Heinz Beanz- A product review.

Yes,I’m going hysterical with the time schedules. The mornings are the most treacherous,I’m a non morning person. I’d give all the credit of my foible to the “SON”.  I’m a late nighter,night owl and a self proclaimed nocturnal creature. My bed times usually range from 2 to 3 in the morning and it’s highly infuriating when you’re rudely jolted from your slumber by a shrill ” Mommy” cry at 4 in the morning.. Dear kiddo,I was just on the edge of getting into my REM sleep 😭😭

After the blaring baby monitor’s call,I find myself cooing the “SON” to sleep and after he’s slept… Well, I find it hard to fall back asleep again. It’s on one of those days,that I have to resort to packed cans,packets or bottles of something for breakfast.

Bangalore these days has been jumping on the bandwagon for “ENGLISH BREAKFAST” being “THE” breakfast for you. Clearly,you can see Bangalore warming up to it. After having grown up with a different version of English Breakfast, I couldn’t retain myself from grabbing ever so ferociously an aqua blue tin of ” Heinz Baked Beanz”.

Heinz Beanz during those dark,red rimmed,groggy days comes as a saviour in disguise. I oughta tell you this,but this is the best thing since sliced bread for me.. Oh yes siree,you got that right..

   Oui,here in Bangalore,we are still a good 50 years regressive when it comes to Imported food brands gracing our aisles. I tried sourcing this from supermarkets and either it was out of stock or just had a few cans in stock. Some of them, even bought me ” Dal Makhani*” ready to eat packs.. And quite blatantly said, “Madam,try this.. It’s very tasty,we even have buy one,get one offer on this” Uggghh!! Ahaan.. Dal Makhani* and Baked Beanz are pretty same 😒😒

Therefore,I stopped buzzing around the supermarkets and placed an order online with “www.amazon.in”. **

They can be bought here:  Heinz Beanz

The delivery took quite a few days,but the product was uncompromised for. They are priced at Rs.150/- per tin. The tin has 415 grams of goodness packed into it. Easily serves 5 people at one go.

The Heinz Beanz are doused in a rich tomato base,which has that classic characteristic Sweet sour  flavour.  The beans are deliciously soft and the whole flavour is quite spot on,but I really reckon that this is wee bit slightly different from the ones I’ve been used to. The ones I grew up with had more bold tomato flavour and more richness,but nonetheless.. These are great too.  

I usually pep up my baked beans with some tempering.

Here’s what I do: ( 1 serving)

  • A clove of garlic mashed
  • A tsp or two of olive oil
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Some mint to garnish

I just add some olive oil to the pan and let the mashed garlic brown itself. I then remove the garlic and add a pinch of black pepper to the olive oil. I add the garlic infused olive oil to the baked bean and garnish with some chopped mint. It isn’t much,but certainly does a lot of flavour difference to the beans. I use the same style of baked beans for Indian style wraps and also for tacos. Just add some veggies and an equal mix of good cheddar with Gouda and you’re done.. 😋😋

The teaser of my version of English Breakfast,I had no time for a potato mash though,and the hubby likes his eggs scrambled,so no bulls eye here or runny yolks.. The chicken sausage is grilled with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.    Pros:

  • Extremely affordable at Rs.150/-. 
  • Tastes pretty good with the melt in the mouth beans.
  • Packed with a chunk of nutrition goodness.
  • Can be used as a base in a lot of dishes.


  • The packaging though attractive can do much better with a lid, not all the time would I wanna eat it all and its not everyday that I would be entertaining 5 people 😒 So the one and only bummer there.

That’s that.. Oh shoots!! I’m late for classes again.. So much for baked beans.. 

* Dal Makhani is an indian preparation of lentils,simmered in a heavy and rich tomato base.

** This is in no way a sponsored review. The review is completely unbiased, i have included the link only to help the readers find the product easily.


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