 175/-) : Nepolitana recipe calls for rich and ripe tomatoes to constitute its base. Byli did just that the sauce was a heavy,rich, lightly flavoured,grainy and lip puckering one. Got mine with penne. The sauce seeped through the ridged penne and gave you a nice mouthful. The light whiff of oregano and herbs hoisted the crimson plate of penne.  Served with a well buttered portion of garlic bread.

     Allow me to make you salivate.

    • Pizza Margharita ( Rs. 250/-) :  A lot of places serve pizza,it’s more common than idli and dosa in Bangalore. Quite an irony eh? Why must you have it here? The base.. Oh the base.. Such a treat. The warm and not so crunchy base was just an unerring example of a pizza. They are loaded with generous amounts of cheese,tomatoes and basil. the toppings just fell in place. What could’ve I asked for more?

     My journey ended here, but it’s one i will be embarking on soon..

    Byli is famous for its breakfast specials and is also a total hangout kind of a place. The place scores extremely high on the VFM ( value for money) bar. It equates it’s pricing as that of a cafe,but clearly delivers much more than that. Has a maintained a pre-eminence because of the finesse it’s putting into its management and fare.

    I’m a fan and I love it.. Accept my invitation and im gonna have to say ” BET YOU LOVE IT!!”


    4.5/5 Stars.