Post A Quote Challenge: Day 1

Yaayy.. I’m in for another interactive thing. Well,being a relatively new blogger,each little challenge or award gets me going on.. Pretty much like this :

Ahem!!! So apart from feeling all excited about this awesome “post a quote challenge”,I’m also super stoked about having a same location blogger friend “ “. She’s like the oodles of oomph and fun.. You really oughta check out her blog. 

So a bigggggg heartfelt thank you dear shweta… Love and hugs!!

Here are the rules :

– Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)

– Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post thank the person who nominated you

My quote for the day is:

  Tadaaa!! Did you like it?? Did you?? Haan?? Did you???

Honestly speaking,well… Technically,it’s honestly typing.. Oh well!! You get the drift..  I’ve always come across like a kazillion of those “more crap,less sense” kinda people.. Ohh wait!! A kazillion would have made me super famous by now..

Sorry,sorry… So, what I was telling is,I’ve come across like a lot of these kinda people,who rarely spurt something even knowledgable from their mouths,but they live in this false conception called ” dimwitedness superiority complex”,where according to them,every word they say is worth its weight in “Gold” and superimpose their ideologies on others.It’s kinda hard to talk sense into them,and not really easy to ignore them either.

Like,my husband and I had this anonymous client who came up to us and said “ I wanna file a divorce on the grounds of impotency“. We said alright,got chatting with her about how she should go into counselling first.We talked to her about how she really felt and asked her,for how long has this been going on and she curtly replied “ From the time @&₹£$ was born”  We asked her,who that was and she said” Why,that’s our son madam!!”


All I did was gulp some water down and tell her to get some rest first. Impotency and a child.. Err.. She’s clearly gonna win..  Yep!! This is a true story… Common sense RIP!!!

indexMy nominations are:

1. Soochie from

2. Veronica from

3. Blogmebutiful from

Get Going Girls!!! Loadsa love and hugss!!

7 thoughts on “Post A Quote Challenge: Day 1

  1. Thanks for the nomination….I will get cracking…Also I love that first quote hahhahahahahhahaha…So true about common sense lol

    Liked by 1 person

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